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Aug 8, 2009
Our goal has been reached. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who participated. You'll be given notification when testing begins, I make a project thread, etc. Hopefully, you'll be able to play the heroes you've created soon enough!

Okay, so I'm beginning this map, an AoS-style map with three teams instead of two.
Each kingdom has to hire additional services, mercenaries, if you may. Each of them has a past and unique powers, each of them wanted to each alliance.
What I need is for YOU to invent some of these heroes.

These heroes need to have a valid background, name and a good reason for your selection of abilities. Be creative. Even submit yourself, if you want to! The format should be as follows:

Hero Name
Class Name
Model Used: (Name of model, link to model if it's custom)
Main Stat: (Strength/Agility/Intelligence)
Melee or Ranged?
Role: (Tank/Support/etc.)

Backstory: (Lore of the character)

Ability 1
Flavor Text
Event Text
Icon (link to icon if it's custom)

Ability 2
Flavor Text
Event Text
Icon (link to icon if it's custom)

Ability 3
Flavor Text
Event Text
Icon (link to icon if it's custom)

Ultimate Ability
Flavor Text
Event Text
Icon (link to icon if it's custom)

Other Notes:

John Swordguy
Model Used: Footman
Main Stat: Strength
Role: Tank

Backstory: John Swordguy was once the most renowned footman in all of the land. One day the shadow enveloped him and he turned into a dragon or something.

Ability 1: Sword Slash
Flavor Text: Heaves a mighty blow against the target, leaving them crippled.
Event Text: Deals damage and slows by 40% for 5 seconds.
Icon: Sword Slash
Graphic: Footman's normal attack.

Ability 2: Fire Blade
Flavor Text: Ignites John's blade and attacks with flaming fury.
Event Text: Deals instant damage and damage over 10 seconds.
Mithril Swords (the upgrade)
Graphic: Footman's normal attack, but with a fiery blade. Target is ignited.

Ability 3: Defense
Flavor Text: John's defense is impenetrable.
Event Text: Passively increases John's armor.
Iron Plating (the upgrade)
Graphic: None

Ultimate Ability: Super Sword
Flavor Text: John's sword glows, then he strikes.
Event Text: Deals unpreventable damage and knocks the opponent unconscious for 5 seconds.
Sword of the King
Graphic: Attaches the Faerie Dragon's missile to sword as he attacks.

Other notes: John is like... really big. Like... 3x the Footman's model size.

Have fun. Rep will be given for a submission. A successful submission will earn you, well, a hero in my map (as well as credits for it, of course).
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Dec 26, 2009
Sounds like a pretty cool idea. Give me a minute, and I'll put someone together.


HERO NAME: Terraformer
PROPER NAMES: Sandskin, Sandsting, Stoneclaw, Rockbiter
MODEL: Purple Arachnathid
ROLE: Support

Like all elements, the earth needs it's champions. The Black Dragonflight, children of the earth, served as the guardians of thier element for ages, but the corrupting influence of the Old Gods sent the majority of the Blacks into madness, causing them to turn thier backs on the earth and instead embrace destruction and chaos. So the earth created a new race of champions, one that would be resistant to the influence of the Old Gods. So the Terraformers were born from the bowels of the earth, living to protect the rocks and sands from defilement. Enormous arachnid creatures, the Terraformers sport vicious natural weaponry, rock-solid carpaces, and the support of the very earth itself. As children of the stones and sand, they can call apon the surrounding earth to aid them and thier allies against all that would threaten the earth that makes up the world.

While there are many Terraformers, they are elusive, spending time in thier subterrain colonies or communicating with the earth. When the stones are threatened, however, they will be quick to ally themselves with whoever is on the opposite side and destroy the enemy that threatens the earth. They have a special love of Night Elves, and hatred of demons, undead, the Black Dragonflight and the Old Gods.

The soldiers began to despair. Fighting the mindless undead monsters while dodging the dark magics of the necromancers at the same time, they were beginning to be overrun.
As the undead monsters flooded in, the earth began to rumble. A wall of solid rock sprung up right in the middle of the undead swarm, throwing many into the air and stopping the tide of undead.
Creates a wall of earth that cannot be passed and blocks line of sight, preventing enemies from shooting your army. The stonewall will expand and last longer, depending on hero level.
Graphic: Use a combination of temporary terrain deformations and line-of-sight blockers to create this.

The tightly-grouped demons were cutting down all that came at them. Clustered about thier warlock, they broke the tide of soldiers that came like a wall. Moving forwards, they could not be stopped. As they neared the citadael, however, a spike of earth erupted right through the formation, throwing demons in the air and crushing the warlock caught on the tip of the spike. The remaining demons were too stunned by thier fall to resist the soldiers, and were dispatched easily.
Spike creates a temporary spike in the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies caught by it. All units, allies and enemies, are thrown back by the spike. The spike blocks line-of-sight, and grows in power with increased level.
ICON: Impale
Once again, temporary deformations and LOS-blockers are your friends.

Presence of Earth
As the soldiers gathered about the Terraformer, they grew bolder. With thier very skin reinforced with the stone that the Terraformer loved and protected, enemy blades broke on and arrows bounced off thier skin.
Allies near the Terraformer gain armor bonuses, based on the level of the hero.
I have run out of ideas for this hero, so this ability wil simply be a renamed Devotion Aura.

The Arena creates a private battlefield for the Terraformer to destroy its enemies in. The walls, like it's other abilities, throw enemies into the arena and stun them. Boulders will fall into the arena, damaging enemies. After a period of time, the walls will collapse and any survivors will be free to flee in terror.

Well, there is the Terraformer. Hope it's good enough for your map, and feel 100% free to change it around however you wish. Good luck with your campaign, and I'll be looking out for your map.
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Aug 25, 2009
Hippy General

Evillizard has long been feared in the hearts of those who would defile the forests. Peace reigns among his armies. Desicrators are eliminated quickly. Long has he ruled over the forests, and protect it with all he can.

Peaceful Hand
Evillizard embraces the remaning peace in the world. His hand has long kept peace among mortals.
Makes the target unit friendly unable to attack, and cannot be attack, but can still move about. During this time, it will regenerate quickly. Lasts for X seconds.
Evillizard's hands turn green.

Protective Hand
As much as Evillizard loves peace, when war comes, he must protect the forests dearly. Increases the target's armor by X. When he has this buff, attacking units will take X damage per attack. Lasts for X seconds.
Evillizard's hands turn blue

Aggressive Hand
Evillizard rage for the defilers is greater then anyone can muster, any defiler that dares intrude the sanctuarys of the forests is swiftly eliminated.
Decreases target's armor by X, and increases Evillizard's attack by X. Each time Evillizard attacks, another armor point is removed.
Gives a red glow to Evillizard's right and left hand.

Power of the Forest
Evillizard has already fully connected with all the trees of the world, and after countless millania of defending it, the Forest can return an amount of power to Evillizard to protect it even more.
Evillizard turns into a massive tree, increasing damage, armor, and life greatly. Each time Evillizard attacks, the the target and two nearby units are pushed back. Every 3 attacks, an ent will spawn to assist Evillizard. When evillizard turns back to his normal form, all ents will disapear after 10 seconds. Lasts X seconds. 3 Second Cast.
While casting, Tranquility effect goes on him, then afterwords he turns into an ent with the uprooted "Protector" model.
Level 5
Jun 29, 2009
Sylvan Shadowkill
Model: Demon Hunter
Role: Damage

Backstory: Growing up as a poor peasant, Sylvan has always been look down on by his peers. One day while out in the fields he was grabbed and taken off to a far away village. There he was trained to kill, sneak and steal. He's on a path of vengence to all those who wronged him before.

Ability 1: Shadow Embrace
Disappear into the darkness making Sylvan invisible.
Animation: Blademaster wind walk ability

Ability 2: Agile Strike
Jumps behind the target.
Dealing damage and stunning the target.
Animation: normal attack

Ability 3: Quick Blades
Attack a target a blur.
Increases attack speed by a lot.
Icon: a lot of daggers and blood :)
Animation: Quickened attacks (i dont know how to do this...)

Ultimate Ability: Leap
Leaps at the target area.
Deals damage to all nearby creatures.
Icon: something like that i guesss
Animation: a leaping spell... im sure you can find one if not ill make one

Note: I do not need credit and feel free to change anything you want its a quick i dea i though of.
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Aug 8, 2009
Thanks for your submission, but it's not quite the... creative feel I'm going for. It's hard to explain, but I don't just want an Assassin with invisibility and backstab and stuff. Uniqueness is what I'm looking for.

EDIT - I really like your hero, Crazy Cow. It's the sort of uniqueness I'm looking for. I'll have no problem triggering it myself, either.
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Dec 26, 2009
Glad you like it. The Defiler is on his way.


HERO NAME: Defiler
PROPER NAMES: Putrefaction, Pollution, Blemish
MODEL: Arachnathid, with this skin:
MAIN STAT: Intelligence
ROLE: Offensive Spellcaster

The Terraformers have made many enemies over the centuries. One of these enemies, thirsty for revenge, made a raid on a small settlement of Terraformers. His mission was to collect Terraformer eggs, and he succeeded. With no clear goal in his warped mind, the defeated enemy set out to create creatures that could rival the Terraformers. Magical experiments and exposure to demonic, necrotic and other evil energies, and harsh and oppressive training and upbringing created the Defilers, evil and powerful creatures that rival the Scourge as a threat to the world. Killed and eaten by his creations, the Defilers set out to create their own lives, but with one thing engraved into their minds from their time spent under their creator: destroy.

Defilers have become the sworn enemies of their forefathers, the Terraformers. Spreading death, decay and chaos wherever they go, the Defilers are feared by every living and non-living creature ever to set foot in Azeroth and, more recently, Draenor. Because the original Defilers were given radically different training and magical exposure on an individual basis by their master, they are a varied lot: you never know what you will encounter when you fight a Defiler. Only one thin is certain: it will hurt.

Rot Aura
As the soldiers pushed up the enemy lines, their goal got nearer and nearer. But their armor began to deteriorate, more so than the enemy strikes could account for and sometimes right in front of the astonished eyes of the soldiers. The puzzle was answered when a Defiler leaped into the middle of the weakened soldiers and began tearing through unresisting armor and flesh.
Rot Aura will decrease nearby enemy's armor. Armor decreased is based on hero level.
No triggers needed for this, just a bit of switcherooing with Devotion Aura.

The ragged group of soldiers had hacked down the monsters, conquered the fortress and its treasures, and were now at rest. A wretched scream pierced the air; one of the victorious fell to the ground, his skin flaking off and the flesh beneath twisting and mutating. Rising up, a foul mockery of his former self, he turned on his brethren and began tearing them apart with his bare hands. He felled three men before he was destroyed, and the foul smoke arising from his corpse made the survivors sick to their stomachs. In the shadows the Defiler waited, preparing for another spell. An hour later, the next horrid scream ripped through the air...
Corruption turns a low-level creature into a vicious monster that will attack everyone, friend and foe alike. When it dies, it will debuff nearby units, decreasing their attack values.
This spell would be pretty simple to make. Higher upgrades allow more powerful targets, or perhaps add the afore-mentioned debuff-on-death ability.

