The Phoenix Flames v1.1.0

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The Phoenix Flames
Designed with 1.31 Patch for SD Graphic
Entry for the 18th Techtree Contest
Entry Color: Red-White

For I am one who bears the risk alone
The protector, the life, and the hope
When everyone fights for their own
Mine only cares for what the world needs

After acknowledging his past mistakes, Daffa the Phoenix decided to redeem himself and started to gather his followers during his past conflicts to create a faction that focus on preserving the order of the world from the shadows, collaborating with Lightning Blades as the only ally for the faction. Their goal is to eliminate the greater threats that most of the other factions are not aware of, as they are too occupied in their petty conflicts.

Phoenix Flames, to the other factions in Hazam, with exception of Lightning Blades, Hive Empire and Fallen Legion, is considered nothing more than myths and rumors. The faction utilizes the most powerful form of fiery magics that ever existed in the world, as well as crafting some of the most dangerous magics and devices that set fear into other factions that opposed them. In addition, they are very secretive about their magic and devices, trying to prevent enemies from knowing them by eliminating them before they are aware of what is coming to them.

The Phoenix Flames also harness ancient and mythical beings to their cause, with Phoenixes and Fire Elementals being very prominent figures to the faction. This symbolizes their eternal desire to protect Hazam, and the fact that with their strength, extremely dangerous opponents to engage with.





Authors Notes

An alternative Human faction called The Phoenix Flames which utilizes aggressive and long-range combat strategies.
Pick Human and select Phoenix Flames at the start of the game to play as The Phoenix Flames!

> Long-range artilleries with an extremely devastating range of engagement.
> Powerful and expensive units.
> Heavy utilization on long-range strikes and rapid deployment in strategic positions.
> High durability with good regeneration for all units and structures.

+ High-aggression in late game.
+ Long-range, hard-to-response attacks.
+ Worker harass? What harass?
+ Extreme damage output.
+ High health units with above-average regenerations.

- Expensive and slow to build units.
- There is no way to repair base or heal units without relying on regeneration or hero abilities or items or sacrificing Supply Nodes.
- If not paying proper attention, one can starve themselves from the needed resources.
- Expo is locked until T2, unless they want to make their lives complicated.

* Remember that your workers are invulnerable, so don't mind them.
* Sacrifice Supply Nodes for early base recovery only when necessary.
* Focus on defending the Supply Base, that building is your only base construction method. Everything else is expendable.

WIP 02:
WIP 01:

[January 7th, 2022 [1.1.0]
Melee AI now uses the default one instead of kizonrus fix, this reduces potential issues between 1.31 and 1.32 AI crossing each other
Uses The3X Hero Skill Fix for 1.31. It will collide with 1.32 AI learn ability order, but should not be too significant unlike kizonrus'
Eye of Pyre changed to Eye of the Pyre
Updated description regarding Cons

Lesser Clarity Potion for Phoenix Vault (T1 item)

"Last Revolt" in the Phoenix Flames option

Eye of the Pyre HP increased from 375 to 450
Eye of the Pyre Sight increased from 1400/800 to 1600/1400
Eye of the Pyre HP Regen increased from 0.75 to 1.00
Eye of the Pyre Projectile Speed increased from 900 to 1000
Eye of the Pyre Range increased from 600 to 700
Eye of the Pyre MP Start increased from 150 to 200
Eye of the Pyre MP Pool increased from 400 to 450
Fire Keeper Movement Speed increased from 270 to 300
Elemental Node food cost reduced from 12 to 10
Lava Spawn Sight increased from 1200/800 to 1400/800
Solar Sonic Tank base air damage increased from 14 to 28
Scroll of Recovery charges increased from 1 to 2
Solar Sonic Tank attack range increased from 500 to 700
Fire Golem HP increased from 1200 to 1250

