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Terenas Stand (8 races) v1.5

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Version 1.5

This is an altered melee map. i added a few thing to the normal races. i made new heroes, i completed the naga race, and made 3 more races: the demons, the mages and the mechanicals.


High Elf Engineer
Angel - Resurection
Dwarf - Thunder Bash, Thunder Brew, Shield Defense, Summon Gryphon
General - Command Aura, Defensive Aura, Regeneration Aura, Holy Shout
High Priest - Heal, Inner Fire, Spirit Link, Summon Guardian Angel
Magister - Arcane Knowledge, Insight, Energy Shield, Soul Shock
Merchant - Bag of Potions, Create Item, Alchemy, The caravan to the rescue!


Advanced Watch Tower
Stonemaul Ogre - Stonemaul
Stonemaul Magi - Stonemaul, Roar
Demonic Shaman - Mannoroth's Orb, Summon Blood Elemental, Baldur's Touch, Demonic Ritual
Hunter Killer - Spawn Zerglings, Consume, Anabolic Boost, Procreate
Lurker - Impale, Corrosive Spit, Spike, Sandstorm
Ogre - Bloodlust, Vandalize, Resistant Skin, Power Gauntlets
Veteran Grunt - Berserk, Bounty Hunting, Battle Roar, Transformation


Angel of Darkness - Raise Dead
Wight - Steal Enchantment, Plague Ward, Corruption Aura, Ghosts
Necromancer - Raise Dead, Corpse Explosion, Bone Spear, The Black Book
Restless King - Boogie Frights, Paralize, Ghost Effect, Deadly Image
Skeleton Reaver - Shade, Fire Wand, Earth Scorching, Soul Chain
Vampire - Weaken, Bite, Vampirism, Vampiric Touch

Night Elf:

Ancient of Wild - Thorns, Eat Tree
Forest Spider - Acid Web, Spider Strike, Spiderlings, Spider Byte
Guardian of the Land - Force of Nature, Nature Restore, Furion's Roar, Summon Ent
Night Watcher - Wind Walk, Night Hunting, Poison Dagger, Shadow Strike
Werewolf - Faerie Fire, Lycantrophy, Instinct, Rampage
Wildkin - Healing Spray, Crushing Vines, Rootage, Omniscience


Spider Crab - Feast
Makrura - Evolve
Mur'gul Reaver - Hunter Mode
Mur'gul Shadowcaster - Curse, Shadow Strike, Shadow Wand
Mur'gul Marauder
Behemoth - War Stomp, Pulverize
Azshara's Royal Myrmidon - Azshara's Mercy, Frost Bold, Azshara's Grace, Azshara's Might
Element of Dephts - Tidal Slam, Element Shield, Sea Aura, Death Grasp
Mermaid - Parasite, Multiply, Cloud, Song of the Mermaid
Priest of Atlantis - Chain Lightning, Tremor Ward, Azshara's Anger, Curse of the Depths
Serpent Witch - Summon Basilisk, Mistress of Serpents, Basilisk Ward, Mask of Medusa


Lava Creature
Dragonspawn - Hardened Scales
Onyx Gargoyle - Rock Shards
Nether Dragon
Oblivion Knight - Double-bladed Weapons
Satyr Thief - Pemanent Invisibility, Backstab
Infernal Juggernaut
Hellhound - Razorspines, Feedback
Doom Guard - War Stomp
Infernal - Pemanent Immolation
Warlock - Firebolt, Gargoyle's Regeneration, Flame Strike
Demoness - Summon Lava Creature, Flame, Meteor
Blood Fiend - Cleaving Attack, Howl of Terror, Magic Warding, Hulk
Efreet - Burning Hands, Ring of Fire, Fire Shield, Supernova
Elder Warlock - Energy Redistribution, Iron Maiden, Life Tap, Incantus Decedare
Hell Caller - Crater, Devour, Soul Ingest, Incantus Vivere
Raider - Blade Sharping, Charge, Critical Hit, Flesh Rip


Mage - Chains, Spirit Bird
Battlemage - Evasion, Wind Walk
Wizard - Blizzard, Restoration, Disarming
Specter - Paralize
Wraith - Morph
Owl Scout - True Sight, Invisibility
Fire Revenant - Fireflies, Blaze, Summon Fire Elemental
Ice Revenant - Glacial Spike, Cold Strike, Shiver Armor
Lightning Revenant - Lightning, Chain Attack, Thunderstorm
Black Dragon - Devour
Elementalist - Chain Lightning, Frost Nova, Slow Poison, Summon Golem
Ice Princess - Chills, Freezing Arrows, Frostbite, Frost Mastery
Mentalist - Mind Blast, Mana Leak, Telekinesis, Sonic Wave
Tempest - Chain Lightning, Stasis Field, Teleport, Monsoon
Spell Ripper - Silence, Mana Burn, Devour Magic, Mana Flare Ward


