The Exodus of Gilneas v1.4

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Miles111 Presents

The Exodus of Gilneas v1.4
Created by Miles111

Map Info:

The Exodus of Gilneas is a third person RPG with very similar aspects to WoW. You start out as a worgen villager in Gilneas and move up to Guard rank in the Moonrage Tribe in Silverpine Woods. The map is still heavily under development.


In this map you are a Worgen hero, either warrior or spellcaster, who leaves his neighborhood in Gilneas to support the other Worgen tribes. It is a difficult time in gilneas, many humans still remain. This map features a great Third Person camera, and Tribal Heal spell and "Worgen Blood" attribute bonus for both classes. Spellcasters get Shadow Bolt and a powerful AoE spell, Shadowfang Pact, while warriors get Savage blow, a powerful single target melee spell, and Cleave, an AoE that strikes all enemies directly infront of the warrior.

Your Worgen hero will quickly move from Gilneas into the Indoor Warkeep where he will find a recruiter for the Moonrage Tribe. Nearby he will enter a portal leading to Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest. Soon enough he will be working for the leader, Grimson, and obtain powerful armor and weapons. A wide range of Weapons, Head Armor, Body Armor, and shields, and an inventory system that allows only one of each item type and a great UI description of each item, as well as unique attachments on your hero (armor/helms/shields/weapons show), are all in the map.

Complicated boss fights include custom spells specifically for each boss. An amazing atmosphere with rain, water effects where the rain hits the ground/water, and a rain ambience that sounds just like real rain, a great and vast forest, and an ending boss fight in a building that you literally walk into from the outside that is part of the area (you dont just get teleported away, its there), as well as the undead village and camps that are made so well to scale make this map something truly unique.

Video of Gameplay and Features:

More Info:

While the camera may seem a bit wierd the first time, once you have played the map a few times over the camera is easy to manipulate and very fun. It is very important that you follow all tooltips given in the game and read full quest descriptions so that you know what is going on.

Note:: This is a VERY difficult game. It is not meant to be played alone. If are playing without at least one other person, I suggest giving yourself enough gold to get starter's equipment from the vendors in Pyrewood Village.

Special Thanks to Adiktuz and PeeKay!

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The Exodus of Gilneas v1.4 (Map)

01:55, 9th Sep 2011 -Kobas- Status: Rejected 13th september 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved




01:55, 9th Sep 2011
Status: Rejected
13th september 2011
Status: Approved
Level 24
Jul 9, 2009
The terrein could use some improvements and you dont want a worgen that follows Ner'Zhul (The Lich King) otherwise it was a very good and enjoyeble mad so I give it 6/10


Map Reviewer
Level 66
Jun 4, 2009
1. Pathing blockers are needed to avoid the units getting through houses and doodads.
2. You could add hero glow to the heroes: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
3. Spells should have visible hotkeys and proper descriptions (values, levels and such).
4. Spells aren't properly positioned; their locations when you learn them differ from where they are after you choose them.
5. Some icons don't have proper DISBTN as they look like active icons instead of disabled. You can use this program to make DISBTN versions: Button Manager v1.8.2
6. Bandits appear out of nowhere and they don't constantly attack; they also return whence they came to then come again to attack.
7. Terrain is kind of plain and flat. Little tile and doodad variation.
8. It's annoying that the camera moves after the hero during battle. Makes you dizzy.
9. You can farm bandits indefinitely reaching to higher levels where healing exceeds current HP.
10. Do Health and Mana Stones stack?
11. There are WcIII heroes in the Tavern.
12. How do you get lumber for the ship?
13. You should put some circles of power or something to hint players that some buildings can be entered...
14. Camera in the next town (after you teleport) is annoying because of things getting in the way of the screen/clicking.
15. Items need organized descriptions.
16. Should there be trainable mercenaries in the camp?
17. Skeletons don't give gold like the bandits. Oops, it's not visible.
18. For some reason the sword that also gives agility slow your attack speed.
19. Worgen Blood has an active ability icon and is a passive ability. You can use that program I've mentioned above to turn the icon into passive looking.
20. What is Spirit in this map?
21. Quests should be marked as completed after they are done.
22. You can deal damage to bosses/units and then get out of battle, return and finish them off.
23. Although I appreciate the fact that the gaemplay does not only include kill units on the map while some of them come towards you, the gaemplay is still monotonous.
24. A backpack would help wasting time returning to places where you temporarily leave items.
25. Could stop the rain from time to time. It hurts the eyes.
26. Bosses aren't interesting. They just attack. You can beat them easily because mana is almost infinite and you have healing. The necromancer dude was the toughest because he had stun and feedback.
27. "Two minutes until Odo's raid begins" :D I've killed the last boss too before going back with the letter. Why not a countdown timer?
28. After the "timer" ends I've been teleported to Odo along with the other inactive players and nothing else happened.

All in all quite an easy map in singleplayer, heavily unpolished and pretty much unfinished.