All structures (except Supply Base) builds for 5 seconds longer
Sun Hunter cost increased from 220/30 to 235/40
Fire Shield damage reduced from 7.5 to 4
Fire Shield block chance reduced from 12% to 8%
Soulshot stun damage reduced from 20 to 12
Eye of the Pyre now requires Research Base (T2)
Eye of the Pyre food cost increased from 3 to 4
Eye of the Pyre level increased from 3 to 4
Soulshot bonus damage reduced from 14% to 12%
Eye of the Pyre train time increased from 35 to 40
Phoenix Blade HP reduced from 650 to 625
Phoenix Lord Movement Speed reduced from 320 to 300
Flame Strike mana cost increased from 135 to 150
Crack Aura reduced from 2/3.5/5 to 1/2/3
Meteor Shower mana cost increased from 275 to 325
Meteor Shower cooldown increased from 180 to 240
Phoenix Blade Combat Mastery lumber cost increased from 175/375 to 225/450
Phoenix Blade Combat Mastery gold cost increased from 200/300 to 200/400
Phoenix Blade Combat Mastery HP regen bonus decreased from 1/2 to 0.75/1.5
Crack Aura range reduced from 900 to 700
Phoenix Call mana cost increased from 500 to 525
Multishot Damage Cap reduced from 630 to 60
Sun Hunter damage base reduced from 15 to 12
Sun Hunter acquisition range reduced from 1000 to 800
Sun Hunter side per die reduced from 3 to 2
Warp Supply Node now requires Research Base
Supply Node lumber cost increased from 30 to 50
Supply Node X lumber cost increased from 50 to 75
Sun Hunter Training lumber cost increased from 150/350 to 250/475
Meteor Shower duration per Fire Golem reduced from 180 to 45
Ragnarok Shield armor bonus reduced from 10 to 5
Multishot target reduced from 2 to 1
Multishot now only hit ground targets
Sun Hunter base armor reduced from 2 to 1
Twin Phoenix Summoning summons weaker Phoenix variant
Fire Golem now has 90% Spell Resistance instead of Spell Immunity

[January 6th, 2022 [1.0.1]]
>Fixed author of the map
>Fixed map title to indicate the entry

[January 5th, 2022 [1.0]]
>First Upload
Bloodelven Decimator by General Frank
Blood 'Scorpion' Ballista by General Frank
Fortitude Rune Aura by xw1995327www
Magical Missiles by MN Lahmar
Phoenix Guardian by Daffa
Vanguard Tank by General Frank
Hellstone Golem by Villagerino
Fire Elemental by Mc !
Gear Aura by iron_warrior
Blood Elven Building Pack by SinisterX
Snipe Target by Tranquil
Blood Elf Mage by General Frank
Burning Rage by Vinz
High Elf Chronomancer by Deolrin

BTNBloodelvenDecimator by General Frank
BTNBEBallista taken from TC #14 The Last Revolt (original icon maker unknown)
BTNPieceOfShip by NFWar
BTNTarget by ChirusHighwind
BTNFireShield by DarkFang
BTNFierySword by ~Nightmare
BTNPyro by AL0NE
BTNMultishot by Nugamentum
BTNSoulshot by KelThuzad
BTNMaelstormEngine by EagleXI
BTNBloodElvenLieutenant by Zephyrius2412
BTNTrueSightGeneric by Darkfang
BTNSunArmor by Zephyrius2412
BTNImprovedSunArmor by Zephyrius2412
BTNAdvencedSunArmor by Zephyrius2412
BTNBloodElvenVorpalBlades by Zephyrius2412
BTNBloodElvenImpalingBolt by Zephyrius2412
BTNStrengthOfTheSun by Zephyrius2412
BTNImprovedStrengthOfTheSun by Zephyrius2412
BTNAdvancedStrengthOfTheSun by Zephyrius2412
BTNBTNHellstoneGolem by Villagerino
BTNFireSpawn by Blizzard Entertainment (RealistKilla)
Blood Elven Building Icon Pack by SinisterX (provided by MasterBlaster)
BTNSpell_Shadow_ShadowWard by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNBombardment by The Panda
BTNGoldPile by The Panda
BTNHighElfChronomancer by Deolrin