Clockwerk Warrior
Iron Goblin
Iron Golem - Iron Spikes
Scorpid - Overclocking
Steam Tank - Overclocking
Gyroplane - Overclocking, Bombing, Flak Machineguns, True Sight
Marine - Snipe, Stim Pack
Fireball - Stim Pack
Goblin Sapper - Cocktail Molotov, Kaboom
Lieutenant - Tracking Device, Improved Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Snipe
Mad Bomber - Place Land Mine, Explode, Magic Candle, Barrel of Explosives
Tank - Apollo Reactor, Demolish, Fortification, Pocket Factory
Lumberjack - Eat Tree, Harvester, Spikes, Impaling Bolt
Engineer - Repair, Flare, Cluster Rockets, Engineering

Also, the upgrades go up to level 4
Heroes go up level 30
The new heroes' abilities have 5 levels and the ultimate has 3 levels
Altough this changes, you can still play normal Warcraft.

Contact me for balance issues, suggestions or any thing at all.
Post here or send me a mail at [email protected]


Peasants no longer transform, instead added High Elf Engineer than can build Heavenly Sanctuary
Dwarf - replaced Strenght of the Brew with Shield Defense.


Demonic Shaman - reworked Demonification.


Restless King - replaced Ghosts with Deadly Image.
Necromancer - renamed to Arch Necromancer which now has the following abilities: Raise Dead, Corspe Explosion, Bone Spear and The Black Book.
Fallen Priest - replaced with Wight which has the following abilities: Steal Enchantment, Plague Ward, Corruption Aura and Ghosts.
Vampire - renamed Life Drain with Bite.


Spider Crab - added Feast ability.
Serpent Witch - reworked some abilities.


Infernal Juggernaut - removed Fire Spray ability.
Hellhound - replaced Mana Burn with Feedback.
Druid of Fire - renamed to Efreet which now has the following abilities: Burning Hands, Ring of Fire, Fire Shield and Supernova.


Spirit - replaced with Servant
Battlemage - removed Shockwave ability.
Specter - reworked Paralize and removed Ethereal ability.
Metamorpho - renamed with Wraith that can Morph.
Fire Revenant - reworked abilities: Summon Fire Elemental changed with Blaze, Meteor Shower changed with Summon Fire Elemental.
Ice Elemental - reworked abilities: Frost Armor changed with Glacial Spike, Summon Ice Elemental changed with Cold Strike, Iceberg changed with Shiver Armor.
Lightning Elemental - reworked abilities: Summon Lightning Elemental changed with Chain Attack.
Added new unit: Spirit Wyvern that can Abolish Magic, has Spell Resistance and Living Form.
Mentalist - renamed Sonic Shockwave to Sonic Wave.


Goblin Shredder - renamed to Clockwerk Warrior

Also a few other noticeble changes.

Fixed some bugs with race selection
Fixed some balances issues
Adds extended text description to heroes' abilities

Hope you enjoy it

Note: Victory triggers may be buggy. In next version i will try to fix them

scel, melee, 8 races, altered, naga, demon, mechanical, mage

Terenas Stand (8 races) v1.5 (Map)

08:24, 24th May 2008 Firelord213: The map is OK and it looks like you have put lots of effort in it. But this map isn't really balanced and could need some more rebalancing. Like the Mechanical race has no standard ranged unit etc.. *Approved*




08:24, 24th May 2008
The map is OK and it looks like you have put lots of effort in it.
But this map isn't really balanced and could need some more rebalancing.
Like the Mechanical race has no standard ranged unit etc..

Level 16
Jul 16, 2007
hmm.. u shuld make the same map for at least 4-6 players..it's good but inbalenced and a bit buggy.
1.when i picked alliance i chose the hero with the auras,and when i activated his aura to add attack.. the hero was blocked(didnt move , cast spell,etc.) i had to kill him so i can revive him..
2.when i picked mechanichals,the hero ''The Demolisher'' when i cativated his ability demolish he was also blocked..
3.With one hero(i dont know who) when i tryed to make blood elemental.. he was water elemental..
4.with the mage race, when i made the 3 reverents(the ones that can make elementals) one of the elementals didnt show on the map..

