Tenet 0.9

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A Tenet-style prototype map for Warcraft III: Reforged. It features time inversion a concept introduced by the movie which allows you to invert objects and change the direction of the time backwards for a limited amount of time. During this time period only inverted objects can be used to interact with stuff. When the time inversion has ended, the time goes forward again and all non-inverted objects can be used again. The inverted objects are restored. Time inversion allows you to influence events of the past and to reverse certain effects.

Latest development version: GitHub repository

Warning: This is still an alpha version. The concept of time inversion is hard to implement for all kinds of events in Warcraft III. Give me some feedback and make suggestions on how to improve the map/time inversion. Currently, some stuff is blocked since the number of struct instances is limited and cannot be increased (https://github.com/tdauth/tenet/issues/48) for the stored time frames. Hence, a huge number of objects which is recorded won't work properly. I am trying to fix this but vJass is very limited with its custom struct size (see Custom struct size with three extending structs). I have some ideas on how to even interact with inverted objects and how you can use the time inversion to get some benefits or even cancel the time inversion or send units to the past or future but most of them are really hard to implement in Warcraft.


This is a very basic map which recreates the final battle of Stalsk-12 from the movie Tenet with one additional player who can interfere in the events. Tenet soldiers fight against Sator's men. The Algorithm must be stolen by Tenet soldiers and brought to a certain location on the map in time. Sator's men have to keep the Algorithm at its original location until the time is over.

The turnstile machine allows you to copy the Algorithm. All Algorithms should be at the specific locations on the map.

  • Time inversion.
  • Turnstile Machine to invert time which can be conquered by any player.
  • Modern warfare units and buildings.
  • Music, loading screen and icons from the movie.
  • AI support.
  • Train system.
  • Unoccupied vehicles and buildings.
  • Clock item to reverse time.
  • Terrain and scenario based on the movie.


  • Map: Baradé
  • Tenet (movie/idea): Christopher Nolan
  • LinkedList modules: AGD (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • TimerUtils: Vexorian
  • ReverseAnimation: Pyrogasm
  • Tank model and icon: Illidan(Evil)X (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Tank factory model: Mr. Bob (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Container model: Illidan(Evil)X (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Helicopter model: Kofi_Banan (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Railway models: SeW (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Train models: Kofi_Banan (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Humvee model: Kofi_Banan (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Turret models: MiniMage (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Jeep icon: Illidan(Evil)X (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • RPG icon: Zombie (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Stinger icon: Zombie (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Ambulance model: skrab (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Police car model: skrab (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Firetruck model: skrab (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Barracks model: Mechanical Man (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Su-35 Super Flanker model: Fingolfin (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Gold bars models: communist_orc (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Safe model: Mike (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Gold bar item model and icons: KAIL333XZ (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Algorithm item model and icons: KAIL333XZ (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Cargo helicopter icon: Deon (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Fighter jet icon: purparisien (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Sports car icon: TheRandomDude (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Truck icon: Hayate (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Turnstile machine model: Baradé
  • Gate model: Baradé
  • Turnstile machine texture: www.textures4photoshop.com
  • Gate texture: texturelib.com
  • Loading screen model: HiveWorkshop.com
  • Loading screen texture: movie Tenet
  • Shaft model: Baradé
  • Shaft texture: freepik.com
  • Hero Glow model: assasin_lord (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • Ruin buildings models: Fingolfin (HiveWorkshop.com)
  • C4 model: Grey Knight
  • BTNsatchel: Zombie
  • Logo: Movie Tenet

Tenet 0.9 (Map)

As the description mentions, it's really basic. It's more of a test map. The terrain is also really unhelpful to create a proper atmosphere. Substandard. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S...


Map Reviewer
Level 55
Jun 4, 2009
As the description mentions, it's really basic. It's more of a test map. The terrain is also really unhelpful to create a proper atmosphere.


If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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