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The impossible Quiz 2

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by HeretoDLstuff, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. HeretoDLstuff


    Feb 27, 2007
    Most of you have probably allready seen the impossible quiz 1, but 2 just came out.


    1. Up his sleevies (Armies = arms)
    2. Paint (lol)
    3. Earth (the rest are names of chocolate bars)
    4. American (I don't get it, except for the can part xP)
    5. Just type what it says (I've been told Carrot and Udder so far)
    6. 8 (Sentence, though it should be "This setence"...)
    7. Press the right arrow key
    8. 10 Letters In (Play on words?)
    9. Click it to make it evolve.
    10. Drag the words saying "A Penguin" to find the answer .
    11. Solve the mouse avoider
    12. Fine. (Upside-down = normal )
    13. Lederhosen
    14. Click the Question number twice =]
    15. A Backwards Dog
    16. Chris
    17. Make ssure you only pop the brown balloon
    18. Fly sandwiches.
    19. Fusestopper.
    20. Hit the switch then pop all her\his pimples.
    21. 30.
    22. Pink clouds.
    23. Drag the circle from the topleft corner and win!
    24. Space.
    25. When its a jar.
    26. You run. You run so far away.
    27.Press 1
    28.That is sparta
    29. Put all the bombs under the water untill you find the green gem, then click on it.
    30. Click the 0 on the "30" in the topleft corner.
    31. Drive down the m4.
    32. Click the finger.
    33. Click the number 33 in the topleft corner.
    34. Click Death
    35. Aim For the face.
    36. The bottom right one.
    37. Move the mouse off the screen!
    38. Typ mash over and over again. (or any letter in that word)
    39. Just another one of those "Dont toch the blue stuff" one. -- Use the circles and the key to help see where you're going .
    40. Tocan
    41. Wait for one of them to shrink, then click it.
    42. Pull the hand off of him and make it poke the other guy. Then panic while wierd stuff happpens. xD
    43. Its a random question from the other quiz, so you sould know it!
    44. Tequila (To Kill Her xD)
    45. Click the second "E" in "I see" then the I, then the E, then the I, then the O in "O rly"
    46. Around Orions waist.
    47. A unirversal serial bus
    48. USB ports.
    49. Do what frank says.
    50. Click on the bone in the dogs mouth untill he drops it. Next, Move your mouse back and forth as fast as you can over the picture.
    51. Camel! ( hold you mouse over "came" and the L from last will come up makeing camel.)
    52. Rub the lamp.
    53. click were the "G" is pointing.
    54. In the bottom right corner, there is a tail there. Drag it and put your "mouse" on the green button. xD
    55. Poke'mon.
    56. The smallest one, just above his feet. (It says "lol microbes" or somthing)
    57. Four
    58. Press Space bar
    59. Pull the R out of varnish.
    60. Pull the thing for a long time.
    61. To get to the other side.
    62. Edam
    63. Click the Quality Changer (Q)
    64. Find the differences.
    65. Goats blood.
    66. Pick of all the leaves
    67. Its another maze.
    68. Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged.
    69. Click the "2" when the bomb gets to 2!!
    70. Click on him.
    71. Bottom left.
    72. Violence
    73. Click the bush alot.
    74. No
    75. When you click on the cat in the other one, count how many times he gets punched, thats the answer.
    76. Aids
    77. A fat bloke.
    78. Wind up the jack-in-the-box. (it doesnt matter if it goes in circles, as long as it moves.)
    79. Drag the "on" in dragon to the circle.
    80. A corpse bra
    81. The duck one thats cornerwise from the camel.
    82. o_O I click Obvious one time, lose a life, then click in again and it works.
    83. Pull away the thing in the middle that click "go to next question"
    85. NEVAR!
    86. Type "U" on your keybord.
    87. AT one point, when the carrots it the middle appear, there will be a arrow in the middle to. Click on the one it points too.
    to be continued

    9. The Bubble that comes up.
    29. Let the Green Bomb explode.
    63. Press the Q Key for a skip.

    20. The purple pimple on the old man/woman's ear.
    41. Below the looks-like-big-circle one. (Bottom right corner)
    66. Pick the flower.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2007
  2. ragingspeedhorn


    Apr 30, 2005
    Awesome quiz. Read bobs thread about tags in the site discussion forum I think.
  3. HeretoDLstuff


    Feb 27, 2007
    Thanks wolve! I added awnsers now. There is more if you google search, but I fould out 95% of these by myself.
  4. MySpaceBarBroke


    Mar 18, 2007
    Question number 5: You can also get arse.
    38: You can press any key, as long as you press a different one each time.