1.the Mages were really strong, i culd kick ass with 'em.
2.The mechanicals hero called "lummberjack" he can summon those workers BUT in the last level they give a BIG amount of lummber and gold.. i killed all other workers and i just made those kind of workers... + THEY require NO FOOD!(u shuld make that they require at least 4-5 food at last level :S:S)
3.when i picked the naga race, at the starting barracks i had only Melee units ( makuras and crabs) i think i shuld have 1 melee and 1 ranged unit kind..

this was all for now, i hope u will fix those little bugs and take a look at my addvices :D:D anyways i really liked the icons and spells u did a great job with this map :p i enjoyed playing. . .
i didnt try to host on Bnet still...
the map overall is 3.5 or 4/5 gj..
Level 5
Apr 30, 2008
thx very much knight26...about the hero with the auras, i knew those heroes freeze but i hit "stop" and then they worked...this bug is also in starcraft, when u right click too many times dragoons may freeze, if u play starcraft u would know:D and i thought "the hell with with" i was too lazy to fix those bugs cuz i had to remake the ability...u can understand:D but i will fix that. about the demonic shaman with the blood elemental...i guess i forgot to fix it, i have noted down that bug, but..i don't know what's the problem there cuz i have set the colors of those water elementals to 255 R 0 G 0 B and still they appear normal...(oh and the real blood elementals i used, a model i downloaded long time ago from wc3sear.ch doesn't work if u upload it on the map, it has to be put in the war.mpq or any mpq, that's why i gave up that model)

about the lumberjack with the workers, hey, is hard to make lvl 5 at an ability, and considering what the rest of the abilities at level 5 can do...i think that isn't imbalanced at all, besides, when i was playing warcraft (a long time ago, now i play only starcraft:D ) if i got the hero at level 6 i was like :O wow. understand?:D

about the naga ranged unit...i'll make the crab ranged

and the mages...well i do not know what to say about them...like i said, i didn't quite had the chance to test it properly, with a friend or somebody...if u have any suggestions about them plz tell
Level 13
Jan 18, 2008
Atlantean test:
Yes indeed, the race is complete but there are many bugs, unbalanced things and others that can be improved. I'll give you a full list of them, and some possible solution:

- Makrura's evolution is an awesome idea, but you should add some effect to it, because they simply pop out when you use the spell. Add a "Rejuvenation" effect model on it and give it some cast time, and it will be really cool.
- I agree with Knight26, you should add more ranged units to this race, for example make one of the melee murlocs into a ranged one with piercing attack.

- Royal Myrmidon is quite fine, but personally I would change it's buff to increase regeneration into an aura... This is only a suggestion, do whatever you want.
- Elemental of the Depths' Tidal slam isn't available when you get it, check that you have removed all required upgrades to use it. About the auras, I dissaprove that they have a duration and have to be activated. The slowing one can be accepted as a spell, but the one that summons elementals has no logic at all because when it runs out the count of hits needed to summon an elemental restarts, so it's nearly impossible to get one because it's a ranged hero and 30 hits is way too much. Reduce the hits required and make it a passive ability. Or just make it a normal summon, quite easier.
- Priest of Atlantis is the most bugged and unbalanced of all, I must say; his Tremor Totem doesn't work at all, check the triggers and the ability. Azhara's anger spell doesn't work and it's not adecuate for a melee map, because if it did work, you can't limit the effect of a spell to only one race, you can't be sure that you will play against a night elf. Personally, I would remove this spell.
- Curse of the Depths is too destructive... You can destroy a full army with that... and with only one hero. You should make it similar to the Death and Decay spell, a damage over time in an area.

I will continue to play the map with different races and tell you everything I can so you can improve this map, because it has a great potential and because I love to play and make altered melee maps.

Please don't feel offended by anything I said above, it is only to improve your map, I really look forward to see it completely balanced and playable! :infl_thumbs_up: +Rep anyways.
Last edited:
Level 5
Aug 19, 2007
"added some models and skins and my map has 7 mb, and i don't know why i can't host it on any server of bnet"

i lol'd xD

ps: if u cant play it on bnet; i will not check it - sry ^^ 'cos playing vs computers is lame and boring =)
Level 5
Apr 30, 2008
:) that's why i was thinking to scrap some models :) to make it smaller...

