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Temple Battle New Journey

Submitted by trebla ratilla
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Temple Battle New Journey is an AOS type where you competed in glorious 5v5 matches in a small battleground arena and work together to crush the opponent. You can select your favorite character and composed of two teams, the Grand Rebels and Grand Duke. In this game you will take all your skills, teamwork and strategy to survive

Check out my other Warcraft map projects: Protect Your Ally War of Beast

Do not download fake version of this map just visit hiveworkshop or message me at my fb account for the original map


[​IMG] Unique Playable Heroes
Choose your favorite hero before joining the battle and fight alongside with your teammates. You can only picked 1 hero and can't picked same hero. Heroes are also sorted in three categories: strength, agility and intelligence
[​IMG] 6 Types of Items
Each item composed of six types like Common, Support, Caster, Armor, Weapon and Artifacts. You can buy the item in Base Shop or in Secret Shop. The base shop are located within the fountain and the secret shop are slightly hidden shops located near the base on each team. The shops allow players to buy items that cannot be bought in base shop
[​IMG] 6 Recipe Shop, 2 Secret Shop
Peon - Common
Peasant - Support
Mountain King - Caster
Captain - Armor/Artifacts
Drak'thul - Weapons/Artifacts
Lich, Kel'Thuzad - Weapons/Artifacts
[​IMG] AI System
The game included AI for the fun which is enough to keep you entertained the whole game. Without AI the game is boring
[​IMG] Q,W,E,R Spell Button System
Players can easily cast active/passive abilities and comfortable to use
[​IMG] Rune System
The rune was located each lane. It will restore the heroes HP and MP and It will spawn in 20 seconds
[​IMG] Boss Creeps
Added boss creep to gain extra gold each allies. The boss creep called Battle Golem. It's only have three levels and each level will give you rewards once you killed it
Level 1 Golem : Gives 200 Gold Reward each allies
Level 2 Golem : Gives 250 Gold Reward each allies
Level 3 Golem : Gives 290 Gold Reward each allies
[​IMG] And More!


The theme is about Forest, the terrain featuring a small battleground arena with three lanes each. The design was base off plenty of trees, beautiful green grass, red petals, pretty flowers and atmospheric view.


Character Shop

Base and Shop

Rune Area

Terrain Preview

Terrain #1

Terrain #2

Terrain #3

Gameplay Screenshot

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3


Blizzard Entertainment(original models, icons, textures and artworks), Other model/textures creators: General Frank, Andreariona, Judash, Mr. BunNie, Mr.Goblin, nGy, Grey Knight, Infrisios, Pyritie, JetFangInferno, iron_warrior, Devine, Sin'dorei300, s4nji, ILH, epsilon, eXciTe, Callahan, kellym0, Shyster, Kuhneghetz, JesusHipster, Wisdom, UgoUgo, 67chrome, Black_Stan, Lender, Peekay, CloudWolf, Bumhunter, Stanakin, Chriz, Just_Spectating, Gamegear & Olofmoleman, Other icon creators: IchiGhou, Stanakin, The_Silent, Peekay, Darkfang, NFWar, Blizzard Entertainment, GooS, BETABABY, MC !, The Panda, L_Lawliet, DeathKnight, -Berx-, Coinblin, CRAZYRUSSIAN, exN, Freezer, Edge45, Mr.Goblin, Praytic, UgoUgo, 67chrome, Bumhunter, Stanakin, KaplanHorus, UnholyDobry, Hound Archon, ShiiK and Dalharukn

Triggers: SopHi@( Killing System ), aschenz-kimutech ( Multiboard, AI Basic )

Artwork for Loading Screen: SpeedArt1982, Mr.Wesker ( edited loading screen )

Minimap Art: Baby12

Original Terrain Template Creator: aschenz-kimutech

Beta Tester: Sophi@, Mr.Wesker, Baby12, Mr. BunNie, Ichighou

Special Thanks: Hiveworkshop & Chaosrealm

If I have used your model, icon and textures but haven't given credit then please tell me


Spoilers for the next Version

New Terrain Layout

Layout #1
Layout #2

Update Progress:
Heroes: 50%
Items: 80%

Version 1.1.4a (2018-03-14)

Game Updates

New loadingscreen & map preview
Medical Runes has been renamed to Egg Runes
Medical Runes has been change to another model
Added Egg Decoration
Change Neutral/Secret shop voice
Energy Vault: Increase damage from 102 - 108 to 152 - 158
Jungle Creeps: Decrease bounty rewards from 100 base gold to 60 base gold
Fountain of Health has been renamed to Fountain
Fountain of Health: Increase attack range from 700 to 800
Added Golden Egg randomly on battlefield, Grants 20 damage and 10 armor to nearby ally or self
Fix found bugs: AI can now check when hero is been attack
Fix found bugs: AI changing route been fix

Machine Fighter: Rework missile model
Former Empress: Natures Blessing-Hitpoints restoration reduce from 200/300/400 to 100/200/300

Amulet of Recall: Increase armor from 4 to 7
Remove evasion from Conch of Goddess
Dwarf Shield: Increase hitpoints from 300 HP to 1000 HP
Decrease chicken courier gold cost from 275 to 150

Version 1.0.0 (2016-11-17)

Game Updates



Temple Battle: New Journey (Map)

  1. trebla ratilla

    trebla ratilla

    Oct 20, 2016
    yeah, im trying to add new ideas but sometimes i lacked some ideas that's why i need more feedback. BTW, thanks for the feedback i really love it. :infl_thumbs_up: