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The Third Age v1.4.0

Submitted by Whitewolf8
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Hoy there! So, includes a bit of an expanded upon version of my Blood Elves from this~ Emerald Gardens
Includes a very rudimentary AI for Blood Elves, it's not good, but it's there as with last time.
On AIs, the original 4 races have their AIs updated as well as their heroes learning spells properly in v1.31, thanks to kizonrus' AIs in this topic! Warcraft 3 AI Fix (Use Hero Spells)

Human 90% Handicap for Blood Elf. Has AI.
Human 80% Handicap for Stormwind. Has AI.
Human 70% Handicap for Bronzebeard Dwarves. Has AI
Human 60% Handicap for Kul'tiras. Has AI.
Orc 90% Handicap for Chaos Orc. Has AI.
Undead 90% Handicap for Demon. Has AI.
Night Elf 90% Handicap for Naga. Has AI.
Night Elf 80% Handicap for Corrupted Night Elves. Has AI.
Random 90% Handicap for CREEP. Has AI

Extra maps for this version (v1.4.0) can currently be found in this post~
The Third Age v1.4.0

Now set to Open Source, please have fun doing as you will with this! I love seeing new ideas. Of couse, this will still be updated when fixes and such are needed, or new races are done up.

WiP thread, will probably be used for new race progress from here on
[Altered Melee] - Race/Hero Ideas



Chaos Orcs in action

Aaaand random weird fun with some races.

Random info time!
Blood Elves take a bit from their playable state in the campaign, as well a number of things from World of Warcraft, add in lots of mana and blood and you have Blood Elves!....ish. Bit of a weird way to say it. All organic units have mana which can in turn just make them feedback bait for anyone who can steal it, although, you can also learn Absorb Mana for your casters which in turn gives a near endless pool of mana in some situations!

Stormwind Humans are mostly the same as Warcraft 1 and 2 mixed into one, this is mostly evident in their spells and some techtree specifics. By the Church they have a lot of Healing options, and by the Mage Tower they have the devastating Mage unit, they also possess the Skyship, a powerful aerial unit but it can only attack grounded units and is essentially helpless in an aerial battle.

Chaos Orcs, think Mannoroth-blood Orcs in the Grom level in the Orc campaign, I'm separating them from Fel Orcs in that Fel Orcs are the Outland ones with mutations and spikes on their backs while Chaos Orcs are basically just red orcs; they're also based a bit around Warcraft II's techtree.

Chaos Orc units themselves have ZERO regeneration but are really bloody tanky (Only real exceptions are items and the Doom Seer's ultimate Armageddon Ward), the Ogre and Forest Troll you see up there can regenerate since they're not corrupted, in fact the Troll has an upgrade for a super regeneration ability to offset their peasant-level HP. Chaos Orcs as a race also do not have any natural healing abilities like healing wards or what have you, instead they can learn an upgrade that heals when killing things, even one of their own (so you can sacrifice someone who's about to die anyway to sustain everyone else)

Demons excel at dominating by land, and aren't really that great at aerial attacks, they can fight back of course, but aside from that it's not so great.

Naga are... Well, an expanded version of the Campaign's Naga, Summoner and Royal Guard are reworked, for example, the Royal Guard is now an 'upgrade monster' instead of starting overpowered, you need to upgrade a bunch of stuff to actually get it powerful.

Well, it's the update after the initial 'secret', so let's introduce our new friends shall we?
Meet the Conglomeration of cReeps and Enemies Everywhere Practising vengeance, or CREEP. Creeps are sick of everyone killing them for gold, items and experience, so now it's time for them to fight back! Now YOU'RE the fodder.

CREEP excels at massing large numbers and, has the potential to immediately replenish their ranks after failed assaults due to them relying on hiring their units instead of training them, this however means they start off slowly. CREEP also gives off bounties upon being killed, just like normal creeps so don't get too ahead of yourself if you know you can't win. You may just give the enemy a much bigger advantage than anticipated.

CREEP themselves have no heroes, but if a tavern is present may still hire those heroes during your tier 2 (Centaur Tent plays the part of an Altar for these purposes, aside from that it just lets you hire Centaurs)

Currently they have a variety of Gnolls, Harpies, Centaurs and Dark Trolls (may add more buildings for more), they cannot research upgrades nor do they have any real self-defense (Will maybe change this at some point), they rely on pure numbers.

Aside from that, please enjoy, if you would.
Free free to use however want to (i'd actually find it exciting if someone tossed it into their campaigns or something, haha.)



