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Steel, Blood, and Glory v2.04o

Submitted by Map Designer
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
---------- map designer Presents ----------

Steel, Blood, and Glory
Created by map designer

The Vision behind its existance

  1. I did not like how the melee system is a bit complicated ... millions of flyers and mages that are hardly controlled... and three heroes!! one hero should be enough, one leader.
  2. I found the campaign first chapters fun to play, especially ROC, when there were some units available only: Human chapter 5, Undead chapter 3~5, Orcs chapter 3~5, and a little bit Night elves chapter 3.
  3. I like lord Garithos and his knights( not his personality). In my first version, I just added him to a map and played against normal AI, building only knights and footmen (no triggers).
  4. I like "logic" in the map, and I can never sacrifice it for the sake of balance.

*any further points referring to the philosophy will be coloured lime
I will tell you the story of me making the map at the end>>


  1. One hero is allowed
  2. Different units and upgrade are available to different heroes, few of which are made and do not exist on the normal melee maps. each has his speciality, and has his own men and followers.
  3. Few heroes are added to each race
  4. Ogre Mercenary camp guarded by ogres. Only BeastMaster can recruit ogres, and only when he defeat their lord.

    • Philosophy: since the BeastMaster is half ogre and half orc, he may negotiate with ogres. They only accept to aid him and none else: he is the only one that may be worthy, if he have slain the ogre lord.
  5. Bandits Mercenary camp guarded by Bandits. Only Warcheif can recruit bandits, and only when he defeat their leader.

    • Philosophy: Bandits may only help humans, and he must be one with pride in battle, like the Warcheif. They only help if Bandit Lord was slain.
    • Philosophy:How come a paladin hires mercenary bandits!! HE CANNOT ABANDON HIS VIRTUES.
    • Philosophy:Maybe I make Dark Ranger hire both ogres and bandits if she controlled their lord...maybe
  6. Huge Fish Camp near fountain of health
  7. Some Heroes get abilities upon leveling up, or learning a skill, and under certain conditions: refer to the trigger, hints, or tool tip description of each hero
  8. Slightly different items in the goblin Marchant shop, non of which is super or very strong, and slight changes overall, to states of some heroes and units (regeneration, armor, abilites)

Some else stuff about map:

Heroes gathered their men and followers and set their camps. Who proves to be the best? who is catching the honour and pride? Plan your strategy, gather your forces, and win the glorious battle.


Hero-Army Screenshots

Image Description:
Human Army

Image Description
Orcish Army


Image Description:
Undead Army


Image Description:
Night Elven Army


Camps Screenshots

Image Description:
Bandits' camp


Image Description:
Ogres' camp


Image Description:
Goblins lab


Advice is welcome specifically for
  1. Siege weapons balance. I intend to make it ogre stone thrower, an ogre from Hive, for the Beastmaster.
  2. Human towers prices, since I made Human's guard tower fortified.
  3. New units stats, including HP, Mana, damage, armor,food, and price.
  4. Attributes of Ranger General, Dark Ranger, and Priestess of the Moon.
  5. Night Elven Armies: which units for which heroes
Current bugs and problems

  1. Naga: old workers do not build and player be revealed.[*]sound set of Ranger General is bad for now. I basically want just to rearrange the sound from the original sound set of Sylvanus Windrunner, but I could not do this without importing, and thus making the map filesize huge. For that, I just stuck to old sound set of Sylvanus.
  2. I want paladin hero to have shining light when he casts spell, like his sub-ordinates young paladins.
  3. I want the paladin to be able to train knights, but this may unbalance the game....you know that silver hand should have knights,right?
  4. Game Interface sometimes Change!!
  5. Description of some units/buildings/etc.. needs to be improved.

Current Plan, in the order of priority, is:

  1. Improving AI so that it chooses random hero rather than specific one, blade master in the orc case. I will also improve AI difficulty. This will hopfully enable real fun even in single player mode :)
  2. Changing the terrain, probably making new map for 8~12 players (what do you think?)
Change Log:

Change Log

Version 2.00


Version 2.01

  • Night Elven AI: Priestess of the Moon

Version 2.01>> 2.02g


  • Fixed some hot keys and writings
  • Scrolls of mana are 1 and no longer 5 scrolls in the merchant shop
  • Silverhand Paladinsnow have resistant skin ability. This makes them un-digestable or charmable or controlable by banshees.
  • Warlocks, blood fiends, and fel hounds now also use the upgrade of back pack
  • Warchief has 10% chance to bash for 2 seconds instead of 20% to bash for 2.5 seconds
  • reworked plates of war damage reudction to be 3.5 for iron plates and 7 for golden plates instead 7, 11

Version 2.03

Version 2.03a

  • Modified item drops for the big neutral camps
  • Demon Hunter no longer can play the Night elves; instead, it has naga army and has model file of illidan(Evil)
  • Redistributed the naga army between Demon Hunter and Naga Sea Witch: The hunter takes Myrmidon and Naga Royal Guard, limited to 4, 1, repectively, while the Sea Witch takes the siren and Couatl, as well as the associated upgrades of ensnarre, abolish magic, and siren master training.
  • Warchief: Rebalanced Plates of War, making it only blocks ranged attackes (7, 11)
  • Warcheif: Rebalanced shield of Honour, making it block 18% of melee attacks instead of 15%
  • Warcheif: Rebalanced intellegence growth, making it semilar to that of the Tauren Cheiftan instead of 1 starting int and 0 growth. This only makes the warchief vulnerable to mana burn and man siphon spells, as he never uses his mana.
  • Ranger General starting agility increased from 19 to 21, making it equal to that of the Dark Ranger
  • Demon Hunter's model file has changed to that of Illidan (Evil)
  • Movement Type of Demon Hunter and Naga Sea Witch has changed to Amphibious, enabling them to walk on water.
  • Rearranged Night Elf army: Mountain Giant has moved from demon hunter to Warden, while Druids of the claw has moved to Keeper of the Gorve. Huntressess has been removed from Keeper of the Grove. Keeper of the Grove also can no longer upgrade archers.
  • Added Furbolgs camp to the north of the map
  • Priestess of the Moon can now recruit Furbolgs up the death of Furbolg Champion