Modified Victory/Defeat Condition by Retera
1.31 AI Hero Spell Fix by The3X
Damage Engine by Bribe
ThisPOT's Simple GUI Build System by ThisPOT
Faction Dialogue Box by Ujimasa Hojo and Cherrymage
TimedSpecialEffect by Daffa
Maintenance by Daffa

Mental Omega (for 2 of the ultimate abilities in Base of Operations)
Red Alert (for the construction style and 1 of the ultimate abilities in Base of Operations)

GhostOfPast aka FlameOfChange
I personally don't want to touch much of anything related to Darkness Returns given the situation it ended up in, but since nobody is going to make any use of the campaign materials, I decided to try remaking my own faction in that campaign. There is one major problem with this faction if I want to make it unique: it is an overpowered variant of the Human faction with little to zero difference to a common Human/Elves faction. So, I decided to define some general traits based on the unfinished material of the campaign and the result is now what you guys can play on this map.

To outline, here is the general idea I come up with during development:
1. I wanted to have something Red Alert-esque in regard to building construction, so I decided to scrap the classic building styles and went exactly that. This is why I delay structure development and go for units first.
2. The units are pretty different than the one provided in the campaign since the campaign one is more of a copy-pasta over existing units instead of being unique. I only preserve one unit name since it is symbolic for me (Phoenix Guardian).
3. Something I wanted was having summons as a way to acquire units, this finally gets a realization with the fact that I can make some interesting approaches with summoning abilities.
4. The classic trope of factions that I made, with the exception of Night Empire is that I always have something of "ultimate structure" with "map-wide abilities". This, as expected, returns in this faction as well.
5. I studied some of the previous contest entries, and one of them allowed me to resolve an issue with Red Alert style construction, so that's a happy note.
6. I was hoping to make the harvesting more unique like one of the other entries in this contest, but alas that was beyond my scope. Decided to stick to slightly conventional but have its own unique type.
7. Expect a lot of criticals in this entry. I just have ways with additional damage for the faction.
8. Ferno Decimator Tank was meant to be an anti-land tank, but I switched with the Nightshade concept in Darkness Returns and make it what it is now. So there are two artilleries, and this is completely intentional since they are different types of artilleries.
9. Summoned units are kept simple since you can quite spam the structure if you have the resources (even 2 of the structure can cause a lot of damage)

EDIT: Forgot to add, had it not for the contest, I won't ever get the motivation to work on this. Special thanks for the ones who made TC #18 a reality!

Twisted Meadows - The Phoenix Flames (Map)

There should definitely be a means to show how many workers there are available either through a multiboard or something. Also I suggest them having only an expiration timer and not losing HP as that can become problematic if they get attacked...
Disclaimer : this criticism takes in account the fact that the map is in a state where it must be bruised before being stable. I could be harsh but I can see potential here. I also won't talk about the lore since I'm way more sensible to game design. Everything I say will become irrelevant once changes are made, or if you take an other path someway.

TL;DR : Elegantly OP, faction that wants to be too much at the same time.

General feeling
Ahoy, I did 3 solo games against AI. On paper there's a lot of interesting stuff but in practice it's not relevant. Your faction is meant to have a power spike in late game, but what power spike ? The faction is so quickly strong you can even stomp Insane computers with upgraded T1 units. Every details blends well... too well... way too well. The Blade wreck havoc when supported with the support hero. It becomes unstoppable in early game. Its high stats and flame aura crisps blobs of low food units, even upgraded. Also being able to build everything at the same time, instantly have wood and gold income, plus no supply cost from gatherers makes early game very smooth, in a sense of too smooth, like a 2D waifu. I was expecting a tough early game due to everything being expensive (which is the case) but having strong economic assets largely compensates the offset. Even when the AI get tier 3 units, you also have T3-ish since they are available in T1.

