The Ward

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(4) The Ward

The entire map is practically remade, fixing (probably) all the issues it once had and added lots of new features, whilst remaining neutral to the playable races.

Map Description



  • Gold Mines: 16
  • Shady Inn: 2
    - items + mercs
  • Goblin Merchant: 2
  • Depleted fountain: 1
    - mana + hp
  • Creep camps 20
  • Creep camps 10
  • Creep camps 9 (-1 per player)
  • Village tileset
  • 2v2 or 1v1
  • Way Gate: 1
    - cannot be used

Altered melee

The environment is changed.

Playable races are not.

Environment changes

AI settlements

There are two AI settlements for each of the teams - fighting each other. Destroy the enemy settlement to receive reinforcements! The settlement can be upgraded by the players.

The Obelisk (Xel Naga tower in Starcraft II)

An obelisk which provides LOS to the team having most units near it.


There are several random events that can but do not need to happen.
They are meant to help open up new opportunities.

Forest Dryad

Forest Dryad tends to the lands and makes sure the nature never dies.


Two bridges are present on the map. The bridges are destructible.
Once destroyed all units still on the bridge will die with it.

Shady Inn

An inn with exotic mercenaries and items, some of which are unique and are replaced on a daily basis.

Creep camps

Certain creep camps are scripted to be more interesting.


The environment will change mildly after certain events.


Runes will spawn in the centre of the map.

Llama pinatas

Couple of Llama pinatas will spawn around the map. Attack them to get gold!
(actually horses)

Leaving players

An AI will take over a player that had left the game

Player Changes

  • All heroes can level up to lvl 11.
  • Maximum food is reduced to 85.
  • Hero ultimate ability now at lvl 9.
  • All heroes have a passive ability specific for their class (albeit it very similar)
  • Hero abilities require a skip in levels to learn (i.e. 1, 3, 5)
  • Creeps give experience at all levels

V 1.0 - 1.3.
- Uploaded and various fixes

V 1.4

Custom models and icons

AI settlement
- layout reworked
- New spells and improved AI
- Settlement offensive units weaker
- Settlement deffensive units stronger

- New paths available for combat
- Once a bridge is destroyed, the middle area will become wider
- Units can now pass through the settlements

Fell units
- Small fel units no longer destroy trees. Mostly.
- Fewer in numbers
- Fel units will target (spawn) hero units (dead or alive)
- Later in the game, player's own fel waves will no longer occur inside the player's primary base

New Shop and Gameplay Element - Forest Dryad
- She moves around the map, planting trees and offers Forest Wisps
- There are two types
- The ones that are low and stock and free
- The ones that are high on stock and cost
- Forest Wisps can be consumed to create a tiny forest

New Gameplay Element - Runes
- Runes will spawn in the centre of the map
- They grow stronger as the match progresses

Creep Camps
- Additional camps
- New item tables

- Minimal buildable/unbuildable changes for balance purposes
- A few doodads here and there

Way gate
- Now inactive by default
- Active once their opposite settlement is destroyed
- They will lead to their opposite settlement

Other bug fixes


-Fel units will now chase enemies down
- Creeps will no longer spontaneously die (unless there is an AI player - handicap)
- Bridge support life drained even faster (0.3 -> 0.5)

Major overhaul of the map

- Map is now larger
- Center area is wider to accommodate more units
- NPC settlements are now larger and pushed at the back of the map.
- This creates an additional path on the map
- Expansion gold mines are pushed back
- Bridges are now shorter with wider shorelines
- Way Gate is no longer functional

AI Settlement
- Area overhauled
- Players can now upgrade settlement units
- Players can now build on designated spaces.
- these buildings are immediately added to the AI
- Additional abilities for all AI units
- Additional spawns and internal scripts

New Gameplay Mechanic: Events
- Events happen at random time intervals. Some matches may be filled with events, some may have none.
- Invasion: fel units flood from the Way Gate, attacking anything in their wake
- Settlement Escort: an escort is sent from either of the settlements. The players are to either protect or destroy the escort for a reward.
- Traveling Merchant: a trader arrives through the Way Gate, offering unique items
- Pinata Chase: wild pinatas arrive through the Way Gate. Destroy them for gold!