Both Corrupted Night Elves and Bronzebeard Dwarves are now playable! Yay! Corrupted are Night Elf 80% and Dwarves are Human 70%
Random optimisations to a few random triggers, for example, the Stormwind Skyship trigger denoting if they have the turret upgrade.
Chaos Orcs' Doom Seer and Maiden of Discord are now classified as Unholy Beings.


Apparently somewhere along the line the Chaos Orcs' Troll Axethrower went missing, which already sucks in itself but AI's too dumb to just try to build around it so it makes them useless.


Kul'tiras Cataphract now has proper icon. Oops.
Kul'tiras Inn now has the Night's Rest ability, allowing units to regenerate in return for putting them to sleep.
Stormwind Human's Cleric now has Healing on autocast upon being trained up.
Stormwind Human's Commander's Rallying Cry ability will now scale with your levels properly. oops.
All previous maps are playable with current version!


A bit more a minor change, but all new race AIs will only ever train one hero if difficulty is set to Easy, just like the original four races.
The CREEP AI will now just throw whatever units it has every few minutes, instead of waiting for Gnoll Wardens that may never be hired.
Kul'tiras is now added as a new playable race! They can be played by using Human and setting Handicaps to 70%!


Stormwind AI actually uses Grand Justiciars properly For really reals this time. A few upgrades are done differently as well so there's less downtime when they reach later points.
Naga has two new upgrades, Frenzied Mur'guls and Shatter.
Naga Gorgon's Petrify now makes the target takes 1.5x damage while stunned, in addition it can now be used on buildings (which is weird since it stuns by looking into their eyes. Hm...).
Demon Mo'arg Overlord's Wild Slam coding fixed up a bit. (i forget if it'll actually change anything, but noting anyway)
Blood Elf Hawkstrider Knight's Severing Stride trigger fixes! A condition and action referenced the wrong unit, oops.


Stormwind AI updated-- Two Chevaliers and two Farmsteads are trained/built earlier, mostly to make things move along a bit quicker.
On Stormwind AI, not sure when or how, but for the uploaded version apparently it wasn't imported. It is now.
Stormwind Chevalier now has Justiciar and Grand Justiciar as Dependancy equivalents, so AIs actually use them. Oops.
Blood Elf unit/upgrade descriptions and such seem to have had traces and mentions of things that have since been removed, the ones I've found have been fixed, oops!
Blood Elf Champion's Divine Aegis upgrade placement shifted down.
Blood Elf Marksmanship upgrade mentioned Pegasus Knight instead of Pegasus Rider. Innocent enough... until you notice Pegasus 'Knight' is a Human unit. Oops! That's fixed.


Version numbering redone, First digit is for overhauls and huge changes, second is for new races, third is for fixes and misc changes.
Stormwind Humans added! Can be played by setting handicap as Human to 80%!
A number of lesser changes and fixes for the other races, but apparently I didn't write them down so I forgot. Oops.

v1.1.3 (v1.09)

Blood Elf Priest damage changed to 8-13, Unarmoured to Small Armour, 290 HP > 240 HP, 200 MP > 250 MP
Blood Elf Priest's Life Drain is now recieved upon upgrading with Blood Heal (the whole reason it's a thing is to make the heal less suicide, after all.)
Blood Elf Sorceress damage changed to 11-16, 325 HP > 270 HP, 200 MP > 250 MP
Blood Elf Ballista damage changed to 56-69, 300 HP > 380 HP
Chaos Orc Onager damage changed to 82-102, 425 HP > 400 HP
Chaos Orc Maiden of Discord's Flame Bomb is now quite a bit less 'can't see a thing'.
CREEP AI spawn optimisations.

v1.1.2 (v1.08)