In general, my point is your faction wanted to have many bonuses and strategies at the same time. It would be more interesting -gameplay wise- to concentrate on one strategy (which, on paper, are all independently and genuinely elegant). All of it blend too well thus I can understand your reluctance on nerfing everything. Consequently keeping the same strategy and balancing it will create a cursed concept : a frail balance between strength and identity.

Build system & economy
No need of workers, and the gatherers doesn't use food. Range is limited by your main building and farms. Resources production doesn't cost resource beside the building. Workers are invulnerable but you must micro a little your eco so you won't waste time. They instantly get 5 wood before returning to depot. Supply nodes doesn't drop wood but can spawn a single worker. No repair beside sacrificing nodes. That's a lot of advantages for too few drawbacks, however it's clever and coherent on itself. To keep this spirit while balancing it, I would :
Either make the workers immune to spells OR being ethereal OR having an auto invulnerability for X seconds when attacked (could be an upgrade and/or upgraded).
Make workers vulnerable when out of range of supply until back in the base.
Make the spawn periodic (4-10s) when casted, so the spike is not too strong and the decay not too harsh. In other words when casted it will spawn one by one the workers instead of a blob.
Lumber gatherers will focus the rally point if it's on a tree.
Either make each main buildings cost food (4-8) to compensate the worker spawn OR make the ability cost food (3-5) until the burst is gone.
Increase building time by 20 to 50%.
Each building in construction will cost 1-4 food until it's done depending on the type, except core elements like the T1 main and supply to avoid a paradox.
Any destroyed spawner will also destroy its workers.
Increase lumber capacity to 10, reduce spawned units to 4 and reduce wood damage to 2 (gold is unchanged).

Build range
Nothing tells us there's a build range, how much and no explicit visual effect, except of course the out of range message. I would add this :
When selecting the build list, show the range you can build on, and delete it when you're out of the build list.
A toggle on any building to permanently see the range.
A building is paused if out of supply range, until being again in it.

Having strong units yet heavy on food is too easily compensated by the fact you have 15 food freed from not having workers, plus 5-6 from each expands. So with 3 bases you have 20-25 more food than your enemies. It becomes not surprising that you can have 10-15 more food in early game while not paying any upkeep. My suggestions in the Build system & economy section brings a lot of gameplay mechanics offsetting this strength without taking all the space your faction created. It must keep its fluff eh :]

Tower rush
Create a supply node from an item next to an enemy base. Spam towers around it:ogre_hurrhurr: ez no re

Early game
Your faction have way too much punch in T1. I'm not against having elite units in 3mn but they have T3-like abilities in a gamestate when being in tier 1.5 gives normally some small bonuses. Let's start with the phoenix blade.
Number of dice from 2 to 1
Less punch in early game, but it won't affect too much late game.
Range from 90 to 105
It's an elite unit, so to compensate the offense reduction let's give it a bit more range.
Movement speed from 300 to 280
Most of heroes are 290 and above, so it would be a tad faster than foot soldiers but won't be able to circle too easily heroes.
Mastery giving from 1hp/s to 0.5hp/s
That would bring the hp regeneration at T3 from 2.75 to 1.75, which is more than trolls but reasonable since you can have strong heals elsewhere.
Flame aura disabled for 60s when dealing/receiving 200-500 raw damage
Flame aura AoE from 220 to 150
New T2-3 upgrade to make the Flame aura permanent
Phoenix blades are supposed to be melee and strong to hold the line. The flame aura grants it a too offensive role. By reducing its range and damage cap you still have the intimidation effect without getting too much advantage of a long fight. The tech would catch up the intended power you seek.

Then, let's continue with the Sun hunter. I've way much less to say. The soulshot in Tier 2 can really snipe low tier units without training proper tier 2 units. Since it attacks fast, I would reduce the stun chance, stun damage or stun duration ; no need to reduce all of the 3. For its price, it have better stats than riflemen. I would either reduce HP by 100-125 or increase the price to 230-235/45-50. All of this could further apply the intent of having risky early game by expensive units but overwhelming endgame through upgrades. One last thing, you want to make it tanky ? Put it on a mount ! Plus you can increase movement speed to match the mobility increase for all of your units ; finally it better catches up with the beefy 4 food cost.

