Spring Liquidation ( ver 3.13c )

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

  • NEW Objects :
Add 6 new objects to the map, those objects have new characteristic called
"Threshold". Heroes may enable some effect by hit their Threshold.

~ Creature : Furbolg Tracker [cost 17 energy] , Threshold[Agility 30] ── Furbolg
Tracker restores 125 mana and gains +400 life volume and 'Ravage' ability.

~ Creature : Couatl [cost 15 energy] , Threshold[Agility 24] ── Add
'Aforgomon's Rampage' to your talent list, if you don't have it in your talent
list yet.

~ Item : Cursed Amulet [cost 12 energy] , Threshold[Strength 26] ── Add
'Aforgomon's Ambition' to your talent list, if you don't have it in your
talent list yet.

~ Item : Wand of Neutralization [cost 10 energy] , Threshold[Intelligence 27] ──
Summons 2 'Dryad'.

~ Building : Eternity's Crown [cost 20 energy] , Threshold[Strength 25] ──
Put 'Mana Amber' onto your hero's inventory.

~ Building : Cabal Sanctum [cost 25 energy] , Threshold[Intelligence 28] ──
Add 'Aforgomon's Cunning' to your talent list, if you don't have it in
your talent list yet.
  • Gameplay :
- Ability - Abolish Magic : No longer deals damage to summoned creature.

- Highlord Pyromancer ~ Metallurgic Fusion : If sacrificed creature cost no food,
summoned creature from dropped Fusion Material which come from sacrificed
creature also cost no food.

  • Bug Fixed :
- Item - Glance of Infinity : Now spawning creatures in correct number.

  • Balance :

- General - Terrain : Adjust terrain. Make each side has approximately equal
opportunity to find map object.

- Building - Cannon Tower : Reduce basic-attack power to 20~30 from 31~52
- Building - Cannon Tower : Reduce basic-attack range to 500 from 800
- Building - Watch Tower : Reduce armor to 0 from 3
- Building - Watch Tower : Reduce basic-attack range to 500 from 800
- Building - Undead Mercenary : Provided food reduce to 5 from 6
- Building - Undead Mercenary : Life Volume reduce to 600 from 800

- Ability - Shadow Strike : Energy cost reduce to 5 from 10, Mana cost reduce to 200 from 400
- Ability - Magic Shackles : Energy cost reduce to 7 from 15, Mana cost reduce to 75 from 175
- Ability - Frost Missile : Mana cost reduce to 0 from 200
- Ability - Crushing Wave : Mana cost reduce to 100 from 900
- Ability - Animate Dead : Mana cost reduce to 75 from 300
- Ability - Healing Ward : Energy cost reduce to 6 from 10, Mana cost reduce to 0 from 40
- Ability - Blizzard : Energy cost increase to 3 from 2, Mana cost reduce to 40 from 225
- Ability - Rain of Fire : Now Rain of Fire has 5 level. Rain of Fire allows caster calls
down 6/7/8/9/10 fire waves and each deals 25/36/52/76/110 Spell-damage at
level 1/2/3/4/5
- Ability - Dark Seed : Now dark seed takes 12//7 (level 1//2) seconds to destroy building,
reduce from 20//12 seconds.
- Ability - Dark Seed : Level 2 dark seed is Invulnerable now.

- Creature - Doom Guard : Now can cast Rain of Fire - [level 5]
- Creature - Abomination : Life Volume reduce to 400 from 675
- Creature - Abomination : Hire cost increase to 100 gold from 75 gold.

- Item - Lich's Doom-Horn : Energy increasing effect reduced to +10/+10 from +20/+20
- Item - Lich's Doom-Horn : If its ability was triggered, your hero gains new effect ~
Your hero gains Life Regeneration + 0.8 (life/second), Mana Regeneration
+ 0.8 (mana/second) permanently.

- Talent - Orb of Galaxy : Affects 75% less when against ground creatures.