Carrion Swarm
The Defiler was cornered, it's dark magics exhausted. Despite the many corpses of valiant heroes laying around it, the last avenging warrior was poised to make the final blow that would make the nightmare end. But the Defiler had one last trick: a dark swarm of creatures rose from it's carapace, and moving towards the luckless soldier began making a high-pitched screeching noise. Enveloping him, they began biting and tearing at him, consuming him alive. Clattering in it's twisted laughter, the Defiler escaped to rest and spread havoc once more.
Carrion Swarm is a DOT spell, slowing down the target and dealing damage over time. Increased level increases duration and damage.
ICON: Carrion Swarm
As the Defiler is weak for a melee hero, it needs to be able to run away. This combined with Corruption can give a Defiler many options when running.

The angry horde descended on the Defiler's lair. This time, the creature would not get away; this time, the monster would die. To everyone's surprise, the Defiler was waiting out in the open for all to see, quite against it's normal tactics. The Defiler made the awful, clattering sound that passed as laughter for the creature, it made a gesture at them. An entire group of the army began screaming and clawing at their dissolving flesh, falling to the ground and thrashing in agony. They didn't stay there long; rising to their feet, the misshapen, hideous monsters began tearing apart their former allies. Amidst the screams, moans and sounds of death, the Defiler sat calmly, watching the carnage with satisfaction. Years later, even, nothing would grow on that accursed place, and anything built on that damned ground would decay and collapse.
Defile is a sort of mass corruption, turning a group of enemies into mindless zombies. It will also prevent any buildings being constructed on it and create a circle of blight on the target ground.
This spell will destroy most armies very efficiently, and can turn any army into evil zombies. They have the debuff-on-death that Corruption gives.
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Aug 8, 2009
This is of my own invention. I think it turned out pretty well.

Hero Name: Eth'tal
Class Name: Tormented Weaver
Model: Draenei Disciple
Stat: Intelligence
Range: Ranged (500)
Role: Support Disabler

Backstory: Deep within the Shadow Triad of Hell, the Tormented have lived since the near beginning of time. Long have they studied the magic that created existance itself. Able to bend the very fabric of reality, these "Weavers" are truly something to be feared. Eth'tal, after using his newfound power to bravely escape the Shadow Triad, now roams Gaia in search of a new purpose.

Name: Minor Void
Flavor: The basic defense of a Weaver, creates a weak void in one's soul, tearing at the base of their life essence.
Effect: Deals instant damage, but more damage the higher the target's life is.
Icon: Wisp Detonate
Graphic: Uses that Death and Decay effect, makes a loud zapping noise (like chain lightning or something).

Name: Dissipate
Flavor: A simple process with devastating results, switching one from the Material plane to the Ethereal plane.
Effect: Makes the target immune to all physical damage, but it cannot attack and takes heavy damage from all spells.
Icon: Anti-magic Shell
Graphic: Just like the icon, looks like Anti-magic Shell.

Name: Painbringer Aura
Flavor: Through some mystical means, a Weaver has the ability to slowly drain the life essence of nearby foes.
Effect: Deals damage to enemies each second in a large area.
Icon: (An icon I made, not on the site)
Graphic: Weaver looks like he has Endurance aura, nearby enemies simply look like they have an aura.

Ultimate: Warp Time
Flavor: Slows down time for all the Weaver selects to the point of nearly stopping.
Effect: Nearby enemies are unable to act as long as the Weaver keeps channeling (max like 5 seconds)
Icon: Time Stop
Graphic: Looks like Big Bad Voodoo - Caster has big orange glow, nearby enemies have orange-ish shield.

Other Notes: Eth'tal uses the Devour Magic model as his attack's missile. It fits fairly well with the Draenei Disciple's color scheme (the glow on his hands).
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Feb 7, 2005
Hey thought I might as well post it up if you'd like it.

Tree of Life
Model Used: Tree of Life
Main Stat: Intelligence
Role: Support Tank

Backstory: Teldrassil is a seedling from the long dead Tree of Life, though it is not fully grown much of the previous tree's power still remains.

Ability 1: Splinter
Flavor Text: Passive: gives a percent chance that a shard of bark is hewn from the tree of life when struck, producing a sapperling, a small ent produced from the magic of the tree.
Active: when activated, Teldrassil gains a shield of thorns, increasing armour and returning melee damage to attackers for a short duration. While this ability is on cooldown, the passive effect no longer applies.

Event Text: Has a chance to summon a sapperling when struck (passive), when activated, surrounds the tree of life with a shield of thorns that returns melee damage to attackers.
Icon: Thorns Aura (Research)
Graphic: Thorns Aura when activated, none when passive.

Ability 2: Eat Tree
Flavor Text: Teldrassil consumes a sapperling, killing the sapperling and healing Teldrassil for a percentage of the sapperling's current hp.
Event Text: Consumes sapperling for hit points.
Icon: Eat Tree
Graphic: Eat Tree

Ability 3: Force of Nature (can be a regular ability with a short duration, or an ultimate with a longer one)
Flavor Text: Teldrassil slams the ground, entangling all nearby enemy units in roots for a short duration, but deals no damage, should Teldrassil stop casting the roots will break. After the roots have been applied, Teldrassil casts Tranquility, healing nearby allied units (but not him). Should Teldrassil stop channeling, allied units will no longer be healed and enemy units will be released from roots prematurely, since Tranquility is activated, no regular attacks may be issued while in the tranquil area (cloud effect that disables regular attacks, spells can still be cast)
Event Text: Activate to stun nearby enemy units and heal nearby allied ones over time, a short duration that increases per level.
Graphic: Forest Nova, Tranquility, Entangling Roots

Ultimate Ability: Corrupted Form
Flavor Text: Teldrassil becomes corrupted, turning him into Nordrassil, the tree of death.
Event Text: Converts Teldrassil to his alternate form, causing Tranquility to damage enemies instead of heal allies, Eat tree to replenish mana instead of health, and splinter to spawn corrupted sapperlings, with increased damage but lower hit points.
Icon: Corrupted Tree of Life

Other notes: May need some fine tuning but should be a decent hero idea.

Model Used: Any, probably draenei
Main Stat: Intelligence
Role: Tank

Ability 1: Crystal Shield
Event Text: A mana shield surrounds the crystalsworn, absorbing damage per mana point. The shield can only be activated for a short duration, and when it fades, it shatters, dealing the amount of mana lost in damage to surrounding units.

Ability 2: Draenite Crystal
Event Text: Activate: Produces a draenite crystal above the casters head that passively drains the mana of nearby units and gives it to the Crystal Sworn. Passive: the Crystalsworn gets increased attack damage equal to 25% of his CURRENT mana, while the ability is on cooldown the passive effect no longer applies.

Ability 3: Crystal Residue
Event Text: The crystalsworn shatters one of his arcane crystals, silencing nearby units for a short duration, it then produces a dense fog in the area that will damage enemy casters equal to a percentage of the mana their spells cost. (i.e. priest casts heal, residue damages priest for mana cost of heal) (Alternate Idea: The crystalsworn shatters one of his arcane crystals, producing a dense fog that makes all units inside, both enemy and friendly, immune to spells but unable to cast spells, this does not affect the crystalsworn himself)

Ultimate Ability: Crystal Shatter
Event Text: Whenever the crystalsworn is hit by an enemy spell he will gain 1 crystal stack, at any time this ability can be cast to shatter those stacks, dealing damage to all surrounding enemy units and encasing them in a thick crystal ice, prohibiting action of all kind for the duration but making them invulnerable as long as it lasts. The duration is 2 seconds per stack. (maximum 5 stacks)
Level 10
Dec 26, 2009
I'm actually having fun, coming up with new heroes. I think I'll keep it up: expect more from me over time.
By the way, Teladrissal, your ideas were pretty good. Nice work!
By the way #2, if you could give us a bit of information about the three factions and/or the history of your map, we would be able to relate our heroes to your universe much more efficently than if we just made them up. Perhaps a link to your project thread, if one exists?
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Hero Name: (well.. figure yourself '~')
Class Name Naga Deep Stalker
Model Used:
Main Stat: (Agility)
Role: (Assassin?)

Backstory: (...can't think of any ATM '~' Something to do with Maelstrom radiation that mutated him)

Ability 1 Pinch
Flavor Text: (also don't know.. '~')
Event Text: The Naga Deep Stalker uses his hand, mutated into a huge crab Pincher to viciously grab and squeeze, or maybe even amputate enemy's hand or foot, dealing high damage and letting the victim loose blood overtime.
Icon (some.. Crab Claw icon? '~')
Graphic "normal attack where he attacks by thrusting the claw forward, and with some loud clap or devour sound"

Ability 2 Intimdation
Flavor Text ('~')
Event Text: Given his disfigurement and overall scariness, The Naga Deep stalker is able to Force a lesser creature into backing or running away. the amount of fear he can induce varies on his and the creature's level.
Icon (some scary naga face? or Teeth?)

Ability 3 Viper Bite
Flavor Text ('~')
Event Text: Due to mutation, This naga has acquired A powerful necrotic and neuro-toxic venom of a Seakrayt Ocean snake. It, if not treated early will slowly drain or even kill the unit he bites
Icon (some poison fangs?)
Graphic "well this is a funny one, you first get the unit a bit away from the other unit that receives the bite, then play submerge animation, just enough so he "leaps" to the unit, add sleep sound, and move the naga next to the unit that was bitten, resetting the anims of the naga"

Ultimate Ability: Fish (requires water and land)
Flavor Text ('~')
Event Text: The Naga Deep stalker submerges, letting only his anglerfish rod shine faintly, drawing attention, he then catches and eats, or dismembers whatever is foolish enough to come in his grasp
Icon (some.. eyes in the deep?)
Graphic " yeah also an interesting one, you maybe use robogob ability to turn into a submerged/hidden hero that can't move and place a bigger region around him, and whenever a unit enters the region, move it to position of the submerged naga and add blood, screams and maybe devour sound. The naga should be able to switch to normal (robogob ability again) if he decides to do something else than lurking in water

Other Notes: Should probably have some mad soundset, maybe satyr?
Level 13
Sep 14, 2008
Hero Name: Azazel
Class Name: Fallen Angel
Model Used: Angel (with color changed to dark)
Main Stat: Agility
Role: Allrounder


Azazel once was the servant of the one god and fought the ancient evil at the side of the other angels.
But someday he fought against the ancient devil himself and although he survived a seed of darkness was planted into his heart.
While time passed the seed began to grow and now he is known as the Fallen Angel as he changed sites and is now fighting for his old enemy.

Ability 1
Dark Lightning
Azazel calls a lightning of concentrated darkness from the sky to hit his enemy. The burst deals instant damage and corruptes the soul of the target.
This corruption results in constant damage over time.
If the target dies while under this effect the darkness in its soul explodes dealing damage to surrounding enemy units.

