Starting an ORPG unlike any other ORPG out there. I have some questions.

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May 18, 2009
I'm creating an ORPG map that is fast paced. Has hopefully memorable boss fights and dungeons since I spent days on my first and friends said it looked amazing and the terrain where the boss fight would take place looked amazing too. The enemies die realisticly fast and the attacks never take pauses. The PvP will be unique and fun since you'll be able to customize your hero.

The only problem is that I'm just creative and have no experience in map making. I have a few questions I hope you could help me answer so I could make this map come true. :grin:

1: How do I make someone using the hero tavern be able to choose only one hero? People are able to keep picking characters.

2: How do I make -save and -load?

3: How do I make quests available when they double click the questgiver?

4: How do I make shops have a lot of skills to choose from?

5: How do I make a hero teleport somewhere when they walk to the spot?

6: How do I make a feature like -pvp where you unally everyone when you're only in a town?

7: How do I add music to the map without it taking up a lot of space?

8: How do I make a building spawn creatures when it's destroyed?

9: How do I make enemies patrol?

10: Is there a way to add an inventory system where you select which weapon and armor you want to use instead of being able to use 4 weapons and 2 armor?

11: Is there a way to be able to walk by holding the mouse button instead of clicking to walk?

12: Is there a way to be able to select a skill and keep it selected instead of having to keep pressing the hotkey or icon?

13: How do I make a building keep spawning creatures until it's destroyed? How do I make the building only spawn up to a cap of 10 and spawn again when 1/10 or more dies?

14: How do I make a -repick feature?

I'm not expecting all the questions to be answered, but if at least 1/13 of the questions are answered I would be greatly appreciated. Excuse me if this is not the right place to ask or if some of the questions are impossible to answer. Thank you for the help!
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Nov 29, 2008
Well, ap0calypse is right...there are too much ORPGs at the moment here...this sucks me :/

And a Tip: If you don´t know how to do an ORPG...let it be ;)
Start small, what about a singleplayer RPG? I also started with 3 single rpgs, a lot of slaying maps...

Making a good (O)RPG is very hard and takes a lot of time.
Or just try another map-type...dunno.
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Aug 23, 2007
A good idea if you still are intent on working on a large map then you could find an on going project and try joining it as an idea giver. Then you could put your inventive ideas out there and also learn on the way.

As the others said thought start small. Single player rpg would be the way to go. you can learn the basics of triggers. Learning the basics you'll be able slowly complicate your triggers making your game better. Go with a good story, good gameplay, and good heros for your major focuses. You can always get help with terrain. Getting help along the way here will help because we'll all be happy to help you out.

Practice makes perfect. Don't go to difficult right away as that could very easily aggravate you away from map making. Simple and fun. Just remember that and have fun with whatever you choose to do.
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Dec 18, 2007
have no experience in map making
My personal advice is to start on something smaller.
ORPGs take a lot of dedication and skill to make and refine. It would be a better idea if you got yourself familiar with the World Editor and learn some skills before you start on such an ambitious project.

To tell you the truth, ORPGs take too long to make and play. Think about it.
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Sep 11, 2009
I do like your I WANNA MAKE A RPG NO MATTER WHAT spirit, and I know your willing to learn. But making an ORPG would be harsh, even if you want to do it, you need help, help from forumers who are willing to help ya.

So I recommend practising World Editor and reading some tutorials and try out stuff before you go making an ORPG.

Try something smaller such as TD and stuff like that that don't need lots of triggers.
Or you can make a story RPG without save/loading...
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Feb 14, 2008
I have made alot of orpgs through time, only one have succeded, even though i have skills in making quality orpgs, you simply cant complete one without any kind of a team... or maybe, but it will take time. And just a tip. Go to spell section and search for save load, copy paste.
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Oct 17, 2007
Even if you know all that you mentioned in your first post, making an OPRG will still be time consuming and troublesome. Without knowing any of them however, will be very discouraging as you start to work on it since there is no way you can get constant help to smooth the process along and you will just probably quit it some where after start. I highly recommend learning how to use WE first before your first attempt.