Blood Elf AI updated, now they're slightly less dumb.
Blood Elf Hawkstrider Knight hp -100, food -1, armour -1, level +1, damage +1 and now requires Chateau and Arcane Vault (Tier 2 instead of 3)
Blood Elf Cleave renamed to Severing Stride and reworked, now it does a flat 10 damage cleave when at 80% HP or more.
Blood Elf Guard Tower is now an Impaling Tower, essetially a Ballista in a tower-- since it mostly does the work of Guard Tower and Cannon Tower in one, the Cannon Tower has been removed.
Blood Elf Arcane Tower is now Mana-seeking Tower, does near the same thing, but is a bit weaker and has a bouncing feedback.
Blood Elf Priest's Inner Fire is now Inner Will (A more balanced version of Inner Fire, 30% damage, 3 armour.)
Blood Elf Priest now has the Glimmer of Light ability-- this lets them actually do their healing thing without upgrading, although it has a decent cooldown to it (25 HP to all in range, 30 mana cost, 15 second cooldown), in return for this Blood Pact upgrade no longer affects Priests.
Blood Elf Priest's training description has been fixed.
Blood Elf Sorceress Invisibility replaced with Mass Dispel.
Blood Elf Farstrider's Crimson Arrow now properly takes HP away upon use, no more cheating AI (or just using manually without the autocast). Along with this, like the Priest's Blood Heal can kill by overuse.
Blood Elf Champion's Holy Armour renamed to Divine Aegis, also reduces 12 damage instead of 14, but also blocks 7 more damage if over 80% to a minimum of 2 damage (thus making it a little less Hardened Skin). Along with that their HP was changed to 800 HP from 885, and damage reduced by 3.
Blood Elf Swordsmen, Blood Knight Initiates and Champions have a new Holy Armour skill, which makes damage against them be divided into 25% of it being mana damage, so now they're a little less just being feedback bait. (Blood Elves may have too many upgrades huh.)
Blood Elf Marksmanship upgrade no longer affects Dragonhawk Rider (i don't even remember why i had it affect this guy to start with... was probably before Pegasus Rider was added.)
Chaos Orcs' Cannon Tower is now Bombardier Tower, it's slower but does more damage and has more splash range.
Chaos Orc tower descriptions no longer mention Human upgrades, oops.
Chaos Orc AI updated a bit, now they just won't build all the towers ever.
Demon Adrammelech Toxophilite's Demon Eyes' True Sight now only tracks for 300 range instead of 900.
Naga Summoner's Watery Minion removed-- it has been replaced with the Siren's Parasite ability keeping its role as a summoner in-tact without being a bit weird, in the place of Parasite for Siren...
Naga Siren has a new ability in Healing Ballad, it increases regeneration of target units by 300% (I seem to have given Naga a lot of regeneration and no straight up heals, huh. Though this also does make the name of 'Siren' fit more.)
Naga AI updated a bit, now they'll actually harvest gold properly and tier 3 pushed back a bit so they can build up a bit more, along with that less tower spam thing again.
A lot of Human units overhauled, at least in terms of aesthetic appearances, in terms of gameplay they're all exactly the same, this is mostly just to keep Human being Human (so no more Dragonhawk Rider and 95% of the Dwarf units are gone, since I wanted to do them as a separate race too, the tank and copter stay as is since the Dwarves will use the RoC versions.)

v1.1.1 (v1.07)

100% Random is now a 'true' random, where it selects out of all 9 races instead of the usual 4.
CREEP (The secret race) has an AI.

Update made it so you 'only' choose random, else you'd just have sheep and a loss, that's fixed.

v1.1.0 (v1.06)

A new super secret race added!
2 new maps can be played with! Variety!

v1.0.5 (v1.05)

Blood Elf Farstrider's damage changed to 17-22 (from 16-18) HP downed to 245 (from 310)
Blood Elf Abode has a new ability-- Mana Surge. This allows it to surge mana every 10 seconds which restores 10 mana for up to 5 in range.
Blood Elves now only regenerate HP during the day as a counterpart to Night Elves only regenerating at night. With that, the Sunstone item now appears in the Blood Elf Arcane Vault replacing the Mechanical Critter.
Naga Mur'gul Reaver can no longer repair, however, buildings naturally regenerate at a decent pace and Coral Beds augement this regeneration by their Coral Reef ability.

v1.0.4 (v1.04)

Blood Elf AI updated a bit, they'll expand and upgrade to tier 2 earlier-- may still be redone though.
Armageddon Ward's tooltips fixed.
Light Heal's icon changed around.
Heretic Hollow's Dark Summoning now summons 2 units instead of 4.
Blood Elf Absorb Mana upgrade shifted to be under Sorceress.
Blood Elf Phoenix Fire and Cloud upgrades should now be placed properly.
Soulstone now mentions how long it lasts for.
Demon Fel Hunter's Magical Hunger halved (5 feedback from 10) and attack speed lessened.
Arcane Golem now costs 5 food from 4.
Drown the Weak buff's graphical effect now exists.
Paradigm Shift now actually has splash damage.
Mind Bomb's placement upon setting to autocast fixed.
The Hunt now does its damage properly
Phoenixbolt's learn tooltip fixed.
Scent of Blood's learn tooltip fixed.
Torrential Flame Aura buff's tooltip fixed.
Sabotage Aura's speed reduction reduced to 15/30/45% from 20/40/60%.
Flame Bomb's tooltips fixed.
Light's Reckoning fixed.
Fluctuating Destiny had a small tooltip grammatical error fixed.
Naga Drench now does no extra damage but, the slow lasts longer and has a 3 second cooldown.
Demon Essence Drain's cooldown increased by 10 seconds.
Pentagram Aura and Torrential Flame Aura work now. Oops?

