The Seventh War - The Battle of Atwa

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Aug 29, 2007
The Seventh War - Battle of Atwa is a project I'm working on. The only thing I've done yet is the story and very little terrain. I don't even know how I will make it besides it's going to be a multiplayer map.
Well I just wanted to post it here to see what you guys think. Hope you'll like it...
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The Lands of Atwa - The environment of Atwa

The lands of Atwa was often ravaged by battle. Battle between two races. Battle between humans and orcs. The humans lived in the southern areas of Atwa while the orcs lived in the northern parts. The lands of Atwa had various climates. Both the southern and northen parts had a rather average tempurature. In the eastern parts was some of the coldest areas of Atwa many few animals lived there. The western parts was mostly decolated because of the areas' barrren terrain. Atwa was also covered with high amounts of forest. About 70% was covered by forest.

The Elves – The wisest of Atwa

The reason for the many battles was actually an area occupied by another race, the elves.
Even though the elves had been in peace with the humans in many centuries they considered themself as higher beings. But that wasn't all elves that shared that oppinion. The ones that did called themselves The Council.
The elven king had for many years tried to eleminate The Council but hadn't suceed. The Council had the habit of using orcs as their pets. The orcs was mostly used for kidnapping, murders and such. Members of The Council was often hard to track since they mostly used their magic powers to mind control elves or other creatures of ”higher intelligence”. The Council also made a big effort in being anonymous even to other members.

The Dwarfs – Tradesmen of Atwa

The lands of Atwa also hosts dwarfs. The dwarfs lives in no particular area they live where the ground is rich on precious stones and other things. The dwarfs liked to have a more neutral realationship with the battling forces. But the Darkore Hold had befriended the orcs and the Ironfist Hold had made friends with the humans.
These two groups made no threat to the opposing forces but the materials they sent to either the human or orcs was more powerful than the avarage material and was used to make special and magic weapons.
The dwarfs is one of the oldest races of Atwa. But they were first discovered by the human two centuries before the fourth war. The reason to that was that the dwarfs used most of their time in their gigantic mine shafts. Now after they were they discovered they use more time out of their mines to trade with the other races.

The Ogres – The biggest of Atwa

Ogres was used as orcs' heavy weapons. They were the ones to push the catapults. To smash the gates of human cities. To smash the enemy.
The ogres was more stupid than the orc masters and were paid with what they called ”Shiny Stuff”. Often these things was just polished iron or bronze ore. But even though the ogres was stupid they made a deadly enemy. Especially for the dwarfs loyal to the humans. The ogres was often sent into dwarven mines and could easily destroy many corridors and slay big amounts of dwarfs.
The orcs had put the ogres into small groups, the so called tribes. The tribes had only one real purpose. To make it easier for the orcs to command them.
They were also used as slaves for the humans. Their size made them perfect for working at farms and at building sites. But ogre slavery was dangorous buisness. Ogres was about five times the size of a human.

Goblins – The smallest of Atwa

Goblins was often associated with the orcs. Their main interest was to steal ”Shiny Stuff” from ogres. Most of the stolen items was delivered to the orcs so they could defend the goblins.
Some of the more wiser goblins also made their living by having the ogres worship them. The ogres did this because as they said ”Dey be too small to be mortal.”
Few humans used goblins as slaves but goblins wasn't good to work hard and long so they were quickly replaced by ogres and other creatures.

The Seventh War – The Battle of Atwa

With the crowning of the human king Sir Athoin the third the orcs sighted a weakening in the human defenses. King Athoin had chosen to use less resources on the human's military powers because of several years with peace.
The old and wise leader of the orcs, Murh'karh chose to gather an army quick and strike while the humans wasn't expecting them. The orcs ravaged much of the land on a few days. Murh'karh's forces began to slow down and finally they captured some key positions that made life for the humans difficult and most of them lived in deep poverty.
When the king first heard of this he gathered a group of heroes to battle the brutish orcs. The heroes met in the little town Grollslof. There they would start their journey. Their journey to battle. Their journey to judgement.

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