Version 2.03b

  • Fixed the Green icons of Plates of War and Golden Armour when f10 is pressed

Version 2.03c

  • Fixed Hotkey of Comradeship
  • Fixed the some tool tips

Version 2.03c>>2.03k

  • Rebalanced warcheifs shield of honour: 18% to block 65 damage
  • Fixed the tooltips of the Warcheif as well as other units
  • warlocks of the blade master are now unarmored
  • fixed bug that warcheif can train unlimited amount of captains instead of not being able to build them: Warchief can no longer train any captain after golden armour upgrade
  • Ranger General now have Frost Arrows, just like the Naga sea Witch, instead of Cold arrows.
  • Crypt Lord now have burrow ability when he has burrow upgrade. His model need to be fix though... :/ and tool tip I think
  • Fixed the bug that Keeper of the grove cannot recruit bears

Version 2.03l

  • Fixed the bug that demon hunter cannot recruit Naga royal guard. I apologize for this and the bears' bug.
  • Rebalanced Furlbolgs gold and lumber costs.
  • AddedFurbolg Elder Shaman Briliance Aura.

Version 2.03q

  • Replaced Goblin's lab with Fountain of Health
  • Added some Doodads near Bandits camp

Version 2.03s

  • Added "-unshare", "-share", and "-fullshare" commands, to change controlabitly of Ally AI

Version 2.04

Version 2.04b


  • Added Corrupted Night elves race to the night elves. They follow the ordinary, and not the winged, demon hunter
  • Added new building to pitlord: Demon Gate. This building summons a power Demon from the burning legion in the nether world every 100 seconds
  • Added void walker for the pitlord, as basic archer unit
  • Removed Gargoyles from the pitlord special units. Now only the dread lord can train Gargoyles.
  • Extended Flesh Decay Time from 2.00 seconds to 60 seconds. This will make it look more realistic that the corpses stay for longer and decay slowly as in real battle.

Version 2.04c


  • Void walker now requires halls of the dead
  • fixed few timer window issues appearing multiple times when more a second and third demon gate is summoned
  • limited number of Demon Gates to 1 per player. It did not really change how it functions
  • Buidling Demon Gate now requires buildable ground and is prevented by unblighted land, in object editor settings
  • Deleted a couple of broken old triggers
  • Fixed bug that warchief AI not running in v2.04b

Version 2.04e


  • Fixed bug that corrupted night elf players cannot upgrade there unit's Attack and Defense
  • Rebalanced the prices of corrupted trees, of Life, of Ages, and of Eternity

Version 2.04f


  • Fixed bug that Keeper of the Grove Night elf players do not have well spring upgrade.

Version 2.04i


  • Fixed bug that Night elf players do not have Well Spring upgrade for Warden and Priestess of the Moon

Version 2.04l


  • Fixed a couple of bugs with wisps issues of night elves. Now both night elves and corrupted night elves have same wisps. The corrupted night elves' wisps look purple while the pure ones look blue
  • Removed mana shield from archmage
  • Added summon fire elemental for archmage and mud golem
    thats what i recall for now
  • Fixed some leaks :)

Version 2.04n


  • Replaced Summon Fire Elemental Hero Ability of Archmage with summon Water Elemental. Sorry that I forgot to do it before!


Special Thanks:

These two have helped me with their excellent triggering skills greatly!
Also, thanks to:




Loading Screen/Map Preview Image:
  • Gamer_David has made fascinating terrain for army screenshots
  • defskull has greatly helped me with the screenshot triggers


Author's notes:

Here, I will tell you the story of this map's creation.

My start was just placing lord Garithos, which has same model as warchief, at like 2010~2011, few months before I join. I placed him in the middle of Plunder Isles. I had put my own roles, to me and to those friends who play with me. It was basically cancelling some units, but then, when I played vs the orcs and found there heroes un-crushable by an army of footmen, I added one hero rule.

After I found the AI too easy for me, I started searching here and there. I found orc master AI, made by blizzard. I imported it and then played. I found easy as well, with the times passing.

Then I moved to DragonFire map, playing vs 2 orcmaster AI's, making sure I am in their middle that they attack from all the sides. After that, I made the human AI, so the game will be 2 human vs 4 orcs. I bit I could win after too tough fights.

-This is why I joined hive btw: to help me first run my AI to all the 6 players in the map players, then to help me with the map. You can see that in my first posts.-

And then, after a while, I sought a map with good, fitting terrain, and I selected Gold shire. I still think it is decent, though a map with more players would be better.

Demonstration Video:

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

steel, blood, and glory, glory, altered melee, melee, altered, high elf, blood elf, warcheif, zalbag, naga,

Steel, Blood, and Glory v2.04o (Map)

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  1. ∆ Op†imise¬

    ∆ Op†imise¬

    Sep 4, 2018
    i see naisha in the screenshots... how do you get her?
  2. Ardenaso


    Jun 22, 2013
    Can't wait to see this in Reforged!