TD Tower Types ideas

Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
Hi! I'm making a TD where there are Basic Towers like following (these are just example)

1- Speed Tower (Fast but Weak - Single Target)
2- Power Tower (Slow but strong - Single target)
3- AoE Tower (Slow but Strong - AoE)
4- Long Range Tower (Weak, Slow, Long range)
5- Barricade (Defenses agains attacking creeps)
6- Bounce Tower (Strong & fast but weakens with # of hits)

But I want the builder to be able to buy skills from a shop and add these to the towers, skills like Bash, Critical, Poison, Auras, or any auto-cast ability. Some abilities also just increase the attack damage, attack speed, hp or mana...

Another idea I have is to give these towers a unique ability when they reach the max lvl (7).

1- Speed Tower - ¿?
2- Power Tower - Chance to reduce target hp by 10%
3- AoE Tower - Burning Oil.
4- Long Range Tower - Deals bonus dmg based on distance
5- Barricade - ¿?
6- Bounce Tower - Chance to cast a Chain Lightning

I was thinking on giving some towers an special effect when some ability is added. Like: "Frost attack" added to "AoE tower" creates AoE frost...

I know how to do most of this things, but there are so many posibilities that I just can't decide and i'm having difficulties to mix them all in the same TD. I would really appreciate your help and opinion.
Level 17
Feb 13, 2011
Well I was planning to do a TD a long time ago, but now time is just not enough and ideas have been dispersed.

I would give you two advices here, think in a unique mechanic for your TD cause we have just too many of them and a you what a unique one right? :D.
For example a unique mechanic or sort of unique would be that creeps don't grant the player gold nor wood, instead each killed creep give the killing tower a set amount of souls or resources (can be mana points gained on towers). Then upgrades on towers can only be made when enough souls (mana) is gain. You can also add a trigger that make that ultimate towers give 1/2 of the souls they gain to near by towers.
The point is to give a new way to go threw your TD.

Then it comes to the tower abilities issue, I think that instead of thinking in Speed, Bouncing, Long Range towers (that's a bit generic) you should plan different races (start with 2) with different type of towers. One can have combo towers that need multiple towers to do insane damage on creeps that have all the combo buffs, or maybe a race that builds towers that have friendly fire so you must separate their towers if not they will destroy each other, etc etc.

Again I recommend you to think first on the main mechanic of your TD then in towers styles that will go well with your mechanic and then to plan each individual tower.
Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
Well, thanks for your input. I think one race is enough, since one only tower can transform into anything. It's up for the player to decide.

I'm trying to add a lot of things. For example.

· The Map has Private building areas (only for specific player) but there are also public areas.

· The creeps doesn't have a pre-designed path. They choose a random way everytime they reach a corner. After they've taken 10 corners, they keep running around the goal at the center of the map with a random chance to walk towards it.

· After each wave, the owner of the tower with most kills, the owner of the tower with most damage dealt, the owner of the tower with most experience, and the most skinflint player gets a random bonus

-- A Caster with some random skill like Bloodlust, Hp Regen, Command Aura, etc. that lasts for one wave
-- A WaveLevel x 10 Gold bonus.
-- A bonus item
-- All towers healed
-- etc.

· I was trying to give bounty based on the % of damage dealt to the unit (If Player 2 did 50% of damage, he gets 50% of bounty) The killing player gets a small bonus (From +1 to +10)

· There are different kind of waves: Invisible, Attacking, Immune to magic, Fast, Double life lost if reaches the center, High regen, etc.

· I want to give the player the chance to work with towers however he wants. Towers have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 item slots (based on tower level) and player can buy several items with several properties (With auras, lifesteal, critical, bash, frost, etc.)

·If there are too many monsters, you loose.

·If lives reaches 0, you loose.

·If creeps destroy all your towers, you loose.

· There is no maze capabilities, there are just buildable islands.

· After the final wave, all players turns into enemiesand all towers are randomly placed on the center of the map. The survivor is the winner.
Level 2
Sep 29, 2007
I really like your ideas. I think people often overestimate the importance of having a lot new stuff.

I'm usually more a player than a maker of maps and I have to say up to this day I like the old Burbenog TD best. It misses a lot of fancy stuff but it is very solid with a super well done difficulty curve and balancing.

On think though, try to not go overboard with random effects. People want like some randomness as it changes the flow of the game every time they play, but they don't like to randomly lose due to bad luck or random lucky wins. The result should reflect how good you did.

That said only a single race helps a lot in balancing.
Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
Actually I managed to create most of it. I already worked on basic terrain (I'll look for a terrain modeler later), and basic towers. I only have 2 towers left to work over. I've created several skills. Each tower has a unique feature and excels at something. The're are several unique skills, there are new models, new effects, it's not overpower as Green TD where units deal 328218934021938471234 + 234912'40 damge at 0.01 speed. It's not laggy, it's not buggy, it's not prone to lag, has no leaks, and I've struck my head against the monitor several times, since I'm trying to do the best coding I can.

I'm even doing 90% of it in JASS with the mots optimized functions.

I think the TD has several features that people will enjoy. Has a bit of everything.

So far, I just ran out of ideas for Wind Tower and Earth Tower... I'm not sure what to do with them.. I tough turning them into defensive (Earth=Defense. Wind=Evasion)... but I'm not sure yet. Right now i'm working on a temptative skill for the wind, which creates a tornado that "sucks" units into it, setting them all together. That combined with other towers with AoE damage would be a great strategy..
Level 7
Feb 26, 2005
An Ancient tower with the Root ability which can get up and attack enemies at discretion of the controller but slow in moving and attacking. If it attacks; the enemy will fight the uprooted, and Fortitude armor deprived, tower.