For these two units, the time creation is a good offset of their strength. You are in the sweet spot : not too long, not to short. However due to your original intent of making building in parallel plus having a steady eco, it's easy to build several barracks to make reinforcements faster. In my test it impacted greatly the power potential of your faction (cf. Build system & economy)

Time to talk about the Eye of the Pyre (abriged to EoP). Having a huge buffer in T1 is counter productive, since other races don't have much dispel, counters or equal buffs. Your faction is supposed to have a power spike in Tier 3, but the trio makes a very balanced core. Personnaly I would put it in Tier 2 while keeping mostly it as it is. If you want to make it a very early support, makes its initiate ability giving less bonus, or for a shorter period, plus not being able to target heroes. The T2 could immediately put EoP at your normal intended state. For the rest :
Base damage from 7 to 14
Side per dice from 2 to 3
Number of dice from 1 to 2
Range from 600 to 650
Projectile speed from 900 to 975
This would make it much stronger for its food price. It's not supposed to be a damage dealer but every bit helps. That would make 8-10 dps. Since your faction focus on long range, the EoP also get a small boost compared to other casters ; the projectile speed makes it a tad more reliable.
Sight range from 1400/800 to 1600/1400
In its name : Eye of the pyre. It also detect invisible units. Fire illuminating the night. I just plugged together the concept you left here ! ^^ If you find it a bit too strong, you can add the bonus sight through its T2 sight upgrade. Some scouting bonus won't hurt your faction at all.

Late game
Since I stomped my enemies just with barrack units, I can't say much about it. I'll play more with the intent of going late units only. However I've stuff about the heroes worth of pointing out.

Fire Keeper
Movement speed increase from 270 to 320
Mounted model
Each race have at least one mobility hero. Since it's a support that would corroborate well.
Recover ward
Why you based it on Shadow hunter ward ? You could simply transform the healing ward into a hero ability. The only drawback of your spell is you can't see the healing range when targeting.
Retribution aura
The luck could be much of your side. I would make the critical bonus return periodic for each units, so it won't occur too often on the same unit which attacks fast (i.e heroes), plus making it less efficient against heroes.
► Ragnarok shield
+10 armor is tough, which compensate a lot the given HP regeneration. I would make the ability increasing the minimum armor a unit have, for example at 10. So even if the enemy have armor debuffs, the Ragnarok shield have some interest. If you find this too weak, you can give like 12-14 armor max and 10 armor min.

Inferno magus
Flame strike & Fire salvo
The two abilities blends a bit too well by stunning enemies already in the flame strike. I would reduce just a bit the damage of the flame strike, and why not compensate with better range for both of the abilities.
Crack aura
It's so overpowered when sieging enemies. Buildings melts away. Reduce the armor penalty and the aura, or keep the same strength but only to buildings affected by its attack and abilities.
► Meteor shower
Two overpowered siege infernos. When cast on a base and with the crack aura, the enemy buildings melts away even faster. Since they are affected by your upgrades, the bonus adds up like crazy. When fully upgraded you have two times 57-105 Dps with incredible bonus against buildings and unarmored. Plus they get armor upgrades. This is how I would change it :
Not affected by Raging fist and Phoenix flame
Raging fist improvement cost from 250/175 to 225/150
You would get 2 siege inferno with no extra. They will still do their job of barging in melee and siege support without melting buildings instantly. Since Raging fist only affects now one unit, it's natural to temper its price a bit.
Spell immunity transformed into spell resistance
Having two big path blockers immune to spell could be too threatening. So by shifting the immunity to a spell resistance it will keep its summoned intent without literally clog the melee.