Ability 2
Black Cloud
The Fallen Angel creates a cloud of manifested darkness which blinds and slows enemies in the cloud.

Ability 3
Night's embrace
Azazel's dark powers get stronger during night so that his attack damage increases and he hits his targets with such force that he damaged enemies behind the first target.
The corruption aura of archimond
Death and decay effect

Ultimate Ability
Dark soul
Azazel releases the darkness in his soul to transform himself into a strong daemon. Increases hitpoints and changes attack to melee.
Voidwalker icon
Voidwalker completely black

:) Have fun
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Let's see, I have this one:

Hero Name: Saphiro
Class Name: Lightning Assassin
Model: Orc - Shaman (Colored to Red=255 , Green and Blue=150)
Stat: Agility
Is Hero Melee? = True
Role: Rusher or Attacker or I0m not sure how you call these heroes.

Backstory: In the world, there are several powerful "clans". One of them is the "Lightning Clan". Saphiro has fought a long time, and became one of the strongest of the clan members. A few days later the clan was destroyed by the "Gods of Darkness Clan". Saphiro and his sister Sela now travel the lands, and kill just about anyone brave enough to even look at them.

Name: Lightning Bash
Flavor: Saphiro is faster than probably any other living thing. He crushes into his enemy leaving only a sign of lightning.
Effect: Immediately travels to your target dealing massive damage and stuning for 1,5 seconds.
Icon: The forked lightning icon.
Graphic: He should simply teleport infront of the target, and create a chain lightning effect, and play the Saphiro attack animation.

Name: Reject
Flavor: Saphiro is also called the man with no will. Saphiro is annoyed by just about every battle, thinking why should the weak face me anyway?. By this he uses just about every chance he gets to perform Great Counter attacks.
Effect: Gives you a chance to dodge the attack by immediately teleporting to the target with the same effect as Lightning Bash. Just that this time he goes behind the target and attacks him. This spell doesn't bash and doesn't damage either, it's just an evasion type spell. Has 13% * Level of this spell chance to use.
Icon: Lightning Shield

Name: Instant Teleport
Flavor: Saphiro would do just about anything to be hated, he uses his great powers to immediately teleport to any friendly non-hero unit using the effect of Reject and Lightning Bash, but this time it shoulden't attack the target.
Effect:Simply teleports the unit to a friendly non-hero unit.
Icon: Chain Lightning

Ultimate: Saphiro's wraith
Flavor: Saphiro releases the most powerful spell ever created by the Lightning Clan called Wraith of Zeus.
Effect: After targeting a enemy unit, Saphiro dissapears (you could use hide unit action and make him invuernable and paused offcorse.) then you get some sort of option to choose when it should activate (there are many ways (i.e. a dummy unit with a spell called "Strike now" or something)) After activation a huge Lightning comes down from the sky hitting the target dealing huge damage. After this Saphiro becomes visible and becomes vuernable and unpaused

Icon: The Faerie Dragon lightning icon
Graphic: The Lightning that comes from the sky could be a Lightning Bolt made a lot bigger and come great looking colors :)
Level 10
Dec 26, 2009
Here is my third entry:

NAME: Firewyrm
MAIN STAT: Strength
ROLE: Raw Damge-Dealer

The wild Wyrms, distant cousins of the Dragons, have powers over the elements similar to the power the various Dragonflights hold over their respective elements. The Firewyrms are the most aggressive and destructive of the Wyrm race, reflecting the personality of their god, Ragnaros. They will often leave their homes near volcanoes and subterranean lava lakes to find adventure, and what better way to do so then hire out as a mercenary on the dawn of a war?

Like all Wyrms, the Firewyrms were blessed by an elemental lord, Ragnaros in their case, giving them limited control over their respective element. They spend time in their lairs, guarding the treasure they gained over their lifetime and, in the case of a mated pair, their eggs. While they are not very social, they will at least greet other Wyrms they come across in their travels, and pay at least a passing interest to the events in the outside world.

The necromancers had only a single foe standing before them: a bright scarlet worm, the height of a horse, blocking their path to the citadel. Figuring it an easy fight, they sent their zombie minions at the creature, hoping to do away with it. Unexpectedly, a wall of fire erupted right in front of the lumbering horde: and before the necromancers could stop them, the zombies walked right into it. Those that made it to the other side quickly burned to ashes or were dispatched by the creature.
Firewall creates a wall of fire at the target point. While units can walk through this, doing so will result in large damage done to the offending creature, and a lesser DOT from it's still-burning state.
ICON: Flamestrike
Using a fire doodad would work fine for this ability. Higher levels would increase the size of the wall and increase the damage done by it. It also damages buildings.

The raiders foolishly decided to rush the creature straight-on. The ensuing wall of fire only caught the last few of them, and not as badly as it could have. But as they neared the monster, the air around them heated up; by the time they reached the monster, the heat was overwhelming. Several of the raiders collapsed, and those that didn't could hardly stand against the fury of the Wyrm. The survivors quickly decided to flee; that is, those that weren't out on the ground from heatstroke.
Heatstroke causes nearby units to run the risk of suffering a heatstroke, stunning them for a short duration.
ICON: Incinerate

Lava Spittle
The Keeper was angry, and the Night Elves could sense it. A Flamewyrm, creature of fire and known for violent fits, had invaded his groves, and it would pay. When the group came within sight of the offending Wyrm, they opened up on the creature, aiming to take it down before it could reach them. But, to their utter amazement, the monster spat a stream of searing lava into the lead huntress. They quickly retreated amidst flying lava, planning their next move.
Lava Spittle gives the Flamewyrm the ability to become a ranged attacker, along with it's normal attacks. It has a smaller damage range than a normal attack, making it less than the ideal attacking method, but if there is no alternative it can get the job done.
ICON: Fireball
Yes, it's just a ripoff of the fireball ability, but it can be quite useful for the Firewyrm. It adds a bit of versatility to it, allowing it to attack enemies from afar with it's less-damaging Lava Spittle before engaging melee opponents with it's powerful melee attack. It can also use a combination of Lava Spittle and Firewall to add more problems for the enemy.
Actually, you might be able to base it off one of the autocast arrow attacks, like the Searing Arrows the Moon Priestess has. The problem is that I don't know if it would work or not, and if it did the player would need to constantly turn it on/off to switch from ranged to melee.

Heart of Flame
The Paladin had tracked the monster to it's lair, and led his army head-on into the tunnel that led down into the volcano. Emerging in a large chamber, he gave out a rallying cry and rushed the apparently sleeping creature. Caught off-guard, the Flamewyrm had no time to summon a firewall and instead had to meet the enemy head-on. But the Paladin had been prepared for this fight, and the mighty Wyrm was soon close to defeat. Bloody and battered, the Wyrm retreated, putting a firewall in between the combatants to give it a moment to rest. The monster that burst out of the firewall a moment later was much more fearsome than the defeated Wyrm from a moment before. Engulfed in flames that burned only it's enemies, and striking with renewed fury and strength, the creature drove the invaders from it's cave with a victorious bellow. Had the survivors come back later, they would have found the Wyrm resting again, bloody and battered, but alive.
Heart of Flame can save a Firewyrm from near death, or give it an edge in battle from the beginning. When it is used, the Firewyrm will be restored to full health. Not only will enemies suffer heatstroke, but they will also take damage as long as they are near it. The Flamewyrm will also get bonus attack and attack speed, and can defeat any enemy in head-on battle.It will, however, slowly loose life until only 25% of it's max health remains.
Inspired by the legend of a Phoenix reincarnating from it's ashes, this ability can save a Firewyrm from certain death. While it can be used at the beginning of a battle, it is best saved for the worst-case scenario.

As you might be able to tell, I don't like Agility or ranged heroes very much.
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Hero Name: Lindormr
Class Name: Lindormr Dragon
Model Used: Download model
Main Stat: Agility
Attack Range: 600
Role: Distance Damage

Backstory: The legendary Lindormr dragons has always been the most feared creatures of the outland. With teeths sharper than spears, and wings longer than houses, they kept the outland dangerous and everybody outside didnt want to come inside their terrotory.

Breathtaking Fire
Flavor: Sends heavy waves of fire out of the dragons' mouth, damaging and burning all nearby enemies. Units hit by the fire is taking damage over time and damage upon impact. Lasts 5 seconds.
Event: Basically just a flamethrower that is dealing damage and burning units. The used model does have a fire animation.
Icon: Firebolt

Air Form
Flavor: The Lindormr turns into the air, making it able to fly over objects and to evade ground attacks. The dragons attackspeed and movementspeed is slightly increased when in air. If the Lindormr allready is in the air, it will go back to the ground.
Event: Basically "Storm Crow Form" with other animations and stat-increasements. Can be done with triggers.
Icon: Burrow (Up)

Aura of Sand
Flavor: Gives the Lindormr the abillity to gain a 10% chance to cover its attackers with sand, making it unable to move for 2 seconds. Units covered by sand, takes damage over time untill they are uncovered again.
Event Text
Icon (link to icon if it's custom)

Cave Crash
Flavor: The lindormr dragon smashes the ground, causing heavy boulders to crash down into the heads of the dragon's enemies. Each boulder deals damage upon impact and has a chance to split into smaller boulders that is dealing 1/3 of the original boulders' damage.
Event: Download spell
Icon: Download icon

Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
Hero Name: Rathkahnar Serderin
Class Name: Realmshifter
Model Used:
Main Stat: Intelligence
Role: Summoner/Shadow Shifter
Backstory: Born in the dark hollows of Whisperwood Grove, in the haunted forests of Adraneer, Rathkahnar Serderin is a rare sight. One of the only Realmshifters in the world,
he seeks to become the only Realmshifter and conquer the world with his powers. Nobody knows his actual backstory, for he is a mysterious mage, but what is known for sure is that his powers should not be taken lightly. Legends say he can command any force he comes to.
Ability 1: Realmshift
Flavor Text: The Realmshifter can enter the Spirit world and call upon his allies.
Event Text: Rathkahnar Serderin goes to the Spirit World and returns with spirit allies.
Graphic: Blink (When he leaves is the first blink graphic, when he enters is the second blink graphic)

Ability 2: Moonbreaker
Flavor Text: At night, the Realmshifters were taught the magics of the moon. Rathkahnar Serderin, particular, was intrigued by this. He learned to break the moon, and shatter it upon his enemies.
Event Text: If its night, this spell will shatter the moon, damaging all enemy units on the map and creating a day that will last for 48 hours. Once this 48 hours is done, the moon will appear once more and an after-effect happens, which gives Rathkahnar Serderin a vampire effect that he will have for the next 24 hours, draining life from him during the day.
Graphic: Holy Light (On Hero with no affect)

Ability 3: Wrath of the Spirit Realm
Flavor Text: During their childhood, Realmshifters must learn to cooperate with the spirits. However, the spirits arn't happy about Rathkahnar Serderin, and will even attack him.
Event Text: Summons spirit allies for Neutral Hostile at a target location. Once the spirits die, everybody in the target location will suffer severe damage. Every 60 seconds, the location will deal minor chaos damage to anybody who stands on it, permanently.
Graphic: ???