  • Gameplay :
- General - Heroes : No longer require heroes stay alive to restores their Capture Sphere,
now heroes restores their Capture Sphere to 3 at the beginning of each phase,
even they are dead.

- Building - Cannon Tower : Add "Cannon Tower Upgrade" ability to it. Now Cannon Towers
increase their power whenever they trigger Bombardment ability.
- Building - Watch Tower : Add "Watch Tower Upgrade" ability to it. Now Watch Tower
increase their power whenever they trigger Vorpal Shot ability.
- Building - Undead Mercenary : Add "Hellish Rune Mastery" ability to it. Now
Undead Mercenary increase Abomination and their power whenever it has 800
mana at liquidating.
- Building - Lighthouse : Can hire "Crusader" now.
- Building - Human Mercenary Camp - Adjust ability description.
- Building - Nightmarish Chamber - Add description to explain how it works.

- Creature - Demolisher : Demolishers get a new ability called "Electromagnetic Barrier"
that allows them becomes Invulnerable for a while by consuming energy.

- Talent - Magmatic Weapon : Remake Magmatic Weapon effect.
New effect : [Instant Effect] ~ Put a Magmatic Forming onto your library. It morphs into a
random item at each liquidation.
- Talent - The Last Champion : If some how, the chosen champion dies before phase end,
another random non-hero creature you control becomes champion instead.

- Tutor - Tutor also reflash their minion's affix each day.

- Ability - One with the Machine : Now Merged creature is Elite.

- New Creatures : Wind Rider, Salamander Hatchling, Skeletal Orc, Skeletal Orc Grunt,
Skeletal Orc Champion, Arachnathid Earth-borer, Nether Dragon

  • Bug Fixed :

- Ability - Bombardment : Now calculate distance correctly.
- Ability - fix some bugs that appear when Orbital Accelerator work with
One with the Machine
- Ability - One with the Machine : No longer removes “Elite” ability
- Talent - Shaman Master : Gives shaman +80 mana correctly.
- Talent - Orb of Galaxy : Attack frequency reduction effects is correct now.
- Building - Spirit Lodge - Warrior's Epiphany gives hero +1 strength correctly
if the building at correct condition.

  • Game mechanics :
In spring liquidation 3.0 , the game mechanics is change a lot.

Now each hero use new ability called “Obtain” to gathering army.
They have 3 Capture Sphere on each phase, which can be consumed to cast “Obtain”
, then the obtained object will put on the zone named library (Is the same area that
allows you buy attribute tomes in ver 2.0 ).

Objects in your library can be used whenever you have enough energy to spend.
Their function including summon creatures, equip items or deploy buildings.

Attribute tomes are removed in ver3.0 ; Ver3.0 has its own new way to rise
hero attributes.

  • Object Characteristics :

In ver3.0 object characteristics are changed. They are no longer have attribute
requirements, instead their energy cost are increased and they have a new
characteristic called “Affinity”

An object with “Affinity for Strength” means : For each strength point your hero has,
reduce their energy cost by (1). The same is true for Agility and Intelligence.

You may find some objects have “Guidance” characteristic in ver3.0
An object with “Intelligence Guidance 3” means : When you summon, equip or deploy
it,your hero gets +3 Intelligence permanently. The same is true for
Strength and Agility.

  • Demon Hunter Remake:

At the end of the eternal hunt, the hunter ultimately becomes the thing he hates the
most. Demon Hunter is completely corrupted and becomes Demon Lord.

Contamination Pulse ── Periodically casting blast for three times. Dealing
Hero-damage to all ground enemies nearby.

Vampiric Wave ── Sends a horde of bats shuttle between enemies and allies.
Dealing damage whenever bat meets enemy.
Healing life whenever bat meets ally.

Bloodwings ── Gains flying, increase Basic-attack range, Basic-attack power,
Basic-movement speed and mana regeneration, but loses life
over time.

Dark Seed ── Choose target non-elite building from anywhere on battlefield,
destroy that building and put it onto your library.