Phoenix lord
Put its speed to 270-290 OR make it mounted. It still have the vanilla Archmage movement. Either would do.
Extermination aura
The damage boost and crits blends too well. I would reduce the damage bonus and the crit damage, however I would definitely increase crit chance to make it more consistent.
Twin phoenix
One phoenix brings a lot of magic power to an army, but two of them even with a high cost and reload time grant a too strong power spike. This is a tough nut to crack. Many workarounds could be done. Here some of my ideas, each of them not being compatible with the others.
1) Two weaker phoenix but they share received damage.
2) Two weaker phoenix but one gets stronger while the other one is in egg form.
3) Only one regular phoenix, but if the egg is destroyed, it will spawn a weaker phoenix and so on. It will end after like 2-5 iterations. Summoning it again would replace the current one by the regular one, and so on.
4) One regular phoenix, but if the egg is destroyed, will split into two smaller and weaker phoenix with normal summon duration.

Provisional and personal Tier-notation
From best to worse

M&S] When Mythical and Spellbound makes something together on Warcraft 3
S] Great, elegant, extra thicc, easily hooks the mind
A] Good. Nothing much to say except nitpick
B] Genuinely OK, but can be better in many ways
C] Average. Not bad, not good. C- would be "meh"
D] Flawed, or insignificant
E] Unstable, badly made, or just broken
F] Fatal error, ruins the rest
Aesthetics B (How well the graphics blends with Warcraft 3 while being elegant)

Blood elf style is simple yet effective. Nothing too fancy but that's very coherent in a good way. The icons would benefit from small color tweaks to fit your choice, but that's not a big deal. However since it's a lot Blood elf like it put me huge bias.
Fluff D+ (The epicness, spice, philosophy and background of the faction)

I'm not sensible of your universe, which will surely bias my interpretation. I won't say it's incoherent nor bad, but being straightfoward won't make it remembered well. However I saw creative use in names, unit types and technology.
Feel & juice A+ (How fun is it to play the faction, how well the faction gives you positive feedback)

Here's the biggest strength of your faction. It works surprisingly well. The way you kickstart your faction, bursting firepower all over the map and bringing elite units to the battlefield... that's very good. Also the numerous upgrades makes you feel strong in late game. Buuuuut since most of it comes from its overpowered mechanics that's my biais. If for example you blindly apply all my suggestions that would drop to a decent B, which will benefit the other points.
Strategy and tactic A- (How the mechanics blends together, giving the faction its unique approach)

On paper, I don't have much to say. That's decent gamedesign. But on execution it have a lot of side effects. Everything being expensive makes you picking only specific units, increased by the numerous expensive option you have. Most of your faction becomes very stiff, I mean... stiffer than it should be. Each units are strong by themselves so players would tend to focus on versatile units. You also loose a lot of score through some units having the same roles (i.e why using siege units when your current Helix magus gives enough siege support to raze any base at level 6).
Even with the numerous flaws I pointed out, the overall design hooked my interest. I see good potential in it. Don't worry we all gone through this :]
Balance E- (How its strengths leave space to the rest, does it blends gameplay-wise together with the other 4 races)

Here's the black sheep of your faction and maybe for a lot of contest faction due to lack of time. You already have everything needed since Tier 1, plus upgrading them later. Broken siege and quick power up in early game. Fortunatly I played and analyzed a very early version which need a lot of polishing.
Content A (Does the faction feels complete compared to its intent and the other races)

Units are in a sweet spot. Not too many, not too few. Lots of upgrades and options. Each buildings have its use and nothing feels out of place. You would scratch some more points if there's a 4rth hero and more item options. Many Warcraft 3 abilities are recycled, don't worry their use is justified.
Handling & ergonomics A- (Does this faction have the proper data shown, how easy is it to understand)

Not much to say. Many upgrades on the same building could drown a bit a new player under too many information. The supply zone would benefit a lot from a clear visual effect. Abilities and special effects doesn't have overlaps, which is good. We can understand what visual effect correspond to what spell. Fixing what I pointed out about it would definitely increase into a solid A. There's no any abstract descriptions nor wrong data displayed.
Triggers, code, overall polishing B- (Is the map correctly coded, no leaks, have efficient algorithm, are details taken care of)