Ultimate Ability: Call to the Shadows of the Night
Flavor Text: Every Realmshifters last words are "Send me to the Spirit Realm." This is different with Rathkahnar Serderin. His last words are "I will not die without revenge."
Event Text: Kills Rathkahnar Serderin. Rathkahnar Serderin revives at the main building without any penalty. Near the area where he died are 2 Neutral Hostile Shadowwalkers ( and spirits. If Rathkahnar Serderin enters the location again, the spirits and Shadowwalkers will become his and a rift will open to the Spirit World. It will stay open for 30 seconds and acts as a waygate. Between this time, Rathkahnar Serderin can send spirits from the spirit realm outside of the realm to support his cause. After the portal closes, spirits will attack every non-hero unit on the map, excluding th Shadowwalkers and spirits, dealing severe damage to them. After the damage is done, Shadowwalkers will use their powerful magics to explode 7 random parts on the map, dealing damage to allies and enemies. In Moonbreaker was cast and is still in effect, Rathkahnar Serderin will have the option of asking the Sun God to kill every non-hero, non-important unit on the map. If he chooses the no, the Sun God will heal all allied units on the map and give them a buff that grants extra damage and attack speed for 120 seconds. If yes is chosen, all units die.
Sun God Yes - Death
Sun God No - Holy Light on all units and Inner Fire on all units
Portal - Portal
Shadowwalker and Spirit Rise - Ressurection
Explosion - Flame Strike

Other Notes: This hero is part of the Shadowspirit race.
Level 13
Aug 8, 2009
Thanks for your submissions, everyone! It sure has become popular. I encourage you to keep submitting heroes.

However, it says I've "given to much rep in the past 24 hours." Some of you will have to wait for yours.

Time for my second hero.

Hero Name: (None yet, feel free to suggest one)
Class Name: Dreamwalker
Model: Revenant

Backstory: None know where the Dreamwalker came from, only that it has always been. Whether or not it even exists or not is questionable, as it may simply be a figment of mass imagination and fear. All the fair denizens of the land know is that it is not here for good nor for evil. Its motives are still unknown, making it deadly as both an ally and an enemy.

Name: Slumber
Flavor: With a simple look, the Dreamwalker can put any living creature to sleep.
Effect: Puts a target to sleep for up to X seconds. It is unable to act but will awake if attacked.
Icon: Sleep
Graphic: Just... the normal sleep effect.

Name: Nightmare
Flavor: Dreams are truly a powerful thing. Ones mind can make its dreams a reality, and the Dreamwalker uses this to its advantage.
Effect: When the Dreamwalker attacks a target that is sleeping, it deals X extra damage and and frightens it for X seconds, which slows movement and attack speed. The Dreamwalker feeds off of this fear, and gains the bonuses lost from his victim.
Icon: That one icon with the evil eyes. (Called like... Aura of Darkness in the MPQ)
Graphic: Looks like the shadowstrike buff... that little giggling ghosty guy.

Name: Reality
Flavor: The Dreamwalker, being not entirely real, is partially resistant to enemy assaults.
Effect: Reduces all damage dealt to the Dreamwalker by like... 25% at highest level.
Icon: Aura of Blight
Graphic: None

Ultimate: Dreamwalk
Flavor: The most powerful weapon in the Dreamwalker's arsenal, able to move itself great distances in the blink of an eye and strike at an unsuspecting victim.
Effect: Teleports next to a target and puts it to sleep. Has REALLY long range, like 2500, perhaps global at max level.
Icon: Banish
Graphic: Uses the sleep effect for the teleport.
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Hero Name: Azryxx
Class Name: Jade Hunter


Backstory: The Draconian War Mages of the North are well known for their cunning in combat, enchanting their very blows with magic making them forces to be feared. Azryxx had long been an artisan skilled in the fashioning of Jade - practicing some small magic on the side yet never anticipating ever being in combat. After returning to his village to find it in ruins from the wrath of a long gone beast he chucked his hammer into the very jade that he was fashioning into a sculpture. Instead of merely breaking from his act of frustration the Jade melded with the hammer through unforeseen magical effects manifested in his rage - creating a powerful Weapon capable of both physical and magic damage. Wielding the same hammer he vowed to hunt down the creature and put an end to it in the same way it put an end to his village, and his artistry.

Role: Intelligence based Tank
-The Hero should have a substantially large mana pool, along with plenty of Intelligence and Strength - to counter the effects of the excess in Mana, the Heroes health should be comparatively smaller then that of other heroes.

Spell 1: Jade Shield - Toggle on/off
Azryxx surrounds himself with enchanted Jade, manipulating it to counter oncoming attacks. While activated, all attack damage from normal attacks are diverted to Azryxx's mana instead of his health. Deals back x% (10% - 40%) of melee damage back to the source.
Effect: I'm thinking something along the lines of green magic geometric shapes circling the caster

Spell 2: Meditation - Channeling
Azryxx focuses his concentration allowing him to pool his mental forces and focus it. While channeling, Mana regeneration is boosted x% (10% - 25%) and damage from Spells is reduced x% (25-50%). Cancels Jade Shield. Maximum channeling time 10 seconds.
Effect: Should be something bright, like a light emanating from the caster.

Spell 3: Earthen Vortex - Active
Utilizing dust particles within the air, Azryxx conjures up a vortex in the target area pulling units into it's center slowly. Drains x% of the units within the circles maximum health (2-8%) over the course of 5 seconds returning it to Azryxx as Mana.
Effect: You could use the tornado unit - but something custom that looks sandy would look better.

Spell 4 - Ultimate - Jade Dragon - No Target
Azryxx encases his body and his weapon in magic Jade, conjuring up temporary wings. While under the effects of this, all of Azryxx's attacks deal spell damage - ignoring armor. Each of his attacks returns 5% of the damage he deals to him as Mana. While under the affects of this, if the caster targets a unit from a distance greater then 200 - Azryxx will fly to the targets position, bypassing obstacles and enemies. Lasts 10 seconds.
Effect: Make the caster glow green, add in some wings (green of course), perhapes some circling effects like that of Jade Shield for good measure, and make his attacks have an explode special effect on targets.

Icons - whatever you think will look good
Level 13
Aug 8, 2009
Just an update here. I'll tell you what I like and what needs to be improved.

Ones currently accepted:
Sandsting, Terraformer (Melee strength support) - Morphing the terrain seems like a cool aspect in a hero. The backstory and character in general is quite creative.
Putrifaction, Defiler (Melee intelligence summoning/support) - I like the character background, again, and he works very well has a support hero with the summons, -armor, and slowing abilities.
Eth'tal, Tormented Weaver (Ranged intelligence support/disabler) - Made by me.
Teldrassil, Tree of Life (Melee intelligence all-rounder) - I like the fact that you submitted yourself, and I love (the concept of) his ultimate, where his healing spells become damaging.
???, Naga Deep Stalker (Melee agility damage-dealer/ganker) - Overall seems like a cool jump-out-of-nowhere-and-rape-your-face hero. The emerging animation for his serpent thingy is a great idea.
Azazel, Fallen Angel (Melee agility damage-dealer) - Kudos for submitting yourself. The "fallen angel" concept is a little cliche, but I like your hero nonetheless. You get to see yourself fighting in my map. :p
Saphiro, Lightning Assassin (Melee agility ganker/chaser) - I love the concept of a hero based solely on teleportation. Awesome work.
Lindormr, Dragon (Ranged agility distance damage) - I've always wanted to use that model, so this one scores points. It's kind of a generic dragon with its abilities, but it'll work well.
???, Dreamwalker (Melee agility chaser/disabler) - Made by me.

Ones currently rejected:
Evillizard, Hippy General - I like that you submitted yourself, but it doesn't seem serious enough. I mean, "Hippy General"? And Evillizard is a quite odd name for a hero.
Sylvan Shadowkill, Assassin - Too generic. I'm looking for creative, unique heroes. Also, using a Demon Hunter and naming it an assassin is done so often it makes me want to strangle kittens.
???, Firewyrm - While the firewall ability seems fine, and I really like heatstroke, he doesn't have a third ability and I don't want to base his ultimate off of him dying. Should be an easy fix to get him into the accepted pile, though.
Rathkahnar Serderin, Realmshifter - His "Moonbreaker" ability seems excessive and unrealistic. His third ability sounds an awful lot like the one the Defiler has. Lastly, I don't want to base his ultimate off of him dying.
Azryxx, Jade Hunter - While the concept and backstory of this hero is awesome, his skills are too weird, and some make little sense. Remember that I have limited skills in the editor. In fact, his concept is so awesome that, if you don't fix him, I'll have to make my own skill set for him and still use him. :p

Thank you all for your submissions, and congratulations to those who made it to the accepted list. I encourage you to make new heroes, or tweak your rejected ones, because I can see some awesome creativity here.
As a final note: Of all 9 of the accepted heroes, there have been 7 melee to 2 ranged, 1 strength, 5 agility, and 3 intelligence. Cut down on the agility a little, and give me some ranged heroes!
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Azryxx, Jade Hunter - While the concept and backstory of this hero is awesome, his skills are too weird, and some make little sense. Remember that I have limited skills in the editor. In fact, his concept is so awesome that, if you don't fix him, I'll have to make my own skill set for him and still use him. :p

MAP NEWB! (nah just kidding, sorry but I was trying to come up with original skills - I could trigger a couple for you if need be, but I'll change around the last one so that it doesn't reference damage types, as that would be the most difficult)

Spell 4 - Ultimate - Jade Dragon - No Target
Azryxx encases his body and his weapon in magic Jade, conjuring up temporary wings. While under the effects of this, Azryxx's attack speed is increased 30% it's normal speed. Each of his attacks returns 5% of the damage he deals to him as Mana. While under the affects of this, if the caster targets a unit from a distance greater then 200 - Azryxx will fly to the targets position, bypassing obstacles and enemies. Lasts 10 seconds.
Effect: Make the caster glow green, add in some wings (green of course), perhapes some circling effects like that of Jade Shield for good measure, and make his attacks have an explode special effect on targets.