v1.0.3 (v1.03)

Demon Adrammelech Toxophilite's proper names fixed up, now it will randomly choose names instead of always being the same one.
Chaos Orc AI added.
Demon AI added.
Chaos Orcs' Dragon Roost should now have a proper model. Oops.
Demon Building birth animation model should show up now. Oops.

v1.0.2 (v1.02)

Naga AI added.
Blood Elf Farstrider's Crimson Arrow now has its own missile instead of just Searing Arrow.

v1.0.1 (v1.01)

Fixed the Ephemeral Blaze buff description.
Fixed the Drain Mana descriptions so it says Pyrecaster instead of Blood Mage.
Naga Champion's Venom Swipe now has a proper description when being learned.
Maiden of Discord Scorescreen Icon fixed.


Blood Elves

Rmx - (Demon Hunter's Glaive Throw) Passive Skills V2.00 [RMX]
defskull/Weep - (Blood Heal/Crimson Arrows) Autocast Searing Arrows
UndeadImmortal - Autocast Life Drain

Models, Effects~
Mythic - (Sanguine Bolt) Windwalk
The_Spellweaver - (Exanguinate) Blood Ritual
xyzier_24 - (Glaive Throw) Demonhunters' Warglaive (Missile-type)
UgoUgo - (Meteor) MeteorStrike
Kuhneghets - (Avenging Wrath Startup) Retribution
Lord_T - (Avenging Wrath Buff) Holy Shield Buff and Wing Attachment
JetFangInferno - (Phoenixbolt) BreathOfFireMissile
Mythic Frost Arrows
JetFangInferno HolyForce
Evile Yellow Star by Evile
stan0033 Mass Dispel Area

Models, Units/Heroes~
AndrewOverload519 - (Arcane Golem) Blood Elf Arcane Guardian
Tenebis - (Hero Blood Knight) HeroBloodKnight
Edge45 - (Ballista) BEBallista
Cavman, Jawkwing, Mr.Goblin - (Champion) Black-Haired Blood Elf Crusader
General Frank - (Farstrider) Bloodelf Archer
Mc ! - (Demon Hunter) Blood Elf Demon Hunter - Wc3C.net
wojia10502 Pegasus Rider

Models, Buildings~
SinisterX - (All Buildings!) Blood Elf / High Elf Buildings - Wc3C.net

67chrome - (Sorceress) BloodElfSorceress_by67chrome.blp

PrinceYaser - (Phoenixbolt) BTNPhoenixBolt
PrinceYaser - (Sanguine Bolt/Exanguinate) BTNBloodSprinkle
Blizzard/Darkfang - (Dualcasting) Verdant Spheres (Blizz +Redone HD by Darkfang)
Darkfang - (Searing Light) Arising Light Striike
Blizzard/genin32 - (Ranger Captain) BTNHeroRanger
AndrewOverload519 - (Arcane Golem) BTNArcaneGuardian
Blizzard - (Holy Armour) BTNAngelicShield
NFWar - (Champion) BTNElfSwordsman
Darkfang - (Arcane Affinity) BTNArcaneSphere
4eNNightmare - (Hamstring Shot) BTNCriticalWound
Marenko - (Crimson Arrow) BTNpowershot3
Coinblin - (Restoration) BTNRestoration
Paladon - (Avenging Wrath) BTNPCelestialWings
Elenai - (Truesilver Blades) BTNRapier
Elenai - (Titanium Blades) BTNNobleRapier
Elenai - (Pyrite Blades) BTNHighRapier
viiva - (Phoenix) BTNPhoenix
LiOneSS - (Farstrider) BTNbloodelfarcher
SkriX - (Arcane Destruct) BTNArcane
lelyanra - (Venom Arrows) BTNEnvenomed_Arrow
General Frank - (Blood Knight Initiate) BTNBloodelvenWarrior
Blizzard - (Trick Shot) BTNAbility_Hunter_RunningShot
Blizzard - (Bursting Tar Trap) BTNINV_Ammo_FireTar
Blizzard - (Blood Pact) BTNSpell_Shadow_BloodBoil
67chrome - (Sorceress) BTNBloodElfSorceressby67chrome
Darkfang BTNHolyArrow
Marcos DAB BTNRedCrystalGlowing
The Panda BTNManaReturn
Mc ! BTNHolyArmorComplete