The map doesn't have much complexity, it's not a problem in itself. Some triggers could move their conditions into a if-then-else action to avoid using too many calls. Plus using variables could avoid numerous picked unit calls. Small little leaks here and here :
  • The BOO warning leaks a player group.
  • The Firestorm warning leaks a player group
  • The Sigma presence register 2 leaks 100 groups per second (or it's disabled somewhere ?). I would make it every second.
  • The map init leaks a player group
  • The faction choice leaks a player group. Also you can use the same dialog variable for everything, no need to apply it for the 24 players.
Other nitpicks :
  • The gold pile bonus could be simpler by registering ahead the number of buildings when they appear/are destroyed ; but it works as it is.
  • Using For each (integer A/B) could create some rare errors. It's safer to use a separate integer ; again it's not a big deal.
Even with all of it, it don't have any major or minor issues. Everything works smoothly. Any players won't see any problems in game, but the Sigma presence register 2 could destroy the performance in a huge and thicc 24 player map. If you fix all of this, you'll reach B+ no sweat.
Contest rules A+ (Only relevant in a Tech tree contest)

Nothing to say. Red white is very well respected. Since the specifications left a lot of free will, there's no penalties.
Overall tier B+
Work work. You have the big advantage to have a lot of time and space to grow the faction. If you manage to fix everything, you would slide into a solid A. However making it too complex would break its already heavy tech tree.
Personal taste C+ (No impact on the rest of the notation, just by curiosity)
The faction transported me into a good ride due to its overpowered content. After cooling down I remark the numerous gameplay tweaks the faction needs. After that it would loose its power to gain coherence, which will make the map objectively better but less my taste. I enjoyed playing it several times but that's all. Your map doesn't become any worse, I assure you. It's just not much my cup of tea.
That's why I encourage you to burst the best out of you and I'm eager to cross swords with you on the next contest ! :peasant-cool:
That's all for today. You reached the bottom of the post, congratulations ! :ogre_hurrhurr:
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Thanks for the detailed feedback. Given that the faction is over powered back in lore, I shoot myself too much with the early game units.

Will make some adjustment to bait people to advance tech instead of abusing T1. Actually, the biggest "power boost" in T3 is that with 3-5 artillery units you can snipe a T3 hall without even setting foot in an enemy base (I think I have a run with this recorded, not sure) but need microing to execute, an invisible artillery tank, and the only anti-spellcaster for the faction. Oh, there's also a spell that can cause catastrophic damage to a huge radius if the resources are available.

Not wanting vulnerable workers, so I am sticking with invulnerable for now. Lumber is actually a big issue for the faction when not micromanaged properly (there is no Lumber Mill type structure, so when trees get further away, the lumber slows down significantly), which is why I don't want to load the player further with worker management. I can consider the worker bind to spawner but not sure if I can manage to code one in time.

For food, I am not sure how to approach it. I can always reduce Supply Node foods to make it a costly investment. Will see what I can do.

I have noted down the feedback and logged some planned changes. I am keen on keeping it being enjoyable first and foremost, so I don't mind balance too much. My concern is that this balance can risk my whole entry since people might skip the whole tech tree due to powerful T1 units.

Regardless, I will remove that con regarding T3. Either that or I will get heavy headache balancing this out.
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W-wait what?

It's out already!?

And GhostofPast wrote an essay too!?

What's going on!?

Yes, it's out :D

Well, he spend his time giving his feedback since it is in a state capable of getting one ^^


Entry updated. Hope that's more balanced, though I doubt I can rework much the balance without cutting corner or introducing new stuffs.
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Level 21
Nov 4, 2010
I'm impressed!

This feels like a much, much better remake of the Last Revolt, to be honest! I also really like the C&C-esque mechanics and references too :D

Overall, a very fascinating faction, but one that takes quite some time to get used to. For me, it seems to take somewhat longer to build up a decent force early-mid game and to tech up.