Spell 3 Meditation:
There should be a spell, something like Elunes grace, that already reduces damage from spells - simply give this to the hero in a Spell book ability but disable that spellbook spell for the player (Doing so gives the unit all the passives within, they just don't show up). That can account for Spell Damage reduction

Heres the underlying strategy for his skills:
-Using the Jade Shield to protect him from Physical damage, the player can get in close to deal damage in the same way a tank does.
-In combat, he can use Earthen Vortex to help replenish his mana supply, target it in a large group and it will subdue them taking some of the heat off him. This isn't meant to be a really offensive ability, more as a means to replenish mana. It could also be used stop a hero that you are pursuing, or provide means of escape in a bad situation.
-Meditation is used as means to replenish the casters mana in a semi secluded situation. - Get away from the main battle and you could use this to refill your mana to return to deal more damage. The spell reduction helps protect him from enemy mages, as they could use this as an opportunity to deal some damage while he's low on mana
-The Ultimate allows him to fully take advantage of his mana reserves, by increasing his attackspeed and returning damage back as mana he constantly replenishes his shield. The fly to target effect is useful for chasing enemy heroes, as they normally use the creeps as means to block you while they make a hasty get away - of course there would be a maximum distance for this. I could trigger this part for you if you want.
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Level 3
Dec 12, 2008
Hero Name: Merymoid
Class Name: Naga Guardian
Model: The big naga guy forgot his name and im to lazy to go see
Stat: Strenght
Range: Meele(100)

Backstory: Deep within oceon of Atlantice, the Naga have lived since the near beginning of time. Able to destroy everything in there way, these "Sea-Warriors" are truly something to be feared. Merymoid, Wanted to be the strongest of hes race, destroyed the rest of the naga population, and is heding to destroy the world

Name: Water overfloat
Flavor: Raises water in a straight line in front of the naga.
Effect: Deals some low instant damage, but slows units in the path of the water.
Icon: Mana shield
Graphic: Uses the cinematic that makes water appear (the buff will be something like water stuck on hes legs)

Name: Scale armor
Flavor: The nagas ware an armor made of fish scales. Wounding Enemy units when they attack them
Effect: (passive) When ever the enemy attacks merymoid with a meele attack they will recieve some low dmg and get there attack speed slowed by 10% everytimes they attack(stackable) each slow last 2-6 seconds based on the lvl of the spell
Icon: Any Upgrade of the naga armor bonus in there "forge"
Graphic: none just a buff

Name: Trident smash
Flavor: The basic weapon of the naga, the trident is so heavy that it trows the enemy flying away on hits
Effect: has a 20/30/40% to knock back with a bash the enemy units pushing them back for 100 units Icon: The dmg upgrade for the naga on there "forge"
Graphic: when the enemy gets knocked back they have some dust flying unfder there feet

Ultimate: Last word
Flavor: Through some mystical means, the nage can stop the enemys from moving
Effect: Stops enemy's in the aoe form moving for 3.5 seconds (they can still attack and cast spells meanwhiled)
Icon: The other icone for the big naga dude (the green one)
Graphic: on cast Merymoid looks like hes doing the effect of scroll of the beast while enemy units are buffed by the slow spell (fomr sorceress)

Other Notes: Sorry if my incones are inprecise,my wc3 is in french so i dont know there exact name in english
Level 9
Feb 7, 2005
Darn my crystalsworn didn't make the cut :( ah well, I'll try another then :p (names can be changed btw) This one's more of a concept than a finished one, feel free to play around with it.

Rune Weaver
Model: Blood Mage
Stat: Strength
Role: Melee / Ranged DPS

Sunedar specializes in orbs, and the runes that buff them

Elemental Orb: Sunedar creates an elemental orb (based off the terrain type he's currently standing on) that will swivel around his head and apply a passive effect, a maximum of three orbs can be used at a time, when selecting a new orb your first obtained orb is replaced (multiple orbs of the same type can be stacked, other orb ideas can be added at will)

Fire Orb: periodically shoots jets of flame to nearby units that deal damage and apply a "burning" debuff that lights them on fire, causing DoT and decreasing attack rate but increasing movement speed

Frost Orb: periodically shoots bolts of frost to nearby units that deal less damage than fire orb, but applys both a movement and attack speed reduction debuff, without the added DoT

Nature Orb: adds a poisoning DoT to the attack of the rune weaver equal to the amount of nature orbs he's currently using

Rune Word: Shatter

The Rune Weaver shatters the orb in his first orb slot, removing it, and applying an effect dependant on the orb type.

Fire: large AoE damage that applies the DoT burning debuff.

Frost: stuns all surrounding enemies, encasing them in thick chunks of ice for a short duration

Nature: creates a poison ward at the location, which will slow the movement speed of surrounding units while applying the poison debuff and DoT

Rune Word: Aura

Creates a giant rune at the caster's location, this rune will apply many beneficial and negative auras to surrounding allied and enemy units respectively, but only if they remain standing on the rune. (i.e, endurance, devotion, vampiric, etc)

(an alternate idea would to have the rune be a trap, or perhaps a waypoint, making the next "shatter" spell cast, affect the AOE of the rune instead of an AOE around the caster, allowing the caster to make his shatter spell ranged instead of melee)

Ultimate: Rune Word: Devastate

The Rune Weaver shatters all the orbs he is currently using, applying all of their effects at the same time while producing an AOE rune, while this rune is active units who were in it during it's creation cannot leave (by basic movement means) and units who were not cannot enter (by basic movement means)
Name: Uh... not creative enough
Class: Nero Walker
Model: Necro Walker
Main Stat: Strength
Range: Meele
Role: DD with a great need for mana ^^
Lore: The Necro Walkers are mighty servants of the underworld, searching the living world for those who defy to die. With their great willpower, they are able to bend even the magic itself, forcing their whole mana pool into one mighty spell. When they are attacked, they often summons gates to the farthest parts of hell, realeasing the demons and devils to those who venture to face him.


Mana Concentration: The Walker sacrifices half of its current mana to amplify his spell damage for a short time. The more mana he sacrifices, the greater the bonus will become. With greater level the bonus damage recieved with same sacrificed mana percentetage grows.

Underworld Call: The Walker marks an enemy unit as target for the devils. The victim is pulled into the underworld, recieving damage during the process. Unfortunenatly, as long as the target is still living, it cant be hold in hell for a long time and so it will come back some seconds afterwards. But there is a little chance that the target is trapped in the Underworld forever.

Hell Gate: The Walker summons a short timed portal to hell, damaging all enemies near the entrance. The gate is not very stable, but some lesser demons will be able to step through and help the walker in battle.

Harbinger of Death (Ultimate): The Walkers great willpower materialises itself in a huge attribute bonus. When the material live of the walker ends, the remaining magic he forced into existence is freed and explodes in a dark nova, damaging all units near him.

If you are accepting him, write me a message. i have some of his spells already triggered (but not MUI though).
Level 10
Dec 8, 2009
since its so popular i think ima submit my own hero too.

Hero Name: DestinyDream
Class Name: destiny holder
Model Used: any model u like, i dont know what would look nice
Main Stat: intelligence

u can use any icons u like for these spells.

Backstory: Since the beginning of time, destiny holders have been choosing the destiny of those who lives. however, everything changed when god decided to introduce the god of destiny into the world. soon, the destiny holders became the slaves of the destiny god.
destiny holders are those who have mastered the art of predicting and can change their destiny at will.they learn their skills secretly so that they could overthrow the destiny god one day.

Ability 1
destiny shift

the destiny holder changes the supposed destiny of the targeted hero, making it recieve damage and it will be knockbacked (i dont know which skills are easy for u)

Ability 2
dream eater

the destiny holder puts the targeted unit into sleep and it recieves damage over time until it wakes up. the higher the level of the skill, the longer the sleep will be.

Ability 3
destiny drain

the destiny holder uses its powers to drain mana from a targeted enemy. the enemy will be stunned and invulnerable. however, the destinyholder cannot move and can be attacked.

Ultimate Ability
destiny destroyer

the destiny holder is in such a fury that it releases all of its destiny powers onto a single area. anything inside the area (including destructibiles, opponents, allies) will recieve damage and will be stunned as such a strong power is released. after that, all the heroes that is inside the aoe(including destinyholder) will be trapped inside a cage of destiny, which would not allow anyone to exit until the power dissappears. deals damage every second to those inside the cage.
Level 4
Jun 27, 2009
Class:Bone horror
Names:The death,Killed one,Last stand,Killing horde
Model: lich
Main stat: Inteligence
Ranged: he shoot a skull
Role: mage

The dead come to kill the all alive.The all can be corrupted.This come from the graves to kill the all alive.

Troll zombilizer
The bone horror reanimate a Zombie troll using this model.

Anubis call:
Incon: this
This aura give big strenght any undead what be summoned by the bone hooror.

Bones call:
Summon a small group of skeletons archers warriors mages and one skeleton king using this model.

Master skill:
Summon anubis
Summon the anubis the god of dead anubis using this model.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Well it looks like you approved Saphiro the Lightning Assassin, well if you read the backstory, he has a sister. And I hope you like her as well :cool:

Hero Name: Sela
Class Name: Illusion Mistress
Model: Night elf Warden (Not the hero one, the campaign one)
Stat: Agility
Is Hero Melee? = True
Role: She is more like support of some sort

Backstory: Coming from the same clan as Saphiro - "The Lightning Clan"
for she is his sister. But overall she was never any close of being same as him. She is much more nature loving, she would never just kill for no reason. She joined war in hope to defeat Saphiro and to stop him from his hate.

Name: Reality
Flavor: Sela has the power to replace any illusion with herself.
Effect: Replaces the location with the target illusion.
Icon: Hmm maybe mass teleport icon.
Graphic: No graphic; it should be unnoticable.

Name: Sela's Soul
Flavor: Sela has an unknown power, that when she attacks, she remembers the past of the Lightning Clan. And sometimes a clone appears at that same time.
Effect: Clones should deal 20% and take 350%, last for 20 seconds, and chance could be something around 20%
Icon: Mirror image.

Name: Illusion Knife
Flavor: A spell that only she possesses, throws a knife that upon hit creates an illusion of all stats same as the ones from Sela's Soul spell
Effect: Just some knife looking effect.
Icon: Sacrifice from undead workers

Ultimate: Illusions Soul
Flavor: Sela's pain grants her illusions the power to feel the same pain. Gives illusions a 10% to use Sela's soul spell.
Icon: I'd go with the hidden icon that two eyes are on. Don't know it's path hope u know which one i mean.
Level 8
Apr 20, 2008
Hero Name: Pyrophixis
Class Name: Arch-Demon
Model Used:Doomguard or Archi/KJ( with a sword attachment)
Main Stat: Strength
Melee: true
Role: Dmg/Tank

Backstory: Pyrophixis a once renowned Arch-Demon of the Burning Legion, he was exiled when he was defeated by an aspiring human paladin, he now seeks to prove himself to the legion, and will stop at nothing to do so.

Ability : Firewall
Flavor Text: The Arch-Demon's sword is imbued with fire, allowing him to lash out walls of flame.
Event Text : Sets the ground infront of the Arch-Demon ablaze in a straight line, doing x dps for x seconds, firewall lasts x seconds.
Graphic: Attack Slam animation, and the ground in front of the hero is engulfed in flames in a straight line.

Ability: Engulfing Flames
Flavor Text: The Arch-Demon calls upon the spirits of fire which erupt from the ground incinerating his Enemies.
Event Text: Deals x Dmg + x dps to units in an area.
Icon: Bloodmage's Flamestrike
Graphic: This spell will be based of the Bloodmages flamestrike.

Ability: Blaze of speed
Flavor: The Arch-Demon utilizes his demonic powers to propel himself forward,
burning the ground behind him.
Event : Increases speed by X ammount, deals x dps to anyone who enters the flames behind him.
Icon :
Graphic: increases walkspeed of the hero and burns the ground behind him

Ultimate Ability: Scorching fury ( based of Firelord's incinerate)
Flavor: The fury of the Arch-Demon is manifested through his sword, burning his target harder every hit.
Event: Adds x dmg to the first attack, than x times that on the second and so on.
Graphic: Adds a fire effect on the target.