Chaos Orcs

Red XIII WCIITrollLumberMill
Red XIII WCIITempleOfDamned
Red XIII WCII_GreatHall
Red XIII WCII Orc Barrack
Red XIII WCII Altar of Storms
Red XIII WCIIOrcWarTower
Mephistrial OrcBlacksmith
Bloodslaughter/MetalPlanet.org - Orbe4
Nbah Real Fire
Mainy, WarGolum BlightwalkerAura
General Frank Fel Orc Black Hand
-Grendel Fel Orc Warlock
Kam, Retera Voodoo Temple
The_Silent Demon Well
Tamplier777 OldSchool Altar Of Storms
Tamplier777 OldSchool Orc Farm
loktar Orc Catapult (WC1)

b17rider ThrallChaos

b17rider ThrallChaos
Blizzard BTNRunes
Blizzard BTNRaisedeadon
Blizzard BTNTempleOfTheDamned
Blizzard BTNTouchOfDarkness
Blizzard BTNHaste
Blizzard BTNHolyArmor
Blizzard BTNLighterAxe
Blizzard BTNOrcBlacksmith
Blizzard BTNDeathCoil
Blizzard BTNDeathAndDecay
Blizzard BTNBloodLuston
Blizzard BTNBloodLust
Blizzard BTNBerserkerScouting
Blizzard BTNAltarOfStorms
Blizzard BTNWhirlwind
Blizzard BTNUppgradeThrowingaxe3
Blizzard BTNUppgradeThrowingaxe2
Blizzard BTNUppgradeThrowingaxe1
Blizzard BTNTrollLumbermill
Blizzard BTNOrcStronghold
Blizzard BTNUppgradeShield3
Blizzard BTNUppgradeAxe1
Blizzard BTNUppgradeAxe2
Blizzard BTNUppgradeAxe3
Blizzard BTNUppgradeShield1
Blizzard BTNUppgradeShield2
Blizzard BTNEyeOfKilrogg
Infinitynexus BTNObsidianBoulder
Anachron BTNANADemonWindwalk
GooS BTNdancingLightningGS
Anachron BTNANADarkFlameOrbFixed
bigapple90 BTNDetonate3
-Berz- BTNCrossedSwords
Redeemer59 BTNFieryTrail3
The Panda BTNHeavySword
-Berz- BTNDemonBlade
AL0NE BTNBloodCleaver
kola BTNBloodStone
zbc BTNBurningBlade
loktar Orc Watch Tower (WC2)
loktar Orc Cannon Tower (WC2)
loktar Orc Guard Tower (WC2)
loktar Fortress (WC2)
loktar Orc Barracks (WC2)
loktar Great Hall (WC2) v1
loktar Altar of Storms (WC2)
Marcos DAB BTNTrollRegen
Darkfang BTNWash
Mad BTNfirebreath
The Panda BTNBloodSpray
SharSash Chaos Grom Mirror Image
Blizzard Blade Flurry
Ceterai Magic Staff Variations
Ceterai Orc Amulet Variations
Null BTNTroll Hut
Null BTNOldSchool Orc Farm
loktar Orc Catapult (WC1)


C-Cow, Ramza Imp5
Kuhneghetz Fall in Love buff/effect
Pyritie Flameshot Aura
Skizzik Pemtagram Aura
s4nji Orc Aura
Mephistrial Gan'arg Engineer
Tarrasque Demon Archer
MasterHaosis ChaosGolem
PROXY Eredar Annihilator
FerSZ Inquisitor
FerSZ, Murlocologist Mo'arg Overlord
Em! Giant Bat
Mythic, -Nightmare Ember Forge & Ember Knight
Mo'arg Overlord
xYours Trulyx Gatekeeper's Pact
xYours Trulyx Infernal Bulwark
JetFangInferno Desecrate - SFX Contest 5 Submission
JetFangInferno Annihilation [2 parts] - SFX Contest 5 Submission

Tarrasque BTNDemonArcher
Blizzard BTNINV_Misc_Gear_05
Blizzard BTNAbility_Warrior_Cleave
Big Dub BTNEyes
KelThuzad BTNUnholyPower
bigapple90 BTNWeaponMace
bigapple90 BTNAcid2
Palaslayer BTNSplitEarth
Peekay BTNRevenge
Mephistral BTNGanarg
67chrome BTNMeteor
Marcos DAB BTNLifeEssenceDAB
Mr.Goblin BTNFireMace
Peekay BTNAdept002
Peekay BTNAdept003
Peekay BTNMage02
Peekay BTNMage03
Peekay BTNWeaver02
Peekay BTNWeaver03
zbc BTNBurningCommand
zbc BTNIronFist
Marcos DAB BTNHellishUnsummon
MasterHaosis BTNWarlockTemple
MasterHaosis BTNChaosVault
MasterHaosis BTNChaosGolem
Sin'dorei300 BTNLust
Sin'dorei300 BTNSeduction
San BTNMiasma
San Drain Essence
Maxwell BTNNightmare


