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TaySonDynasty-Game for inlove couple

Tay Son Dynasty

Visit https://www.undyingglory.com/wc-3-tay-son-dynasty.html for more History games & Karaoke songs, & The Big-Bang Martial Art (Catholic style)

Map Info
400 years ago in a country named Annam, the trinh warlord betrayed and imprison the king, force a Royal princess to run from the capital. Two days later she Rescue a Loyal general from big tiger. This perfect love story will be the best romance and the best adventure game you ever played.

you have 3 heroes total: 2 at beginning and 1 additional heroes male hero will be changed on the road.

Bosses typically have high HP. However, they deal little damage. Some powerful spell like Dead Arrow or Energy Ball could easily bring them down.

other units
They keep spawn every 12 sec after they die, so keep moving if u don't want to die.

Epic Quest

Quest: The rainbow jade key .
Tip: Near by enemies unit will drop all kinds of gem. Go around search for them and pick up 5 different gem. Notice both player much have their own jade key to get out of the city. both player must have their own Quest Item no sharing Achievement.

If you can't see to remember any of the quest tips above just Click F9 when the game started.
Special Thank
Diep Thanh
Black Stan
& Blizzard Entertainment
without them I am nobody (SaoThan07)

Author's Notes

My map is edit-able change the map if you want to. but give me some Credit for it please.
Just forgot all the above and enjoy the game the heroes skill is so good and so beautiful the love story is just perfect. Play it or you will regret.

Kung Fu Age of empire 3 romance Vietnam history story glory of An Nam Eternal Undying historic Tay Son Kang Xi Nguyen Hue

TaySonDynasty-Game for inlove couple (Map)

16:38, 13th Mar 2014 Orcnet: can be accepted, still gameplay wise and visual looks needs improvement




16:38, 13th Mar 2014
Orcnet: can be accepted, still gameplay wise and visual looks needs improvement
Level 29
Oct 24, 2012
The ratings are weighted depending on what type of map it is. What I mean by weighted is that I give a possible of 50/50 but if they only add up to 25/50 it doesn’t mean that your final rating is a 2/5
I weigh the fields differently. For instance Gameplay is a lot more important than spells.
  • You have a lot of location leaks you should fix.
  • Anything with center of / position of / offset / player start location / random point leaks.
  • The indexing you use in your spells is outdated and inefficient.
  • It has a chance to hit the op-limit or the max array limit.
  • You should look at the chapter called how to index in my tutorial Things a GUI’er should know.
  • That will show you how to use indexed arrays.
  • Anything used twice or more should be stored into a variable and the variable should be used.
  • This is for speed and efficiency
  • You should try to avoid waits. They are inaccurate. ( This is not necessary but advised)
  • Look at my tutorial Things a GUI’er Should Know for more on wait inaccuracy and how to counter it.
  • 1/5
  • The spells are interesting and have nice effects. (the indexing does not affect my rating here. Only affects the rating in the trigger rating)
  • I really like the spells however I would rather have to lvl to gain the spells.
  • The spells are really overpowered.
  • 3/5
  • The tooltips have a lot of spelling errors they should be fixed.
  • 2/5
  • The terrain is nice looking.
  • However I would like to see an area of the map with a type of forest or dungeon.
  • It would give a better balance if it’s not entirely a city style map.
  • 4/5
  • The game messages can use improving. They should have proper grammar as not everyone who plays knows English slang.
  • There are some things that you repeat to when doing the game messages.
  • They are decent and tell the players what they need to know but it should also point to a section in the quest menu for the commands as remembering them may not be easy for some.
  • I would also like to see a short intro in the game to see what I’m supposed to do to start it. A cinematic would be better but that’s your choice.
  • 2/5
  • There is no cinematic.
  • In a map like this I would rather see a cinematic at the start.
  • After the cinematic then show the credits to the people that helped or show the credits in the cinematic then start the rest of it.
  • 1/5
  • The artwork is nice and solid I haven’t seen any problems with it.
  • 5/5
  • The quests could use work.
  • They seem more like item recipes than quests.
  • 2/5
  • I would rather lvling up to get the spells. Starting with all of them really hurts the Gameplay.
  • I first walked into a battle I thought was going to be interesting and hard but it was way to easy. I didn’t even have to use any of the overpowered spells.
  • 1/5
  • Needs Work
  • Balancing is very important in games.
  • I do wish to give this a better review as yes it was fun but it was just way to easy.
  • 2/5
If you have any questions or problems with my review please tell me. Original Review Template by Doomlord.
sorry I don't want to make a game that so hard to level up. or lasting up to 10 hour. I want to make game that can play and finishing in 5 min. so those kid can still feel a little fun and get back to their home work. and also learn 1 or 2 thing about my culture too. So... So... the only thing I willing to change is the spelling Of the game message, the game tip, the game hind. thank You!

hey my map is ready for you judge to look at it again please approve my map
before thank giving! Thank!

My map is ready for you judge to look at it again And please try to approve it before Thanksgiving please!
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