  • Scientist and Lich King Ability Upgrade:


New Ability : Orbital Accelerator ── Capture target friendly creature, it becomes a
satellite rotate around your hero periodically.
Satellite's orbital revolution center is always
located on your hero.

New Ability : Cosmic Pocket ── Return target item you control to your library, scientist
keeps that item's passive ability. Then the hero summons
an Aircraft.

Remove : Horrolab, Metallurgic Summoning

Lich King

New Ability : Ice Walk ── Lich King persistently create an Ice Barrier behind his location
until he created X Ice Barrier. Ice Barriers can exist for a while.
Remove : Horcrux

  • Bug Fixed :

~ Talent ── Muster for Battle : Summoned creature cost no food correctly.
~ Talent ── No longer summons rebel when you pick a loot box under the situation
that your opponent has learned “Audacious Hijack” talent.

  • Adjust items intelligence requirement.
  • You may increase rank of your permanent items up to two times.
  • Adjust creatures strength requirement.
  • Creatures you recruited may have “Battleforge” ability, can activate it to increase their power.

  • Add 6 new talents for each hero

Grand Wizard :

‧ Heretical Wizard: Hero's Agility +3, Strength +1

‧ Incantation Vortex: Non-hero creatures gain following Mana Volume + 70
and Mana Regeneration + 1 (mana/second)

‧ Void Rain: Ambipolar Wave drops void rain

‧ Alchemy Monstrosity: Alchemy Craft also crafts a monster

‧ Arcane Barrage: Plasmonic Beam also creates Arcane Missile every 0.25 second

‧ Massive Mind Control: Gain control all creatures in map that has less strength than
your hero's intelligence

Demon Hunter :

‧ Heretical Hunter: Hero's Strength +3, Intelligence +1

‧ Runeblades: Enhance Bouncing Glaive

‧ Searing Blade: Your hero ignore 5 armor from enemies.

‧ Promise of Illidari: Summons Illidari Felreaper

‧ Muster for Battle: Increase attack power, summon creatures, gain items

‧ Flight Mastery: No longer loses life over time in Demon form

Highlord Pyromancer:

‧ Heretical Pyromancer: Hero's Agility +3, Intelligence + 1

‧ Flame Barrage: Storm of Cindercleave periodicity throws a fireball to a random enemy

‧ Combustion: Enemy Shrine may drops energy box when it dies.

‧ Melting Cleave: Moves 30% quicker during channeling Storm of Cindercleave.

‧ Magmatic Weapon: Put a Magmatic Weapon onto your inventory

‧ Blood Fuel: Metallurgic Fusion also restores mana


‧ Heretical Scientist: Hero's Agility +1, Strength +3

‧ Rocket Shot: Battlemechs enable Rocket Shot ability

‧ Brain Jar: Destroy a creature, put its brain onto your inventory.

‧ Orb of Galaxy: Your hero deals more damage to air creatures

‧ Deep Analysis: Decrease attributes requirement of objects that created by your

‧ Assembled Colossus: Summons a Assembled Colossus

Lich King:

‧ Heretical Lich: Hero's Agility +1, Intelligence + 3

‧ Fencing Master: Frostblade Charge deals more damage to building and channels

‧ Lich's Doom-Horn: Put Lich's Doom-Horn onto your inventory.

‧ The Dragonmourne: Put Dragonmourne onto your inventory.

‧ Death And Decay: The Killing Fields also creates a swamp at enemy tower

‧ Glacial Adaptation: All creatures you control have chance deal frost nova on attack.

Master of Gun Kata:

‧ Heretical Enforcer: Hero's Strength +1, Intelligence +3

‧ Doubt Reality: +15 Contraband

‧ Audacious Hijack: Enemy Shrine may drops Experimental Subject when it dies.

‧ The Great Escape: Lock the battlepool.

‧ Cruel Truths: Sacrifice all creatures to gives your hero +1 attack power for each
sacrificed creature.