Other Notes: Meh, not my best work, i'll submit something more original later if you like this to any extent.
Level 10
Dec 26, 2009
Well, before I put another guy on I'll fix the Flamewyrm. Look over my last post again to see the changes.

EDIT: Fixed the Heart of Flame so it no longer requires the Flamewyrm to die.
EDIT: The Flamewyrm now has another ability: Lava Spittle, turning him into a ranged attacker.
I'm going back and making slight changes to all my posts, so skim them over for the changes. The most visible ones will be changes to thier names.
I'm idea'd out right now, so nothing from me for a while.
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Edit again

Spell 3 Meditation:
The spell damage reduction would be quite hard due to the fact that triggering the damage will most likely constitute of things like "Damage Target" which could become a pain to set all the damage types to a single one simply because of a single hero. So instead, make it a less drastic damage reduction in general

Azryxx focuses his concentration allowing him to pool his mental forces and focus it. While channeling, Mana regeneration is boosted x% (10% - 25%) and any damage Azryxx takes under this is reduced x% (8% - 20%). Cancels Jade Shield. Maximum channeling time 10 seconds.
Effect: Should be something bright, like a light emanating from the caster.

If you need an explanation of how to make this I am happy to provide one or trigger it for you.

New Hero Concept WiP - I'm short on time now so I'll get into some more detail on it later

Name: Unit 0405
Title: Dog of War
Model Used:
Icon: Anything mechanical - this model doesn't have a paired Icon but one could be easily made if need be

Main Stat: Agility
Role: Disruptor

To the goblins, war is simply a game (as is anything to them). Though the Humans may amass armies of thousands, a single cunning Goblin can turn a pile of bolts into a true warrior on the battlefield. Unit 0405 was originally one of a group of robots designed to quickly overwhelm hard targets, but a mishap on the creator lead the mech's power conductor to generate seven fold the energy required for the machine to operate - breaking all fail-safes and causing the very energy held within to arc forth to whatever it may desire, eventually draining itself. Though this may have seemed like a curse at first, the extra energy caused the main processor of the device to begin overacting, taking a limited form of consciousness. Rogue, the device now wanders draining the power of whatever mechanical device the machine can find to sustain itself.

In combat, the Dog of War works a little differently. The unit has absolutely no intelligence and thus has no mana. Instead the hero uses a form of Rage - building up electricity as it attacks which can be released through its spells. You can use mana for this is you'd like but basically, it starts with 0 energy, each attack the unit lands on an enemy causes it to build up electricity. The max electricity is 100 - it cannot surpass this. The electricity doesn't stay - it periodically drains away, requiring the unit to be in combat to make use of its spells effectively.

If you use Mana as Electricity, the Hero CANNOT have access to mana/intelligence boosting items

Spell 1: Critical Arc - Uses 30 electricity
Spell Backstory: Over time, Unit 0405 learned to concentrate the very energy coercing through him, and soon after, direct it.
Unit 0405 arcs a beam of concentrated electricity equal to that of lightning to the target unit, stunning it for x (2.5 - 5) seconds and causing the unit to leak x (50 - 150) mana over the next 5 seconds after the stun is over (hero units only).
Effects: an arc of lightning, not that complicated

Spell 2: Limit Break - Passive
Spell Backstory: Electricity is a very dangerous and unpredictable force - it tends to take on a mind of its own when left unchecked
2 Effects:
-When the Dog of War reaches max Electricity levels, the Electricity must find an outlet - arcing from the robots body to nearby enemy units dealing x (30 - 60) damage every couple seconds.
-The Dog of War gains a slight attack damage boost as his electricity level increases - every 20% of the max electricity level adds x (7 - 25) damage to the units attack.
Let me explain how this second effect works - basically for every 20 of electricity the unit has, it has the attack bonus stacked on to it - so if it had 20 electricity it would have a bonus of 7, 14 for 40 electricity, 21 for 60 and so on so forth
Effect: Perhaps attach some lightning balls to the unit at full electricity - for the arcing electricity, you can just use the Phoenix fire spell and change its graphics to some form of lightning.

Spell 3: Power Spike - Uses 30 electricity
Goblins often develop a resistance to the effects of being shocked by electricity, other species aren't so lucky
Unit 0405 concentrates the electricity within him into x (3 - 7) electrical bombs then scatters them in the area in front of him. The bombs explode upon contact with the ground, dealing AoE damage to all units caught in the AoE - each bomb deals separate AoE damage and their final location is slightly randomized, though still in the proximity of the caster and in front of it. Each bomb deals (30 - 50) damage to units caught in the AoE (somewhere around 120 for each). Units can be hit with multiple bombs at once.
Effect: Not that complicated - balls of lightning that explode when they hit the ground - they aren't moving any large distance so make them move pretty slow - I can see it using the spell animation and having the bombs emanate from it while its up in the air for the animation (its the Wolfs maul sort animation).

Spell 4 - Ultimate - Overload - Uses 100 electricity
The creator of Unit 0405 meticulously put in place over 200 fail - safe's to prevent an overload. Obviously it wasn't enough
Must be cast at full electricity levels - doesn't take its casting cost until the spell is finished (Just give the electricity/mana back after the unit "starts the affect of a spell" so it still has the requirement then take it away later with triggers). Causes Unit 0405's power generator to spike to full levels putting out excessive levels of electricity, fully sustaining his Electricity levels while under the effects of this spell (somewhere around 7 seconds) - Electricity doesn't drain away, and casting any other his other spells doesn't cost any Electricity (just use triggers to set the Electricity back to full). The spike in energy causes his attack damage to increase itself by 25 (This may seem small but with full Electricity means that he gets the full effects of Limit Break giving him a full attack damage bonus of 150 - thats a lot). After casting this spell, Unit 0405 suffers from overloading his system causing him to have reduced move speed (-40%) and armor (-7) for 5 seconds (This is to make the player think over when is the best opportunity to cast the spell - using it at the right time could let you completely rape your enemy while casting at the wrong time could let the meat shield of creeps absorb all the damage and leave you weakened and easy for an enemy hero to take down).

Effects: Go crazy with the lightning here - it should look like the unit is ready to explode any second

Once again, If you need any help triggering any of this or want me to trigger any of it for you It's not a problem.
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Jun 10, 2008
Rathkahnar Serderin, Realmshifter - His "Moonbreaker" ability seems excessive and unrealistic. His third ability sounds an awful lot like the one the Defiler has.

Hehe I understand. I didn't even read the Defiler's though :p
Level 13
Aug 8, 2009
Another batch, I see. I'll tell you which ones I like, which ones I dislike.

Ones added to the accepted list:
???, Firewyrm (Melee strength damage-dealer) - The fire spittle is a good idea, becoming ranged at the cost of damage. Chip away their health before they get to you. I'll probably make it a toggled ability, but instant. And his ultimate is balanced by the fact that he slowly dies when he casts it. Have to kill your enemies quick, or they'll kill you. Moved to the accepted list.
???, Bone Horror (Ranged intelligence summoner) - I've always loved all of the Egyptian stuff, especially when associated with the undead, so this one scored extra points. Congratulations.
Unit 0405, Dog of War (Melee agility damage-dealer) - The I-only-have-a-hundred-mana thing is kinda cool, and allows his ultimate to work. The mech wolf idea is fairly unique, too.

Heroes on the rejected list (old ones removed):
Azryxx, Jade Hunter - I've taken a second look at the hero, and I am able to make his abilities, but it'd be hard to get some green wings to attach to him that wouldn't look really stupid. Also, he still wouldn't have a flying animation.
Sunedar, Rune Weaver - Not a big fan of basing spells off of what terrain the hero is standing on. It would pose as a severe inconvenience for players. Also, it seems like a copy of the Invoker from DotA.
???, Necro Walker - Why is he a melee strength hero? His spells feel more like those of a spellcaster. Also, I don't understand his ultimate. On a final note, "Necro" means death. And this guy deals with demons. Usually, Necro ______ deals more with the undead.
DestinyDream, Destiny Holder - DestinyDream is an odd name for someone, even if they made it themselves. And all this damage-dealing makes little sense to me. For someone who changes peoples' destinies?
Sela, Illusion Mistress - Isn't this basically the Phantom Lancer from DotA? I like the concept of a mirror image hero, but I need something separate from a DotA hero.
Pyrophixis, Arch-Demon - A big doomguard demon with a bunch of fire spells. So, SO unoriginal. I do like his spells, however. Maybe make a different hero with the same spells?

I'm still seeing a lot of melee heroes. Gimme some ranged!
???, Necro Walker - Why is he a melee strength hero? His spells feel more like those of a spellcaster. Also, I don't understand his ultimate. On a final note, "Necro" means death. And this guy deals with demons. Usually, Necro ______ deals more with the undead.
You can use him as an Ranged Int if you want. Couldnt stop you anyway. But when i invented that hero i thought of some kind of damage dealer that needs skill. It should be a hero that can deal absolute awesome amounts of damage, but only once and then he have to rely on its own weak meele weapon or go back to the fountain. the second point is that he would be absolutely imba as int hero because he could cast his damage spells with concentrated mana over and over again because even after he sacrificed the half of it, he would have enough for 3 or 4 spells.

His Ultimate is passive. First, it gives him an attribute bonus. Secondly, when he dies, he deals AoE damage depending on the amount of mana left. Not much damage, only enough to finish some creeps of.

I know Necro means death. But i never understood the diference between 'Underworld' and 'Hell'. For me, its all the same mythological Place the Vikings once called 'Hel'. And in my map, the Hell Gate summons Zombies, Skeletons, Void Walkers and Ghosts.
Level 10
Dec 8, 2009
DestinyDream, Destiny Holder - DestinyDream is an odd name for someone, even if they made it themselves. And all this damage-dealing makes little sense to me. For someone who changes peoples' destinies?

well if its the name u can change it u know. u can change it to aw'des.
yup. then why do u want to change ppl's destiny? to make ppl suffer or get what they want. but my hero has undergone tremendous pressure, so he turned evil.

Hero Name: hmm.. Zack?
Class Name White Serpent Sorcerer
Model Used:
Icon: (dunno, myrmidon? '~')
Main Stat: (Intelligence)
Role: (Sorceror?)

