The Best form of Government

Well what is the best form of Government?

This includes how a government functions politically, socially, and economically. These three areas overlap obviously, but should otherwise mostly be considered independent from one another. This also includes how a lack of government functions. Yes, anarchism is allowed in this discussion for lolz.

Now I reckon there are two fields for governments, the political + social, and the economic. Each of the systems within the fields can be measured on a spectrum that, as many know, consists of the left and right wings. Of course, anarchists argue there is the 'no wing' route, and many even argue the spectrum is more of a circle, where the extreme left/right blend to be the same. For simplicity's sake, lets consider the fields as simple left-right spectrums but allow for the arbitrary anarchist's opinion if he wants to debate.

Below are my idea of how these spectrums work (feel free to debate this as well);
Political + social: (image for reference)
Economic: (image for reference)

To prevent a battle of semantics;
Communism - both a social and economic system of governance, whereby the goal is to remove classes from society. This is mainly achieved via implementing a planned economy as well as policies that equalize all subjects. Associated with planned economies.
Democracy - a political/social system of governance, where government decisions are made through the direct or indirect voting of the populace.
Fascism - a political/social system of governance, featuring a centralised government with near absolute power over its populace. Fascist governments also support extreme nationalism.
Socialism - an economic system where the government controls what is produced, how is produced, and how much is produced in an economy. Associated with planned or mixed economies.
Capitalism - an economic system where the price mechanism (demand and supply) controls what is produced, how is produced, and how much is produced in an economy. Associated with market economies.

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Sep 24, 2005
I honestly think there is none, since people are dynamic. What they may want now, they might not want tomorrow. Government institutions are adapted from the needs of the ruling class, they'll pick which benefits them the most.