The Idea Behind My Prolog

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Jan 24, 2009
Here comes my Idea set, with a few Bios from characters:D

The Legend of Artor’kisa(Ideas and Bios)

Region Names: Artor’kisa.

Country Names: Arotikra (humans), Grat’Morak (Dwarves), Elfertaron (elves), Marodiana (Southern Humans), The Great Kingdom of Gerodian (Main City in all of Artor’kisa)

Main Characters Bios/Names:
Kaison (human): Kaison was born in a small town outside of Arotikra… he has one sister named Carol and one brother named Nick. His mom and dad works at the local inn, so he hears a lot of stories from all of Artor’kisa. His best friends are Aroth and Derily. All his life he has wanted to become a Warrior, he has been accepted to the War Academy at the Start of the book. This Human is the Main Character.

Crutfelas (Elf): Crutfelas was born in Elfertaron. He has one brother named Fritak who is 1 year younger than him. His Father is the captain of the guard, and his mother is a tailor. He has always wanted to become a Great Ranger and has trained with his bow since he was five. The first time we meet Crutfelas is at the war academy.

Grotak (Dwarf): Grotak was born in the mighty mountains Hightorik in the dwarf’s caves inside the mountain. Grotak lost his mother under the Great Dragon Raid (Which was that Argotrak attacked and Argotrak is a black dragon. Many brave dwarves lost their lives but Argotrak was killed too.) His father is one of the greatest Blacksmiths in the caves. Grotak want to become an Aloktrak (which is the Dwarvik word for Warrior.) His favorite weapon is a two-bladed axe his father made him long time ago. The First meeting with Grotak is in Gerodian outside the Weapon shop.

Felistro (Rianoc): Felistro was born in Gerodian at the market District. He has no brothers and no sisters. His Father is a merchant and an inventor, and his mother is a bar maiden. Felistro has always been smart and his dream is to become a Mage (mage’s are smart people that can cast magic, they are also good at making stuff like one mage made a walking doll… sadly it got blown up 10 seconds after it had walked…) He is accepted in to the War academy (Magic Department) and there he meets Kaison. Felistro does only see Kaison a few minutes before Kaison’s class leaves the magic department

Races of the World:
Humans: When you hear the Word Humans, you probably think: Oh they are just like us… Well they’re not. First of Humans are a lot taller than us normal humans. Second: these humans are handy at a farm or in war. Humans are born hunters, just not as good at using the bow as the elves are. The human king is King Fertol Sword-breaker. He rules with an Iron Grip, but he makes that up again by making people less poor and that stuff. All in all, Fertol is a loved king.

Elves: Elves are tall and looks like royalties. They are skilled with the bow and are good in magic. Their master mages are the best magicians in all of Artor’kisa. Their king Feltark Wind-bow is the best marksmen they have. He also is one of the smartest people around. The elves likes them self best in forests or near the ocean (or rivers too)

Dwarfs: The Dwarfs are not that tall… about half as tall as the elves. But what their height lacks they take back with strength. The Dwarfish people are the best blacksmiths in all of Artor’kisa. Their best blacksmiths are the rune smiths. They enchant their weapons with runes that make the weapons/armors have special abilities. Like Fire spin and that stuff… (Kaison obtains a rune sword from the dwarfish city Grat’Morak)

Rianoc: This race is quite different from the others. The Rianocs are smart at mechanics, but their fighting skills are not good. The Rianoc people have always shown interest in the art of the mage, but they have never been as good as the elves in the art of magic. The strangest thing about them is that the Rianocs are green skinned…
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Nov 22, 2008
If he is accepted to the war academy at the beginning of the book, why is it relevant what his best friends are? Unless his friends joined the military with him, they wouldn't be seen again. I write short stories myself, and here's a hint: Don't put in characters that you cannot build upon. Trust me, creating villains for the purpose of being killed instantaneously by the hero is stupid. But to the other extreme, avoid "plot armor" or the ability to catapult yourself off a waterfall, and after falling several hundred feet, be spotless because you are the main character or villain. It's very much so okay to kill characters in two sentences. Most writers don't do that, because it simply isn't dramatic enough. I believe this is a quote from one of my short stories:

He sat at the desk, reading his papers slowly. He was growing old, he thought. Eventually he wouldn't be the President. Only two more years, he thought. Only two more- his thoughts were obliterated as a Barretta .50 Caliber sniper rifle ventilated his brains all over the walls of the room, killing him instantly. In a later testimonial, the shot was heard for as much as ten miles.

That character was a major character.

That's all.