Backstory: (...can't think of any ATM '~' Something to do with Maelstrom radiation and him being born with four arms and higher intellect)

Ability 1 Telekinesis
Flavor Text: ('~')
Event Text: The Sorcerer uses his mind to do a lot of stuff, either stun with a sharp mental bolt, or to move objects around
Icon ('~')
Graphic (it should be a spellbook with: (lvl1: one stun bolt masked as telekinesis stuff) (lvl2: Some summon ability that summons small rocks that go and explode, also masked as telekinesis) (lvl3: some root ability also masked as telekinesis) and yeah, with level, abilities add on, to a max number you specify (default as 3)

Ability 2 Mark of the White Serpent
Flavor Text ('~')
Event Text: The sorcerer draws his power from his deity and uses it to form a radiating wave of healing energy. the amount of heal varies with level.
Icon ('~')
Graphic (This should be kinda nerfed channeling tranquility ability with changed effects, as a white mist around or so.. 3 levels.. yeah.. and only at third level it should reach somewhere near the healing amount tranquility has)

Ability 3 Eye of the White Serpent
Flavor Text ('~')
Event Text: The Sorcerer uses his telekinesis, along with his powers to send a barrage of shock-waves at a certain point. The amount varies drastically with each level
Icon ('~')
Graphic (This should be the changed "Rockets" ability from the goblin tinker with missiles changed so something that looks like a shock-wave. You also could add random fire or cold damage with each cast)

Ultimate Ability: Heart of the White Serpent
Flavor Text ('~')
Event Text: At the height of his power, if the Sorcerer is killed, he can be brought back to life, with half-health but full mana, leaving him to channel some stat boosting aura for a while, before the aura vanishes
Icon ('~')
Graphic (Yeah... reincarnation, replace the silly cross, and trigger-add a lill aura after he's revived which will be there for.. half a minute? before you trigger-remove it. it would be nice if you randomize auras each time he reincarnates)

Other Notes: naga royal guard soundset?
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Well heres a wing model for ya

Their blue but they'd work

Not exactly dragon wings but they look pretty cool

If you want a more magicy effect these would work.

If none of these will work, I can try and make a model myself - shouldn't be too complicated (and they wouldn't need to be animated, more just for effect and appearance) - note: I am not a good modeler so I'd prefer to not have to come to this

He doesn't need a flying animation - I was thinking of the flying effect more of a jumping effect, since he's just bypassing over units and obstacles to land near the target unit. Just him walking in air would look sweet too.

Edit: New Concept

Hero Name: Gyro (eh it's cheesy, change it if you want - Gob would work too)
Class Name: Goblin Ace
Icon: Anything Goblinny - though the Exploder won't work too well for it
Model: Goblin Sniper
Main Att: Intelligence
Attack: Ranged
Role: Sniper - should have a very high attack range (relative, not too long) but a slow rate of fire


Backstory: Gyro had always loved guns, and had always had great luck with guns. In fact, his skill with guns allowed him to get over the fact that he is most likely the only Goblin not mechanically inclined. Though the other's had many a time to try and taunt him for this, staring down the barrel of a gun quickly persuaded them of his quote "awesomeness." Though he is very arrogant and narcissistic, the pairing of his amazing aim and that he is normally kept far away from the front line have allowed him to gain respect among the gun wielding community.

Other things about the hero: Though these aren't necessary, they work to add more depth to the character. With his high range and damage, and the relative low technology of the time the plot is in, his shots should be accurate, but miss about 5% of the time - when this happens, he should shout some profanity like "$%#@!" (floating text) and quickly fire another shot of to make up for that (of course this is all just for effect, he still hits the target dealing normal damage, just make the floating text appear, speed up his animation speed shortly and have it play the attack animation again - reset animation speed after). You should also make him shout something cheesy above him when he kills a hero or building - something like "Bullseye" or "Sucker" or something dumb. This is just for aesthetics and to make the hero fit it's character more.

Spell 1: Prone - Toggle On/Off
Gyro goes prone to steady his aim - causing his attacks to deal x (7 - 35) more damage and giving him an (2% - 14%) opportunity to make a head shot dealing double the normal damage from attacks. While Prone Gyro can't move.

Effects: Maybe if you could Foxhole or something of the Bunker variety under him

Spell 2: Goblin Dynamo - Target Ground
Backstory: It accelerates at a googleplex MPH! It defies gravity! It's capable of moving in 4 different dimensions! It's sound can only be heard by dolphins! It is 200% percent efficient! It can make you hear color! It can make you see sound! And best of all, it now comes in 3 NEW COLORS.
Gyro teleports a short distance away (max distance = x (400 - 700), teleporting nearby enemies the same distance in the opposite direction, or as far as they can be moved with normal pathing.
Deactivates Prone.

Effects: Something with Tornados and loud noises will do the trick

Spell 3: Wave Frequency Gun - Toggle On/Off
Backstory: Nothing is more embarrassing for a Goblin then asking another to build something for them - luckily Gyro had his "Confidence" close by with the safety off
While activated, Gyro's gun shoots a special frequency wave instead of his normal bullets. The wave moves in a manner similar to a wave in the water, damaging all units the wave hits. While activated, Gyro's attack strength is reduced drastically but his attack speed is slightly increased (Less of a Sniper Rifle and more of a Battle Rifle - around 20% is probably enough - make sure that attack damage is reduced accordingly or this will be very imba).

Just to clarify this spells effects on the caster. While activated - his attacks are like the Shockwave spell - damaging all enemies it passes through - along with this his attack damage is drastically reduced (decrease the reduction with upgraded levels of this spell) and his attack speed increased slightly

Effects: I'm imagining his attacks to look more like moving Wall's of energy - like he's shootting nets of energy at the enemies.

Spell 4: Laser Barrier - Target Ground
Backstory: Quote: "Stop Moving [email protected]#$it!"

Gyro lobs a barrier generator into the target area, surrounding it with a ring of lasers trapping the units in the area within it. Units trapped inside cannot attack units outside via melee attacks, but ranged attacks move freely through the barrier (including your own). The device also causes enemy Heroes within the device to leak mana slowly over time. Units can use teleportation spells to enter/exit the ring but enemy heroes teleporting out of it suffer x (100) damage and have -30% of their normal move speed. Lasts 12 seconds.

Effects: A electronic device should hover over the target area, and some lasers should rotate around it like a cage.

Btw - found an interesting model if anyone decides to make Goblin themed hero

NOTE: The Prone abilities Headshot effect does not transfer to the Wave gun, though the extra damage does
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Dec 26, 2009
Here is my next hero: because you need a ranged one, I will provide.

HERO NAME: Dungeon Keeper
MODEL: Keeper of the Grove, with this creepy skin:
MAIN STAT: Strength
MELEE: No (use the Chimera acid)
ROLE: Support

When Cenarius created the Keepers of the Grove and the dryads, they split into two groups. The first, and the majority, tended the forests, vowing to protect them with their lives. A smaller group instead fell in love with the underground environment; and together with a group of Night Elf followers they descended into the underground world to protect it from the corruption of the Burning Legion and, later, the Scourge. Their long time in the underground has changed their appearance, giving them a much more horrifying visage than any of their Grove Keeper brothers. Together with their Night Elf followers, now the Deep Elves, they are shunned by much of Night Elf society, and so keep largely to the underground realms. Every once in a while, a Dungeon Keeper will return to the surface to preserve the ties between the Night and Deep Elves, and to show that they are still loyal to the Night Elf mission to safeguard nature and Azeroth. They will join in any conflict that happens to be going on at the time, bringing their powerful underworld powers to bear on their enemies. Like the Grove Keepers, the Dungeon Keepers utilize natural elements to defeat their foes; but, because of the nature of the underworld, their enemies die much more violently than any foe of a Grove Keeper.

Entangling Thorns
Those that enter the Underworld seeking to do harm will find more than harm coming to them, in the form of the spiked roots of the giant mushrooms that live there.
Well, it's just a renamed Entangling Roots spell with a different model ( Don't worry, I have more creative spells in mind for him.
ICON: Entangling Roots

Spawn Mushroom
Mushrooms are the most abundant source of life in the underworld - and therefore the most eaten. Many have developed defenses against predators, the most common of which is poison. This particular kind of mushroom releases poisonous spores in a cloud around it, poisoning all those that go near. The Dungeon Keeper has befriended many of them, and they will not poison him or his allies - but doubly focus on those that are opposed to him.
This ability creates a Mushroom at the location of the Keeper. This mushroom has an aura that poisons nearby enemies, much like Plague Cloud.

Spider Eggs
The Keepers use a combination of spider venom, mushroom spores, slime bodies and other nameless ingredients as their chosen projectile. Every once in a while, a fertile spider egg can sneak in there, ready to hatch when the opportunity presents itself.
Spider eggs is a passive ability that provides a chance to spawn a spiderling on an attack. The spiderlings are fairly weak, but permanent.

As the Dungeon Keeper walked into the light, he was temporarily blinded. It had been years since he had been above ground, due to the growing hostility of the Night Elves and his brothers, the Grove Keepers. But he feared that hostility would become war without constant interaction between the two peoples, and so he had volunteered to go this year to the Night Elf capitol near Terradrissol. As he walked through the forests, he marveled at how different it all was compared to his own underground environment. He was so lost in his observations that he failed to notice his Night Elf pursuers until they stood before him. Startled, he opened his mouth to speak, only to have them shoot a volley of arrows at him.
"I am not your enemy!" he cried as they shot at him again. But they ignored him, and while the arrows had little chance of killing him, he was angered.
"Too long has the power of the underworld been hidden from your eyes," he called amidst the arrows. "Too long have you sneered at us, thinking us evil and stupid as well as without power. But I shall show you the power the underworld when it is angered!"
The area around the Keeper began to rumble. Cracks in the ground appeared, and the shaking grew to the point that trees began to fall. Amidst the destruction, the Keeper stood: and from the ground in front of him erupted a wave of spikes. When they reached the hostile Elves they erupted into the sky, impaling the hapless Elves on their tips. Pulling down shortly after, those that were not killed were left broken on the ground, unable to act.
"The underworld is not as forgiving as the forests," the Keeper remarked to no one specifically. Turning around, the Keeper returned to his underground lair to consider the results the encounter would bring.

The mushrooms summoned by the Keeper can use this model:

EDIT: Completed the hero.
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Apr 20, 2008
Same spells more unique hero.

Name: Menaphis Soulfire
Class Name: Flameweaver
Model Used:
(That with a fire attachment on his sword would be perfect)
Icon: Chaplain/Emmisary
Main Stat: Intelligence
Role: Dps (can be an efficient ganker)

NOTE: I know the melee intelligence thing doesn't seem right, but it adds a nice spin to the hero, and he will have more mana for his spells, and will require some skill to play :D

Backstory: As a child he witnessed his parent's death when their house caught on fire. most people would be traumatized by this to the extent of fearing fire, but Menaphis has been obsessed with it ever since the accident. He was a young and promising wizard when he was sent to track down a bandit in a village. He had suffered severe trauma as a child, and this had driven him to the point of insanity, though he managed to keep himself under control through childhood and into adulthood, he finally snapped when he reached the village, thinking it was corrupted, he burnt it down. Ever since he has been on the run, living as a mercenary.

Ability : Firewall
Flavor Text: The Flameweaver's sword is imbued with fire, allowing him to lash out walls of flame.
Event Text : Sets the ground infront of the Flameweaver ablaze in a straight line, doing x dps for x seconds, firewall lasts x seconds.
Icon: BTNFireBlast
Graphic: Attack Slam animation, and the ground in front of the hero is engulfed in flames in a straight line.