‧ Rebirth from Despair: Your hero can attack 2 additional target on attack.


‧ Now players may buy tome of attributes from above energy bar

New System: Talent

Now each player will unlock talent system when they complete tutorial
Every player gain one talent point each round, capped to 10 talent point for each game.
Player can use talent point to activate powerful talent ability

  • General Talent [Apply to all Hero]:
‧ Stronghold: Your castle +800/+800
‧ Mutate: Friendly non-hero creatures gain +4 attack
‧ First-aid Kit: Put a Lesser Rejuvenation Potion onto your hero's inventory
‧ Meditation: Your hero + 200 experience
‧ Reinforcements: Summon two priest
‧ Noble Presence: Your hero +10 attack, +0.25 (Hz) attack speed, Life/Mana +300/+ 150

  • Intelligence Talent [Apply to Intelligence Hero]:
‧ Philosopher's Stone: Your hero +25% Spell/Magic ─ Damage
‧ Inspiration: Your hero + 70% Cooldown Accelerate, + 3 (mana/second) Mana Regeneration
‧ Indomitable Creativity: Return 70% spent mana when trigger Flash of Insight
‧ Meteorite: Put a Chaos Shard with two charges onto your hero's inventory
‧ Summon Mastery: Creature summoned by your hero gain Life/Mana +50/+ 80,
Life Regeneration + 4 (life/second)
Mana Regeneration + 2 (mana/second)
‧ Inventors' Fair: All of your Crystal Pylon and Pylon Wreckage becomes Arcane Vault with a random item

  • Strength Talent [Apply to Strength Hero]:
‧ Warpath: If friendly creatures would spend at least 50% mana volume of their mana to firing Mana Bolt, they gain + 2 attack, +50 Life Volume
‧ A Farewell to Arms: When liquidating, heal all friendly non-hero creatures
‧ Throwing Axe: Your melee hero can attack air creatures
‧ Siphon Affinity: Siphon Aura restore more life
‧ Steel Legion: Summon two Demolisher
‧ The Last Champion: When liquidating, a random friendly creature becomes Invulnerable until next liquidating

  • Agility Talent [Apply to Agility Hero]:
‧ Dark Temple: Put a Skeleton Key onto your hero's inventory
‧ Living Building: Friendly non-elite buildings gain +8 Armor, + 3 (life/second) Life
‧ Runaways: Your hero + 50 Movement Speed
‧ Sapphire Inlay: Friendly creature burn enemies mana while attack
‧ Mercenary Waves: Gain two creatures while you hire a creature
‧ Deep Ones: When liquidating, your hero summons Snap Dragons base on your buildings

  • Enlighten Talent ── Dawkins [When your tutor is Dawkins]:
‧ Dawkins' Teachings: Your hero + 4 Strength
‧ Lotus Field: Your Energy +15/+15
‧ Will of Nature: Decrease energy cost of Treant to 2 from 6 (kgoe)
‧ Improved Recipe: Growth Potion also gives target + 5 Armor
‧ Thorns Skin: friendly non-hero creature has chance to blast a batch of spike when attacked
‧ Evolve: Sacrifice all of your non-hero creatures then summon +2 level creature for each
sacrificed creature

  • Enlighten Talent ── Ramanujan [When your tutor is Ramanujan]:
‧ Ramanujan' Teachings: Your hero + 4 Intelligence
‧ True Sight Goggles: Your hero can see nearby invisible creatures
‧ Unlimited Vision: Permanently reveals the entire jungle in map
‧ Firebat Squad: Summon two Batrider
‧ Sniper Rifle: Your non-hero ranged attackers + 25% Basic-Attack range
‧ Divine Summoning: Modify summoned creatures' Basic-Attack type to Magic-Attack