Mc ! FrostElemental
Tarrasque drake2
HeretoDLstuff Water
Callahan LightningStrikeLarge by Callahan
MasterHaosis Naga OceanReef
Weep IceBolt
Tarrasque Naga Tridentyr
Tarrasque Naga Medusa
Tarrasque Naga Royal Guard
JesusHipster Water Orb Attach
00110000 Mini Comet
kellym0 PuddleOfWaterItem+WardAv035 and vB003
JesusHipster Water Blast
UgoUgo OrbOfSeas
kellym0 GreatElderHydraAcidSpewV.153
kellym0 HydraCorrosiveGroundEffectV054
JetFangInferno MusicTarget
Nether Blast
Mythic Blizzard II

Cakedog345 HighborneMage_byCakedog345.blp

MasterHaosis BTNOceanReef
Tarrasque BTNTridentyr
Tarrasque BTNMedusa
Mc ! BTNDarknessAura
La morte BTNSeaDrake
Shiv BTNMindBomb
Darkfang BTNWaterSphere
Anachron BTNANAWaterBubble
Mr.Goblin BTNDrainMana
dansaDisco BTNWaterstuffv3
Mr.Goblin BTNDevours
Hemske BTNPoisonBlast
The Panda BTNLightningBolt2
Golden-Drake BTNDragonScaleShield
Darkfang BTNStoneGaze
Peekay BTNArcanumProtector
HandCLAW BTNRoyalGuardHeroV2
PeeKay BTNViper
PeeKay BTNSphereOfWater
PeeKay BTNLifeIntoMana
Leiling BTNNoxiousFumes
DarkFang BTNLadyVashj2
The Panda BTNTridentStrike
Sharkarsh BTNTridentStrike
The Panda BTNIceBolt
The Panda BTNToxicBeam
Artork312 BTNWC1WaterElementalRemastered
-Berz- BTNAvalanche

Conglomeration of cReeps and Enemies Everywhere Practising vengeance, or CREEP

Stormwind Humans

Mc ! Cleric
Daelin Holy Aura
Mike Marketplace
Mike HumanBlacksmith
AndrewOverload519 Warcraft II Mage
Red XIII WCIIMageTower
Red XIII ElfLumberMill
Red XIII IvoryTower
Ket WC2 Church
Champara Bros Dragon's Breath
JetFangInferno Brilliance
Daelin Lightaura
Mc ! Wc1Mage
Bloodslaughter orbe5
Mike Ballista(Scorpion)
HerrDave Skyfire Gunship
Tauer Anduin Lothar
Mister_Haudrauf Monument Of Honor / Altar of Honor
Zephyrius2412 Blue Incinerate
Stefan.K Hero_Khadgar
Stefan.K, -Nightmare King Varian Wrynn
kangyun Paladiness
Murcologist Turalyon
Tovio Human Tower - Alpha v1.2
Azazello [XGM] Warcraft 2 All Human Kingdoms Banners
blink Blade Beam
Mythic Heal
loktar Knight, Bandit Lord & Riderless Horse (WC1 & WC2)
loktar Human Farm (WC1 & WC2)
loktar Human Barracks (WC1)
loktar Peasant (WC1)
loktar Footman (Kul Tiras, WC1, WC2)
Mythic Heaven's Gate
loktar Gryphon Rider (WC2)

Ezikielth Rommel sorceress.blp
Blizzard67chrome Lieutenant_Commander_by67chrome.blp
67chrome DiabloRogue_by67chrome.blp