Ability: Engulfing Flames
Flavor Text: The Flameweaver calls upon the spirits of fire which erupt from the ground incinerating his Enemies.
Event Text: Deals x Dmg + x dps to units in an area.
Icon: Bloodmage's Flamestrike
Graphic: This spell will be based of the Bloodmages flamestrike.

Ability: Blaze of speed
Flavor: The Flameweaver his demonic powers to propel himself forward,
burning the ground behind him.
Event : Increases speed by X ammount, deals x dps to anyone who enters the flames behind him.
Icon : BTNBreathOfFireNew
Graphic: increases walkspeed of the hero and burns the ground behind him

Ultimate Ability: Scorching fury ( based of Firelord's incinerate)
Flavor: The fury of the Flameweaver is manifested through his sword, burning his target harder every hit.
Event: Adds x dmg to the first attack, than x times that on the second and so on.
Graphic: Adds a fire effect on the target.

There i think that's better :D
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Aug 8, 2009
Same spells more unique hero.

Awesome. The link in your post doesn't work, though.

EDIT - Added another hero from me.

EDIT - Just thought I'd let you guys know, I just started triggering these heroes! This project technically doesn't have a name yet, but I'll be sure to notify everyone about the finished project.

Hero Name: The Frozen One
Class Name: Icelord
Model: Icecrown Overlord
Ranged (400)
Slows, slows, more slows

Backstory: From the frozen wastes of the northern arctic comes a being of pure ice. The Frozen One, the Bringer of Cold, he's been called many names, but one thing is for certain. He's here to envelop the land in a snowy tundra, and he's willing to do anything to achieve his goal.

Important Note: This hero relies on "cold tokens." Each cold token on a target slows its movement and attack speed by 5% and lasts 6 seconds. These tokens stack.

Name: Frostbite
Flavor: "Your warmth is vile. Let me fix it for you."
Effect: Deals light instant damage, and applies a buff that adds a cold token to them each second for X seconds. (around 8 at max level?)
Icon: Breath of Frost
Graphic: The frost (looks like the slowed buff) gets more intense with each cold token. On casting there may be an icy-looking effect, too.

Name: Flash Freeze
Flavor: "Endless winter awaits this land. Let the very ground you walk on be your death."
Effect: Deals light instant damage to everyone in an area around the Frozen One, freezing them in place for X seconds and applying X cold tokens to them.
Icon: Frost Nova
Graphic: Should look like this or this.

Name: Coldbringer
Flavor: He is the incarnate of all that is frozen and cold. Anyone that dares strike him will be overcome with his icy embrace.
Effect: Has X% chance to put a cold counter on anyone that attacks the Icelord.
Icon: The icon for the Slowed buff
Graphic: Nothing for the Icelord, attackers get slowed.

Ultimate: Ice Age
Flavor: "The cold is eternal. You cannot escape it. It is inevitable."
Effect: Increases the duration of all cold tokens. (by 6 seconds at max level)
Icon: Freezing Breath
Graphic: None
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Oct 9, 2009
This is my own hero idea (I hope you like it)

HERO NAME(S): Labbaglax Axxoladox, Obdienne Rabasher, Distruxx Oksidijhan, Xham Vul'khan
CLASS NAME: Obsidian Destroyer (Very original xD)
MODEL: Obsidian Statue (alternate form, very original again)
MAIN STAT: Agility or Intelligence
RANGED: Yes (450 is good )
ROLE: DD, Support. Idk for now :S.

BACKGROUND HISTORY: i put this later...only wait :)

Ability 1: Orb of Annihilation
Flavor Text: The Obsidian Destroyer, active the great orb in his staff and gain the power to kill their enemies in an area.
Event Text: Each attack can add to the destroyer a bonus equal to basic agility multiplied by 70% of the total intelligence possessed. Also the Destroyer wins an AoD, allowing to damage units close to the first target attacked.
Icon: Orb Of DeathOn (Yes an attack like normal Obsidian Destroyer, Autocasted :])
Graphic: Annihilation Missile

Ability 2: Devour
Flavor Text: "The destroyer is a great force. In battle, the destroyer can channel energies on his staff, allowing absorb all spells in a specific area. The energy absorbed in the staff of the destroyer are released instantly damaging all units in the area."
Event Text: The destructor uses his staff to absorb all spells from the selected area. After the destroyer release those energies in a dark explosion to cause damage equal to [(50 multiplied by the level of the skill) plus (the number of units in the area multiplied by the level of the destroyer)]
Icon: DevourMagic
Graphic: The generic one...if i find custom effects that fits the idea on my mind i put the link later

Ability 3: Obsidian Aura
Flavor Text: "I tell you my friend, when you see a Destroyer in the enemy lines, you will know it's a difficult battle to win. Those things have a strange aura and if you look carefully you will notice something interesting. The soldiers who commands the destroyer fight better and have better durability. Also these things help the wizards and sorcerers in the battle against us. So I say: This battle will be long unless we learn to neutralize the Destroyers.
Event Text: The Destructor gets the ability to regenerate a percentage of the life and mana of friendly allied units. The aura regenerates an amount of life equal to strength plus 50% of the total life of the Destroyer. Also regenerates an amount of mana equal to Intelligence plus 25% of total mana pool of the Destroyer.
Icon: PASBTNRegenerationAura, PASBTNShadeTrueSight...
Graphic: ObsidianRegenAura

Ultimate: Orb of Destruction
Flavor Text: I was a survivor of that horrible thing. I remember, I saw a darkness that never saw. A large black sphere in the sky was formed. Then the black sphere began to grow and grow in the area near where we fought ...
When that thing was the size equal to a castle, was when explode. The explosion kills everyone in the area, remove the living and the dead in the same way ...
I'm telling you, my friend when you see a black dot on the battlefield ... run, just run ...and pray for the aid of light

Event Text: The Destroyer summons the great obsidian orb at the selected point. Channeling dark energies, the destroyer allowed to grow within a radius of 250. Any unit that is in the affected area, suffers a reduction in movement speed of 12% * Skill Level. After the sphere reaches its growth limit, it explodes causing damage type force equal to 130 * skill level. During the time that the field grows, the Destroyer is channeling ability.
Icon: BTNOrbOfDarkness, BTNSoulGem, BTNUsedSoulGem
Graphic: I will give details of this after dinner ... xD
Level 13
Aug 8, 2009
Not as many submissions today. Nonetheless, here are the changes since last time.

Ones added to the accepted list:
Azryxx, Jade Hunter (Melee intelligence tank) - Bah, this guy's really grown on me. I don't know how to make that 200 jump in his ultimate, but I'll figure out something.
Menaphis Soulfire, Flamewaver (Melee intelligence damage-dealer) - As noted before, I do like his spells. And oddly enough, this is our first hero that's actually human. Good work. However, I'll have to rename his Firewall spell because of the Firewyrm's ability named Firewall. I'm thinking "Wake of Fire" sounds pretty cool.
The Frozen One, Icelord (Ranged intelligence slower/disabler) - Made by me.
???, White Serpent Sorcerer (Ranged intelligence all-rounder) - Another really cool naga hero by Misha. :D

Heroes on the rejected list (old ones removed):
Gyro, Goblin Ace - I hate having to reject this guy. Honestly, I love him. Just... his ultimate is very similar to the Terraformer's. Also, I don't really like his third ability, and I don't think it's possible to do weapon damage in a shockwave-like AoE. The splash-line thing damage targets behind the initial one, not actually like shockwave.
???, Obsidian Destroyer - Far too much like the Obsidian Destroyer from DotA. No DotA allowed in my AoS.

Another count (only the accepted ones)
We have 11 melee, 5 ranged, 2 strength, 6 agility, and 8 intelligence. Still need more ranged and more strength.
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Gyro, Goblin Ace - I hate having to reject this guy. Honestly, I love him. Just... his ultimate is very similar to the Terraformer's. Also, I don't really like his third ability, and I don't think it's possible to do weapon damage in a shockwave-like AoE. The splash-line thing damage targets behind the initial one, not actually like shockwave.

I was thinking about the shockwave like AoE - I can see how to make a shockwave projectile but I'm not entirely sure how to get the specific damage of the unit - perhapes there's Jass line - but you could take the searing flame spell, everytime it's cast in autocast you use the target unit as the target area reference, then you can create a unit for the projectile and cause it to damage the units it runs into on its way to a certain distance. I like the idea of this spell, if there's any way to get this done then I would like to see this get in - being able to hit multiple targets would be pretty realistic and cool.

I'll try to come up with another Ult - but for this guy It need some form of stunning or disabling. Just not right now
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Oct 9, 2009
Response to: Submit your own hero...Ok I try it, but i fail you Obsidian Destroyer :(

Well, okay ... I base my idea into a hero named Obsidian Destroyer, which appears on a map called Enmity campaign (Author -> Tekkvicious). The Obsidian Destroyer of Dota is very similar to the hero on that map.

I proposed the hero because I liked the gameplay with this guy ...

Dota was in the version 6.40 or 6.41 when the final version of Enmity Campaign was launched (0.78) ... I think I still did not come out the Obsidian Destroyer of Dota ...
(I don't remember very well :/, 4 years have passed since the final version :pcry: )
I regret that you will not like... I just wanted to see him again in a map ...

Anyways, I have some more ideas...only wait :psmile:
Level 14
Jan 5, 2009
Hero Name: Crazy Seal
Class Name: Pyschic Seal
Model Used: (Seal)
Main Stat: Agility
Role: (Support/Damage)

Backstory: (Unknown. Archive was deleted to stop Heresy)

Ability 1: Pyschic Lightning
Flavor Text: The seal fires lightning out of his mind burning the targets and nearby enemies minds.
Event Text: Damage to target: 100/150/200. Damage to Nearby People: 50/75/100. AoE: 200/300/400. Stun: 1/2/3 seconds
Icon (ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNPurge.blp)
Graphic: Lightning to Target, Lightning from Target to Nearby enemies.
Trigger needed: Yes

Ability 2: Mind Flay
Flavor Text: The seal emits a courage destroying signal.
Event Text: Causes enemy units to run away from the seal. Duration: 1.5/3/4.5
Icon (ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNOrbOfCorruption.blp)
Graphic. Detonate model (Wisp)

Ability 3: Ultimate Force
Flavor Text: Lifts up nearby units into the air then forcing them down
Event Text: Height: 100 X Level. Damage 100 X Level
Icon (ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNUsedSoulGem.blp)
Graphic: Targets Lift up in the air for 100 X Level X 0.01 seconds then pushed down fast

Ultimate Ability: Sacifice of Power
Flavor Text: The seal sacifices himself but does a huge shockwave of damage
Event Text: 1 X ( Mana + Health ) = Damage
Icon (ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNHeartOfAszune.blp)
Graphic: The seal dies but a huge shockwave pushes people back and damages them. Any Big Magic Boom type model.

Other Notes: If the seal reaches 0 mana he either: Is ordered immediatly back to base or gets 200 mana instancely. Has a 75% chance to go back and a 25% chance to get the 200 mana.