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This is my very first skin... i had alot of help from falcoknight50 i mean ALOT thanks... its supposed to be my char from Wow, u can use it as like an orc warrior or cheiftan or something hope u like it:D

Thrall1-1 (Texture)

THE_END: Skin file is no longer present here.
Level 2
Jan 8, 2006
hmmm falco b4 u were telling me wut a good job it wus... the hole brite colors thing is ur oppinion cuz its not even that brite i used lots of brown and dull pinks for the liter parts... so is it jealousy thats making u insult it now? or r u just being a dick
no need to get offencive, just saying that the green is too green, and teamcolor would be better than having red iv learned over a long while... you cant yell at people that are giving you comments to help, im not saying the colors are too bright because im jealous, thats just what i think is wrong with it.

EDIT: ALright to make things esier, heres the things i like and i dont like

Likes: Wolf, Armour, Muscles, Hammer
Dislikes: The green u used for the body, The face, Hair
Level 44
Jun 3, 2005
using bright colours? i dont think so, i use them when im doin a style like erwts(which i screw up cuz i use too much white with lighten). i dont like them too hurts my eyes..
the green doesnt matter too much..i mean the troll kodo and grunt colours are different.
well i dont know.. my monitor is on max brightness and 80% contrast so u might see it different from me.
well what i meant is the green is i dunno, well ok if you look at the grunt he has darker flesh, and he isn't as highlighted, also, tregthar, maybe to fix this, just use different shades of green for highlighting and shadows...I dont know if its me being color blind, but he looks almost like a squash, i really ddont like the color u used, i told u that but anyway umm yah use different shades...

me and werewulf are the only one commenting ^_^

PS: werewulf, wtf is a troll kodo?
Level 14
Mar 7, 2005
Is it just me, or is his back as ripped with muscles as his front?

Looking at the screenshot I think his back might be a smidge... Muscly. :p
Level 3
Jul 27, 2005
For a first skin 5/5,
But I would change the eyes of th wolf.And I think you made the armour very good too but there is one failure that I can't,but I see him.I am a little bit confused,because I don't know where he is :?
I hope after my post you aren't confused too ;-)
Level 2
Nov 16, 2006
I actually don't see a problem with any of it. I haven't used it in-game, but from the picture given, it looks really detailed and really well done. Good job. =)