Mc ! BTNHolyArmorSword
lllLSDlll BTNPaladinTome
Blizzard BTNUppgradeArmor3
Blizzard BTNUppgradeArrow1
Blizzard BTNHumanCastle
Blizzard BTNHumanChurch
Blizzard BTNHumanKeep
Blizzard BTNMageTower
Blizzard BTNLongbow
Blizzard BTNMarksmanship
Blizzard BTNExorcism
Blizzard BTNElvenLumbermill
Blizzard BTNUppgradeSword3
Blizzard BTNUppgradeSword1
Blizzard BTNUppgradeSword2
Blizzard BTNUppgradeArmor1
Blizzard BTNUppgradeArmor2
Blizzard BTNUppgradeArrow2
Blizzard BTNHolyVision
Blizzard BTNUppgradeArrow3
morteal BTNOrbOfWater
GooS BTNantiAirPlasmaGS
Paladon BTNPHolyLight
AbstractCreativity BTNLeadership
67chrome BTNWizardby67chrome
67chrome BTNRogueby67chrome
-Berz- BTNSwordStrike
Novart BTNHolyBan
Chucky BTNTidalWave
Fjury BTNShieldBash
morbent BTNSorceryUpgrade1
morbent BTNSorceryUpgrade2
morbent BTNSorceryUpgrade3
loktar Knight & Bandit Lord (WC1)
Dalharukn BTNFlameBolt
loktar Footman (WC2)
loktar Knight (WC2)
loktar Town Hall (WC2)
aeman BTNInvbannerpvp02
Eagle XI BTNTheBlacksmith
Eagle XI BTNSkyfireGunship.blp
BLazeKraze Anduin Lothar
DarkFang Volatile Waters
Murloccologist Archmage
-Nightmare BTNArmouredArcher
Darkfang EtherRay
Zephyrius2412 High Elven Upgrades
Scias BTNVarianWrynn
The Panda BTNBeamsOfLight
Ceterai Magic Staff Variations
Murlocologist High Elf
Murlocologist Turalyon
Sector HealingRemastered(WC1)


00110000 Empower Weapon - Waterfall
JesusHipster Water Blast
UgoUgo OrbOfSeas
Lichkings slave VoidWalker Aura
-Grendel Bagnadrana
Tranquil Runes 2
Ujimasa Hojo Shipyard (Human) and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Altar of Kings and Derivarives
Ujimasa Hojo Workshop and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Barracks (Human) and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Tower (Human) and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Blacksmith and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Farm (Human) and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Temple of the Damned and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Town Hall, Keep, Castle, and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Crypt and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Aviary (Gryphon) and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Druid of the Claw and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Arcane Sanctum and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Archer (Gryphon Mount) and Derivatives
Asssssvi Footman Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Knight Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Rifleman Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Guardsman Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Royal Guard Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Flibustier Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Admiral Proudmoore HD
Asssssvi Ship's Doctor Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Storm Sorcerer Kul-Tiras HD
Asssssvi Cannoneer Team Kul-Tiras HD/Age of Colonization
Explobomb Kul Tiras Dreadnought
Explobomb Galleon
Mc ! Whirlpool
Daelin Cold Aura
RED BARON The Letter X
General Frank Roman the glorious Witch Hunter
PaulH Kul Tiras Sailor
JesusHipster Water Orb Attach
JesusHipster Mana Surge
00110000 Tide Surge

Blizzard BTNINV_Sword_24
Mc ! BTNNatureLance
LoDown BTNAncient_Sword
Technomancer BTNDrown
Blizzard BTNScout
Anachron BTNANAWaterShockwave
HappyCockroach BTNAirMagic
HappyCockroach BTNWaterMagic
Hemske BTNNatureSpear
NFWar BTNWitchHunter
Darkfang BTNGelidArrow
Novart BTNWaterShortSword
Novart BTNSeaHeavyArmor
shiiK BTNRilraeThraele
HappyCockroach, Praytic BTNFrostMagic
HappyCockroach, Praytic BTNLightningMagic
Blizzard BTNFrostRing
Darkfang BTNWaterOrb
Darkfang Volatile Waters
Darkfang Impact Bolts
bu3ny Human Far Sight
Blizzard BTNAbillity_druid_treeoflife
Murlocologist Rifleman

shiiK Rilrae Thraele.BLP
Pyroproctos Crypt.blp

Corrupted Night Elves

WhiteDeath Skeleton Lord
Ujimasa Hojo Demon Hunter and Derivatives
FerSZ Cenarius Nightmare / Nightmare Keeper
Nebilac Satyr Witch
Suselishe Corrupted "Ancient of Life"
Dionesiist Flying Fiend
Shadow_killer Scarecrow
Lichkings slave VoidWalker Aura
Lichkinds slave void/chaos bomb
WyrWuulfe Satyr
Sheyd Satyr_WarMaster
Em! Evil Wisp
Nebilac Satyr Witch
Ujimasa Hojo Ancient of Lore and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Roost (Chimaera) and Derivatives
Ujimasa Hojo Hunter's Hall and Derivatives