thx Masiah, i'll fix those bugs, lookin forward to another review by yourself or by anyone else

p.s. i can't fix everything very fast cuz i have to study for college.. i have exams:D
Level 13
Jan 18, 2008
Try not using any custom skins/models at all. For example, use a purple murloc for the Murloc Shadomancer unit, instead of the hero one you have now.
I'm working on my next report, but I have exams too... So I'll have to avoid entering Hive for a week:cry: They such a pain in the ***... :nemad:
Level 4
Apr 28, 2008
I try the map, then summons a hero, then it is written "Victory", and then its over. It happens both with, and without heroes. So I cant play this map with a hero. And when I try to open it in World Editor it comes a warning, something about to small memory (I have 3 GB RAM, 1k GB harddisk), and then world editor shuts down. Except for the heroes I did really like mages and demons, but the mechanicals I think you could take away. 3/5
Level 2
Apr 18, 2008
Is there something missing?

Don't know if i just "cant find it" but i don't think theres any cybernetics facility on the machines team, when it states that theres an upgrade and a unit that requires this building.

EDIT:The Archon Consutate Have an item in their shop that requires a castle.

EDIT:The Legion Of The Damned:Flame Potion says "well Spilled" Think it should say "when spilled" "Dmonary Shop" Probably should be "Demonary Shop" Also Fire Potion Says it creates a flame where as a gravestone appears.

EDIT:No Bugs Visable From The Lost Athlin Empire.

All in all you must have put some hard work into this map,and I'm looking forward to future versions to test.
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Level 7
May 11, 2008
i think, you wan to do is more or less like this:

Creep Rebellion - Gnoll Wood

look for it here and test it out, its more or less balanced and computers can also play the new race, how?, it´s simple copy the IA normal things in one race and replace them using the new race units.
hope it helps you.
Level 16
Jul 16, 2007
Just make this for 4 players the map is awesome ;)| | i was thinking if u can make the same map for 4 players just add 2 more goldmines and 2 more starting places.
Off topic: I just hate muthe*fuc*ing Bnet leavers so i wanted u to make it for 4 players so if 2 leave 2 will keep playing.
Level 12
Jul 2, 2008
iam having problems with the dialog or better said iam having problems with placing the start building and peons the right way
most time the start building is not at the right place so the peons have to walk too long and also i have a problem with the cursed mines of ud and NE
Level 5
Apr 30, 2008
why the hell would anyone want to play against a computer, who is limited, has no inteligence, no ability to surprise, works on a perfect schedule, nothing new, nothing fun:|

i simply can't understand you people...you can play this on bnet with real people, who are inventive, who think, who can create various strategies, who are DYNAMIC.

i made an AI for this map, you can see that if you try playing it with a computer. I made that so i can test some things, and THE COMPUTER DOES NOT EVOLVE. Know why? Because if you change i minor detail it can't work.

I will not make an AI that works for this map because of what i said before. If you like it this way, play it, if not, i don't care


Oh. and somebody asked me to make it on a 4 player map, that i will do...very soon
Level 2
May 5, 2010
Freaking Sweet

Dude...dude, AWESOME JOB! lol thats all i gotta say this map is awesome, i have a request tho, PLEASE move this to some other, bigger maps, like ice crown or any 6+ player map, i really want to play this with my friends. Awesome Job!
Level 1
Jan 24, 2022
excuse me i have something to ask, i can't play it, a red exclamation mark appears when i want to play is it not compatible with my wacraft version? I'm using wacraft patch 1.31 please help I'm a layman here
Level 25
May 14, 2021
excuse me i have something to ask, i can't play it, a red exclamation mark appears when i want to play is it not compatible with my wacraft version? I'm using wacraft patch 1.31 please help I'm a layman here
You mean, the blank error window right after starting the map (the one with only red exclamation mark)? Some people posted this problem before here and here.
If it's right, then some said you must rename the actual filename for the map for the map or reinstalling the whole game.
Level 25
May 14, 2021
Great map - saw Grubby's vid. Does this map work against the computer AI?
If you want to enjoy the experience with the custom races, you must play it with the friends on LAN. Unfortunately, this also means you have to use the other methods to do a multiplayer since Blizzard shuts down the official server for the Classic game following the arrival of Reforged.
AI doesn't seem to use the custom race features, nor the in-game mechanics. They will just play with normal races.
If you want to make AI use the custom races, then I would prefer Ultimate Battle mod instead.
Level 1
May 22, 2023
Doesn't work on v1.29 for me. I would like AI but understand why you might disagree, it's just that I play solo but just wanted to say that it doesn't load on my version if anyone was curious.

The map shows up, just gets stuck at like 20% loading and need to force quit.