The Story of Gurth'kano

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
So I'm sure you all are wondering exactly how the hell the Barbarians and Orcs came to live together. Well I can quite easily explain this event by telling the Entire history of the Barbarians.

After the Demon God Nag'hullak's physical form was destroyed, the Orcs were lost with no demonic influence to guide them they were confused and unaware of what to do. So the Orc Infested Fort Civus was invaded by a horde of Bandits who were under the leadership of a young human named Gurth'kano, he seemed to have a almost regal aura around him inspiring the humans to fight harder and the Orcs were quite easily beaten by the invading bandits. Their leader who went by the name Drek'thall raised a white banner, and went forward alone to Gurth'kano to offer his servitude, and that of all other Orcs.
From that point on the Orcs and Bandits had a uneasy peace, the mighty bandit lord named Gurth'kano made a name for himself by destroying several Empire towns and amassing a large amount of loot.

All seemed to be going well for those who would call themselves the Barbarians. Until one dark stormy night a large fire erupted upon all of the guard towers within Fort Civus, Gurth'kano rose from his sleep in a state of shock, sweat dripping from his brow as he hurriedly put his armor on and armed himself, believing it to be a Empire Attack, until he saw outside of his Fortress, a Large Orc with dark red skin his piercing green eyes staring directly at Gurth'kano as if he knew all of this thoughts. Gurth'kano knew this Orc only from the legends of passing travelers and bandits. He was Azhag the Slaughterer the high chieftain of all the Orcs who dwelled within the Valley of Nag'hullak. Gurth'kano saw his only options as to retreat or fight against the terrible Fel Orc Menace. The Evil within this Orc could only be that of the same influence that held the Orcs before Gurth'kano led them. Among those who fought against the Bandits, were all of the Orcs who pledged their services to him.
A bolt of lightning struck the fortress as if a omen, Gurth'kano took his ax in hand and ran out of the fortress, leading his men to the stables where they quickly got upon the remaining horses that the Orcs had not butchered. After, these horses were obtained the remnants of the once mighty Barbarian army rode off into the darkness of the night, many rumors were told of a mighty red Orc who took over Fort Civus. Although, it was also said that Gurth'kano was slain in the combat. Gurth'kano was safe for now that, others thought he was dead.

One day two years after the "Fel Orc Revolt", the bandit leader Gurth'kano and his remnants happened upon a group of Centaur, who immediately charged into battle against them, their visceral angry being no match for the skill of the veterans of Gurth'kano's bandits. The Centaur were quickly slain, but among their leader Gurth'kano felt something very familiar and then he saw it shining in the folds of the Centaur Leader's garments a teal emblem the symbol of the Empire. The Almighty Imperial Seal said to have been destroyed in the death of Ashan. Startled to have found this mighty Artifact Gurth'kano quickly took it into his possession and then it burst into light and he heard a voice not his own come from seemingly nowhere "Find the Crystal Ball of he who is known as Ashan". Startled by the voice he dis-regarded it as nothing and rode the rest of the day to the territory of Quipsen, where he met with the trolls and pigmen who dwelled there, obtaining rest and a map of the region.

The next six months were spent searching for the Crystal Ball of Ashan to see if it truly existed or if it was merely a legend. Then he learned of who had obtained the legendary Crystal Ball it was none other then the Draconic Demon God known as Blakoth. A grimace appeared on Gurth'kano's scarred face. Such a foe would not be easily defeated, and yet he knew he had to obtain this Crystal Ball, and thus he decided that if he cannot defeat Blakoth he can steal the Crystal Ball. So he set off into the night with the nine best of his soldiers, his quest was to retrieve the Crystal Ball of Ashan at any cost.

Upon reaching the Dark Ent region known as Duin Bar he sent out scouts who searched for the dwelling place of the Crystal Ball. They came back and reported back the grim news that they had found out . The Crystal Ball lay embedded in the top of the Dark Ent Duin Bar whom the region was named after. Gurth'kano just laughed and went straight over to the seeming sleeping Dark Ent, his Axe Drawn, and his determination unfaltering as he leapt on top of the Dark Ent, easily bounding to the top of the tree with a near reckless abandon, quickly reaching the Crystal Ball, and then jumping off of the still sleeping massive Dark Ent. The loud crash from Gurth'kano's landing awoke the Ent. Turning to face the intruders it lashed out at them, and easily felled eight. Gurth'kano and the remaining veteran bandit quickly escaped into the darkness of the night. The Dark God Blakoth was not pleased with this turn of events.

The Mighty Gurth'kano had obtained the Crystal Ball of Ashan, and upon reuniting it with the Imperial Seal, what seemed to be a Portal between worlds was opened and a man clothed in white emerged from within and he said unto Gurth'kano " Although you are not believed to be the true son of the Empire, you Gurth'kano are the only one who's heart was pure enough to obtain the artifacts required to open the Portal between this world and the next. For this feat to occur you must be the one true heir of the Empire, I am Ashan. Do not fear, for all is well, although this world appears to be on the edge of destruction, there is one beacon of light that remains, and that beacon shall be us." Gurth'kano was stunned that here before him stood the greatest of all men, Ashan. Also, the realization that he was the true heir to the Empire, made a sudden change overcome the former bandit king, and from this point on he was called "Gurth'kano the Redeemed".

So Ends part 1