I like how one single main building handles all base construction -- just like in C&C, except we can even build other main buildings off it lol. On one hand, we don't have to depend on fragile organic workers being alive and present to do the building for us. We can build as many as we want at the same time, as long as we can afford it. Neat. However, once all Supply Bases are gone, it's gone for good. We can't sneak some worker units away elsewhere to rebuild. Similarly, this also makes the shop necessary for expansion with that one Tiny Supply Node item.

(And as always, the buildings are exposed while under construction, like any other faction in vanilla Warcraft III, and like the Soviets in Red Alert 3.)

The harvester system is also neat and interesting. While we get to have free invulnerable harvesters, they're very limited in numbers and we have to pay attention otherwise they'll disappear and there'd be no one to keep the cash flowing. Lumber takes longer to harvest, since we're limited to six lumberjacks that often despawn if we're not paying attention, and we can't have any lumber mills either.

(Btw, that tiny bit of lore around their anti-combat equipment reminds me of the Minermites and the Ultra Miners in Mental Omega. The mass teleport even further reminds me of the Ultra Miners too.)

The reddened Supply Nodes are a nice little gimmick, side income that only helps somewhat without being too broken/overpowered.

The heroes are very interesting too.

One of them is even essential for virtually all of the healing, kinda like Death Knights for undead but even more important here. She can even convert any plain Supply Node to a blue healing hut, which is neat. Her support role is specialized to the point where even her ultimate is an AoE shielding and stat boost.

Another hero has a neat AoE disarm and silence ability, which goes way further beyond the Dark Ranger's Silence. However, it seems to have a smaller AoE and duration, and this may end up making him a huge target in any multiplayer match. His damage-boosting aura is pretty neat, too, which greatly empowers our army which can be handy if we cannot afford combat upgrades on time.

Summoning is also another great gimmick for this faction. It's another free-of-charge way to get some offense units to bolster your ranks, but they each have a ticking clock the moment they show up. The further the enemy is, the less effective the summons will be. Thus they're more of a desparate defense, really. Not to mention how they need intensive mana from each building. So to build up an army of summonables, we'd need quite a number of summoner buildings for that, preferably not too far away from the enemy.

The Phoenix Flames make great use of war machines too, with notable variety. An effective AA tank type and two fancy artillery types. Though they are very potent, they are held back by the lack of repair options aside from high cost. The only way for them to recover hit points is to let them be sitting ducks turtling at home.. but can we really afford to let them lick their wounds? War is always immiment.

Wait, I have a suggestion though! The Onyx artillery needs a huge acquisition range for the Zephyr Beacon-like support power out of technical reasons, but that makes it go chase random enemies far away as long as it is not holding position. Since normally we'll let our artillery units stand by, why not automatically tell them to stay still? Maybe a trigger that tells them to hold position whenever they are idle? That way, they won't really go all the way to target some stray far away target.

There might be more later, who knows. I think this is what I have for now.

Great job! 5/5


Map Reviewer
Level 59
Jun 4, 2009
  1. There should definitely be a means to show how many workers there are available either through a multiboard or something. Also I suggest them having only an expiration timer and not losing HP as that can become problematic if they get attacked.
  2. Something to show the build zone range would be appreciated.
  3. Sun Hunter can become a real game killer with that multishot and channel ability heroes and units beware. On top of that, melee units are definitely in for a nightmare because of that immolation burning them. These abilities definitely need adjustments. Since, it was intended to be melee with many units and not a sort of tactical RTS with fewer ones, abilities should be properly thought out and especially tested.
  4. For some reason, the Supply Node building stopped working; not sure if it's related to that hero converting one or the upgrade for them.
  5. Three artillery units seems quite over the top; also, no air units or am I missing something?
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Map Reviewer
Level 59
Jun 4, 2009
Noted the other, please explain the Supply Node issue though. No air unit is intended.
Placing one on the terrain did nothing anymore. Basically, none could be built anymore. I don't know the reason why but it might have something to do with either those two cases I mentioned or maybe because of the main building being upgraded.