Time Rift

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Time Rift is an ability (Q) of Antonidas the Arcane Master in my Duel of Gods map (Hero Siege/Aeon of Strife/Arena).

Time Rift: sends a surge of arcane energy in a straight line, breaking the rules of time and trapping both allies and enemies in a time singularity for 2.25 seconds, rendering them invulnerable. When enemies return they take 50 plus a 15% of their max life as true damage, while allies have their life restored by the same amount.

Max 600 damage against monsters and superior units.
This cap increases by 5% per level.

Note: restore can't critical cast. (there is a stat called critical cast that causes abilities to crit for 50% extra damage or healing in the damage calculation).

+3.5 damage per Level
+30% Spell Power

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Time Rift (Icon)