The First War

Level 1
Jul 8, 2013
"The Horde launched its full might against the
unsuspecting kingdom of Stormwind.
As the forces of Azeroth and the Horde clashed across the kingdom, internal conflicts
began to take their toll on both armies. King Llane, who believed the bestial orcs to be
incapable of conquering Azeroth, contemptuously held his position at his capital of
Stormwind. However, Sir Lothar became convinced that the battle should be taken
directly to the enemy, and he was forced to choose between his convictions and his
loyalty to the king. Choosing to follow his instincts, Lothar stormed Medivh's towerfortress
of Karazhan with the help of the wizard's young apprentice, Khadgar."

Following the events of the First War i desided to make a map called The Siege of Stormwind.I have started at 8/8/13 and i believe this is to end before august 15.With 8 hours the day work i think i will make it :p .Now,I will tell you something about the map.

The Siege of Stormwind

Map Info:
12 players ---2 teams ---6vs6
Side quests and the dominion of Stormwind
Battle alongside with the greatest heroes of Azeroth and the Horde
Strategy is all that counts

Teams and Coulors:
Forces of Azeroth:

Stormwind Defenders
Northsire Clerics
Anduin Lothar
Brotherhood of the Horse
Azeroth Millitia

Orcish Horde:

Blackrock Clan
Thunderlord Clan
Bleeding Hollow Clan
Burning Blade Clan
Twillight's Hammer Clan

Main Quests: Forces of Azeroth-------->Destroy the invaders
Orcish Horde---------->Burn Down Stormwind and its Defenders
Side Quests: Forces of Azeroth------->Kill Medivh(Lothar,Khadgar)
Orcish Horde------------>Kill King Llane(Garona)

Red=Not done yet
Yellow=Partly done
Green=more than half done


Screeenshots are to come.Gameplay type isnt done yet.Any suggestions will be welcome.I was thinking the traditional training type gameplay.But its a bit boring.