StarCraft Art of War - Immortals

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Apr 18, 2011

Strategy, tactics, and skill. At the heart of StarCraft II are the legion of skilled tacticians and brilliant strategists leading armies of zerg, protoss, and terrans to war across the scarred battlefields of the Koprulu Sector. Knowledge is power; the greatest commanders throughout history earned their victories not merely by virtue of strategic brilliance, but also by applying themselves to rigorous study of warfare and the tactics used by those who fought before them. You too can tap into this valuable resource, and that’s where StarCraft Art of War comes in.

Are you a veteran player? Are you new to StarCraft II and striving to improve your skills? In this weekly feature, we invite players of all skill levels to ask questions, share their tactics, post replays, and provide advice for understanding and defeating today’s most popular units or strategies.

This week, we’re analyzing: Patch 1.4 Immortal Changes.

When playing as protoss, how have these changes affected your match-ups, your build orders and your unit compositions? When playing against protoss, how have you adapted your play?

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Jan 18, 2005
I tried to post there but the forum says I need to have created a character in-game? But I have?
Nope, you definatly do not have a character. Or should I say that you do not have a US character?
Unless you brought a US Key, you will only have access to an EU character.

The link provided links to the US forums where a US character is required. Use the language option at the bottom to chang to the European fourms where you will be able to post.
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Feb 4, 2005
Please, it took war3 5 years to start getting overabsued, SC2 did this in 1 year. I know many have played BW or War3 so nearly everyone starts from somewhere, not the complete RTS newbies that people were once in the early war3 years, but yes SC2 already so abused game. I've seen how even lower leagues know what to do.. I mean i've seen silver and golds know how to do things properly, unless they were some loss abusers or smurfs. The other name is SC2 is easier game, that's true.

No wonder, with so many places to learn frm - replays. videos, streams, teamliquid. SC2 is from games where you can lose from just anyone if you're not careful and he does something abusive... and that abusive thing is not hard to learn duh. Broodwar did not have that as it was less abuse and cheese. In war3 it was nearly impossible to lose from lower skilled, someone tower rushes you? Oh good, usually you gain more than the tower rusher so you win eventually.
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