The perfect Galeoth

Level 36
Aug 14, 2006
By Blackdoom59

Spell 1 - Now Icy Barrage is a spell that increases Galeoth's attack by giving it a frost effect and 10% to stun for 1 second. A lot of guys who try to create a DPS out of Galeoth choose this ability. While Galeoth always gets outnumbered the Bone Chiller ability is very useful, however Frozen could make a mob or a boss useless for 5 seconds. Yet as Galeoth always get in trouble, Bone Chiller is better for him. And also he needs some STR in chapter 3 and in chapter 6 only INT. If you play on give up, pick Icy Barrage or Frozen.If it's your first time , you may find out that Bone Chiller is useful.

Spell 2 - Many of you guys choose the Ice Bolt, 'cuz it's easy to cast and deals good dmg. Yet some of you think that every piece of dmg is important and you recklessly chose the Piercing Shard. Piercing Shard is truly a strong ability, yet enemies always outnumber Galeoth, that's why he needs an ability that can stop them from attacking and an ability that decreases their mana. Magical Hammer is a strong yet dangerous ability. As many of you use the Hit and Run strategy with Fradz, you thought that Galeoth could be used the same, yet it's not true. Galeoth must be strong enought to withstain some damage without running away.

Spell 3 - Now most of you like to deal dozens of damage, considering that defense is not important, so you chose Ice Mastery. As always, this spell would increase the magical dmg of Galeoth making him stronger against every kind of foe. Ice Elemental is really useful for Galeoth. Someone that can tank and deal huge dmg at the same time. Yet the Ice Elemental is so strong that it can replace Phodom. A lot of guys think of that posibility yet a simple elemental could not mach the HP, Armor and Regen of a hero, so Ice Elemental will only be good at ch3 where Galeoth is completely defenseless. The Mesmerizing Ice Crystal however, is not only the perfect defense and heal for Galeoth in ch3 , but in ch6 as well:) This spell boosts up the HP regen of the whole party, taunts every enemies around it and deals a portion of the damage back to the mob/boss. While it doesn't last long, it's considered better than the others because of the regen aura it has.

Spell 4 - Frozen Fang is a very useful ability, yet not strong enough for Galeoth. Chill of the Frost Master is a very useful ability, yet too complicated and dangerous for Galeoth. While Chill of the Frost Master heals the mobs near Galeoth, it is too dangerous against bosses. That's why the strong Glacial Ball is good for Galeoth. Its AoE dmg and the suprisingly powerful Explosion could vanquish every foe on the battlefield.However if you have give ups , you will find Frozen Fang able to create a synergy with the awesome items you'll get.

Spell 5 - Frozen Armor would be realy useful for Phodom, yet Inner Light upgrades the spell dmg as well, that's why Galeoth should have it in his arsenal if you don't have give ups.If you have at least two , you will find Frozen Armor able to block 'n' kill anyone.

Spell 6 - When Galeoth is almost dead and the boss/mob is chasing him, Northrend Winds will be extremly useful. Dealing the same dmg with all the other spells and increasing the chances of survival for Galeoth
.This is your spell if you have no give ups(or some weak ones).Frozen Paradise is a hight leveled Bone Chiller.Having them both will lead you to a sorry end.So our paradise will never fit with a instant-aoe(War stomp - like) spell.If you have dozens of give ups and a phenomenal precision then feel free to pick the Frozen Storm.That is the strongest spell(in your arsenal) in the whole game.If you hit all the waves you may be able to take more then 50% HP of a boss.However it's tricky to use and you must know a lot to put it well.More effective in ch6+ where P and F tank while you freeze the living sh*t out of the boss.

Now about the combat kings with Galeoth here's what you should pick:
-Trance: Very useful for Galeoth. A no-brainer.
-Magic Torment: Galeoth's bread-and-butter Combat King, keep your mana up all the time!

Well here you start pretty weak but you can get overpowered. Try obtaining Omega Orb as strong as possible. Don't use the esper (Only on boss fights and special situations). And try stealing everything, no reason to waste money.

Rescue Galeoth as quickly as posible, and give all the INT/magic dmg/mana/mana regen items to him. Our mage can become unstoppable if you do so.

Here you shouldn't have so much problems with money so...If you spend them, try to be defensive.