HappyTauren BTNLich
Kelthuzad BTNInfection1
The Panda BTNSimpleVineTrap
AesirJennsen Dark Seal
Sheyd BTNWarMaster
DeathKnight BTNPoisonArrows
bigapple90 BTNredsword4
Palaslayer BTNPoisonousBrew
Darkmoon Hero BTNDarkmoonStaffDH
ShriK BTNCog
Blaxor BTNShout
Mainy, War_Golum BTNArcaneStaff
The Panda BTNSpikeBow
Helix-Magnus BTNSpectralHead
Golden-Drake BTNFeather
Marcon DAB BTNMiscTreant
The Panda BTNWarlockAura
morbent BTNSendToTheVoid
Kawaii Stain BTNunholypresence
Coinblin BTNLeatherworking
Sunreaver Warlock Aura
Darky29 https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnreinforcedhides.54501/#resource-47648
Darky29 https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnimprovedreinforcedhides.54495/#resource-47642
Tsc! https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnadvancedreinforcedhides.54486/#resource-47633
Darkfang https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/void-curse.94360/#resource-72994
Darkfang https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/ravagemagic.302059/#resource-76394
The Panda https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnmanabeam.307666/#resource-79831
Darkfang https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/true-sight-generic.320407/#resource-87064
Null https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnpoisonmagic.324160/#resource-89036
The Panda https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnshadowbow.327545/#resource-92282
The Panda https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnsanguinebow.327546/#resource-92283

Heinvers https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/twisted-protector.293587/#resource-72605
fireuskcer https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/ancientofthewind-blp.138665/#resource-40208
Glitzage https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/glaive-thrower-glitzage-blp.246892/#resource-41769

Bronzebeard Dwarves

TurieL https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/riflemanelite.49808/
Norinrad https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dwarvenmountaineer.50141/
GreyArchon https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dwarven-runecaster.149668/
SuPa- https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/earth-elemental.198445/
Ujimasa Hojo https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/arcane-vault-and-derivatives.224892/#resource-63623
Ujimasa Hojo https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/mage-tower-and-derivatives.224835/#resource-63626
AndrewOverload519 https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/gnomish-field-engineer.237467/
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PROXY https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/hero_dwarven-ramrider.225343/#resource-33673
Ket https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/kurdran-academy.228176/#resource-33978
Pvt. Toma https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/gnome-turret.243089/#resource-35066
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mapper https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dwarfcottage.47825/#resource-20671
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TTFTCUTS https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btndispersionammo.56859/#resource-50004
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The_Silent https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btngaussrifle1.116535/#resource-53914
The Panda https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnlightningbolt2.173096/#resource-59026
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Marcos DAB https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnstun.254269/#resource-64546
The Panda https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnkingstrideaura.261716/#resource-64935
Eagle XI https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btndwarfbearknight.271464/#resource-65602
Eagle XI https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btndwarfwarlock.271483/#resource-65604
The Leader https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btndwarvenhero.308751/#resource-82322

Aaaand those who worked on the Heart of Storms mod (that unfortunately never happened, aw) for a number of things.

If something in the map's not listed, there's every chance I made it for this-- if so feel free to nab it and use it

The Third Age - Divide and Conquer (Map)

[spoiler] Generally, it's enough to be approved but needs polish and getting away from recycling Warcraft III original melee content as much as possible. Also, some bug fixing is in order, nothing game breaking/crashing though. Approved. If you...
  1. Royalpimp


    Apr 23, 2019
    Don't mean to be a pain in the ass....but any idea what to do if the maps don't appear in-game on the map list? Tried making a special folder for them in the Frozen Throne maps folder, but still nothing. I'm running on 1.29 if that's relevant.
  2. Whitewolf8


    Aug 31, 2011
    Ah, that's completely relevant-- 1.31 maps won't open in any version lower unfortunately.
  3. Royalpimp


    Apr 23, 2019
    Ah, I see. Thanks!
  4. Retera


    Tool Reviewer

    Apr 19, 2008
    Reforged HD Models:
    I noticed this map was tagged with Open Source. I am working on a very slow project to try to recreate the functionality of the Warcraft III game system in an open source way so that I can add more races to the main menu and do advanced modding in whatever way suits my whims. It's not good yet but it might be playable in a couple of years.

    As far as that, what's your level of dedication to "Open Source"? What's the official LICENSE for this project? Suppose that I wanted to have the race dropdown rotate the available races on my War3 clone to have Race of the Week or something -- would you be OK with me shoving some of your content in there? I played a game of this map with a friend over the weekend and we had some fun. So I thought, putting those races as the default races for all maps on my War3 clone might be something fun to try at some point. Not yet though because there's still so much work to do in my project to make it a working War3 clone.
  5. Whitewolf8


    Aug 31, 2011
    Feel free to use as you will-- No restrictions at all. Just have fun with it I s'pose, haha.
  6. Retera


    Tool Reviewer

    Apr 19, 2008
    Reforged HD Models:
    Awesome, thanks!