New Gameplay Mechanic: Shady Inn
- This inn serves daily unique mercenaries and items
- these items are changed each day and night
- the inn also sells non-unique items and mercenaries
- all items and mercenaries are custom made
- some hidden interactions with items

Fel Invasion
- No longer active. It causes issues with the AI and it doesn't seem to be fun longterm.

Creep Camps
- certain creep camps modified and bugs fixed
- remade loot tables
- some new items have hidden interactions with the game

- many bugs, some scripts optimized
- game should now properly detect when it is supposed to end


Full map

Starting position

Allied area

Middle area

The Ward (Map)

Some changes made, Approved. (previous review: (4) The Ward)


Map Reviewer
Level 61
Jun 4, 2009
The (4) in front is unnecessary. The game and site detects the player number automatically.
Forces should not be a thing because that means those players will always start in one specific position. Randomization like in melee is funner.

  1. I don't think it's a good idea to leave only one way which isn't that wide (the middle) for battling after the others are destroyed. At least make it so that you could rebuild the bridges.
  2. Careful with space between trees as that is lost space where wood could be. Night Elves don't care but the other races do. Small units can also get through.
  3. Neutral hostile camps are weirdly placed around the mines. I suggest you balance them and make them even for all players so that no advantage would come to some. Some mines have one golem and near them items on the ground. That's bad. Heroes can just take them easily. Other mines only have a sixth level dragon over them. Some only have some items near them and that's it. Is something killing the creatures or driving them away (a tenth level dragon was somewhere a bit to the east from the mine near the map edge) so early in the game? It might be the demons? But that sucks. They should be allied with the neutral hostiles so things like that won't happen.
  4. Why are the bridge supports being drained of life!?
  5. If this is intended for 4 players and their armies, there should be more space to move. Too many narrow spaces also where you could lock them down with towers (use unbuildable terrain there). Well, you used the Way Gates for compensation somewhat. Actually, no, since they don't teleport you on the other side.
  6. Another issue is demons falling on trees and destroying them (less wood) also making new paths. That is not good. Do they just fall randomly? That could mean you're base could suddenly come under attack while you're on the other side of the map?
  7. Maybe you could make a way for gates to be opened on command (player owned unit or circle of power for it, I don't know. Hopefully, it won't become abusive. Or perhaps you should remove them altogether but then Way Gate rush would be annoying if the gates would teleport you on the other side.
  8. I think the map should be bigger to have more trees and wider pathways. It's all too cluttered now.
  9. Maybe you'd want to make those special abilities for higher levels? Passive abilities have active looking items. Also, try importing some custom icons for them. (this program can be used to turn any icon into passive/active/disabled etc. looking; Button Manager v1.8.2)
  10. Item drops should also be balanced among players.
  11. It looks like the demons just stand there where they fall and do not go to hunt their enemy.
  12. Units guarding mines should have the highest camp range.
  13. The settlements gain upgrades after the opposite one is destroyed but that creates too much advantage for the already in favour side.

The idea is generally good and would fit the Altered Melee tag.
Awaiting Update. Needs polish.

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Daffa the Mage
Level 4
Sep 28, 2013
Thank you for your review. I will make certain modifications as soon as possible!
Also the idea behind some choices

Creep camps were weird so that the AI would cope nicely with them. Same with the missing creeps and items (game would kill a creep for the AI).. might need a different approach

Bridge supports drained on purpose as all 4 need to be destroyed - so some planning can be made
Also it takes ~30 mins for them to time out

And forces are there just because of the AI settlement alliance settings

Will update in a few days
Level 4
Sep 28, 2013
So.. for the hell of it, I decided to overhaul the entire map.
Enjoy, random people who try it
Edit: if anyone actually plays this and something is off in the balance or is bugged, please, by all means, PM me or leave a comment here about the issue, I will eventually get to it
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