The Tavern v.0.2

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Here's a small drinking game I've been working on for me and a couple of friends of mine for future lan events that involves drinking.
It works sort of like a board game where you take turns hitting the dices, and the color you land on will then determine what will happen.
It currently only works for singleplayer.

Colors meaning:

White - Random
Green - Usually something good
Red - Usually a punishment
Blue - Category game
Purple - Never have i ever
Teal - Share something about yourself
Pink - Adult questions. Mix of everything
Gold - Random events, rules, games & bonusses

It currently contains around 200 something questions.
You can unfortunately risk getting the same question twice when playing for a long time, although these are rare.

Disclaimer: If you are below the legal age of drinking, you should stay away from this game.
Remember! Drink responsibly, don't push yourselves, take care of eachother and have fun!

Can also be downloaded here: Link (w3reforged)

@dansadisco - Dice Model
@Blood Raven - Dice Cup, Dojo Floors & Walls
@Vinz - Wind Blast effect
@UreDe4D - Helping with the dice movement triggers
@kuhneghetz - Fall in love effect


The Tavern v.0.2 (Map)