Steel assault 2 Rampage v1.6

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Steel assault 2 Rampage v1.6 (Map)

new in v1.6 :

-new weapons:EMP grenade,TNT barrel,Phosphorus bottle,Mole torpedo
-Airship and Jet have Crash abilitie
-New armor abilities
-New items:Warp device,System hacker

-new weapons since v1.4:
Pyrocanon replaced by Volter (v1.4)
Bouncing bomb (v1.4)
Sheep kamikaze (v1.4)
Redstorm (v1.4)
Death cannon (1.4)
Hellfire bazooka (v1.4)
Bouncing cluster (v1.5)
Death cannon (v1.5)
TNT barrel (v1.6)
EMP grenade (v1.6)
Mole torpedo (v1.6)
Phosphorus bottle (v1.6)