Territory Defense melee v1.5

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have all most done the map self, the terrain from a other map ehhm can´t remember who??-.- but have some mods on humans and remember there will be a new v every time^^ plz enjoy=)

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Territory Defense melee v1.5 (Map)

20:09, 3rd Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2: Don't upload maps not fully made by you without permission, don't double post and this map isn't melee. Rejected.




20:09, 3rd Mar 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Don't upload maps not fully made by you without permission, don't double post and this map isn't melee. Rejected.
Level 31
May 3, 2008
hey... my map is a little defrent of a melee but I think it´s good^^ hmm the user hwo have made the terrain I don´t think he is on hiveworkshop anymore or epicwar, so I have just made this map to a good map to some realy good mods to put in hope you enjoy^^

Of course it was different. This isn't a melee map at all.

I going to give a brutally honest opinion about it. So, prepare for the truth.

1) Category - Wrong category, this map wasn't a melee map.
2) Description at hiveworkshop - The description was terrible and awful. All it written was "have most of it done by myself", you could have elaborate more about it.

Since my internet connection wasn't that good at this moment. I cannot download it and tell you more about what is wrong with it. Once I have the map, I going to give more info of what's wrong with it.
Level 31
Jun 27, 2008
This melee map has imported files and big amount of custom units and all this is not allowed to be used in melee. Change it's type of map. Also it's not balanced. Terrain is badly-made and it requires big changes.

What the **** is this? Get decent names, geez.. And here's not only one unit having such name. (Screenshot below)


All these epic creeps drops imbalanced items. One of them drops only a few while other drops way too many of it. Neutral buildings and gold mines are not protected by creeps. Plus description at hiveworkshop must be improved.

Septimus, I do not think you should download it at all.

I rate this map by 1/5 and I suggest it to be Rejected because Type of map do not fits file's gameplay. It says: Melee. While it's not even close enough to it. And because of imbalance.
Level 2
Jan 19, 2008
LOL I know the name of the author of his map. He goes by the name $$$ in EpicWar. How do I know? Because I'm the one who made it. LOL I still remember working on this map a long long time ago for fun. But seriously, I have the original file and this modification, I'm terribly sorry to say, is terrible. Weird hero names (I mean, wtf?) those big creeps aren't balanced and drop terribly unbalanced items ... there's like, so many "weird" things in it. I have to agree APproject. I think this map should be rejected.
Level 1
Oct 14, 2008
lol it was one of my first maps upload^^ but thanks for comments and will work on a other map soon I think! *upss* sry koromaru for takeing you map and that but IM just a noob to make map right now so hope I will be better soon=) realy sorry