  • Enlighten Talent ── Noyce [When your tutor is Noyce]:
‧ Noyce's Teachings: Your hero + 4 Agility
‧ Patent Empire: When liquidating, each your non-elite building gives you 25 gold
‧ Shaman Master: Your Shaman +200% attack speed, +80 Mana Volume, +6 Armor
‧ Vengeful Bolt: When a friendly non-hero creature dies, it deals Spell-damage to enemy castle
‧ Incinerate: Hero's spell has chance to deal extra damage
‧ Fire Condense: Put four Fire Potions onto your hero's inventory

  • Enlighten Talent ── Dijkstra [When your tutor is Dijkstra]:

‧ Dijkstra's Teachings: Your hero + 2 Intelligence + 2 Strength
‧ Epitaxy: When Dijkstra reflash his basic minions, he also restores up to two of your Crystal
‧ Dispersion: Each of your Tunnelstone can use twice
‧ Heat Drain: Put a Heat Drain Scepter onto your hero's inventory.
‧ Water Cycle: Whenever you recruit a building, your hero summons two Water Elemental
‧ Cutting Artistry: Decrease energy cost of Water Elemental and Tunnelstone to 5 from 10

  • Enlighten Talent ── Chien-Shiung [When your tutor is Chien-Shiung ]:
‧ Chien-Shiung's Teachings: Your hero + 2 Intelligence + 2 Agility
‧ Double Agent: The number of Secret Agent per day + 1, energy cost of -5 (kgoe)
‧ Nocturnal Strike: Whenever you activate Nocturnal Knives, Hurls a poisoned dagger at a random enemy
‧ Camisado: When the sun sets, all creatures you control get Stealth for 100 seconds
‧ Sun Shield: Your Shrine is Invulnerable during daylight hours
‧ Parity: Your hero gains different effect based on day or night

  • Enlighten Talent ── Asimov [When your tutor is Asimov ]:
‧ Asimov 's Teachings: Your hero + 2 Strength + 2 Agility
‧ Death Army: When enemy buildings dies, your hero summons 3 Skeletal Mage
‧ Soul Split: Whenever you activate Nocturnal Knives, Hurls a poisoned dagger at a random
‧ The Foundation: When liquidating, each your non-elite building gives your hero 80 experience
‧ Mana Injection: Creatures you recruited or hired have 50% initial mana
‧ Reaper Harvest: When enemy Shrine dies, it drop 3 additional loot boxes

New mechanism: Shrine

Now each player has a shrine on the battlepool.
Destroy opponent's shrine to get loot box.
Loot box can deals damage to enemy castle or heal your castle


- Creature ~ Chimaera: Food cost down to 0 from 5

- Item ~ Growth Potion: Now can target Sorcery Immunity creatures.
- Ability ~ One with the Machine: Bonus mana increase to 50/84/141/238/400 from
- Ability ~ One with the Machine: Bonus Basic-Attack frequency increase to
0.15/0.22/0.324/0.476/0.7 (Hz) from 0.15/0.178/0.212/0.252/0.3 (Hz)
- Ability ~ Horrorlab: The poison damage increase to 12/16/22/31/42 from
12/14/19/24/28 per second.
- Ability ~ Horrorlab: Venom Sentry basic-attack power increase to 5/7/10/14/20 from
- Ability ~ Metamorphosis: Add reminder text of life cost. (New player often forget the cost of demon form, cause them suicide oftenly. Add reminder text should reduce such case.)

- Building ~ Goblin Merchant: Agility requirement reduce to 25 from 33
- Bug fixed: Now "Spell/Magic + X" affixes affect mana bolt correctly.
- Bug fixed: Now Moonstone can affect Nocturnal Knives correctly.
- Bug fixed: Now player having dozens of item-link creatures won't cause "One with the
Machine" broken
- Bug fixed ~ Soul Split : Return life and mana correctly.
- Bug fixed ~ "One with the Machine" : Now work correctly.
- Bug fixed ~ Warpath : fix a issue that caused the timer broken
- Text error fixed ~ Shaman Master : +5 Armor display correctly.

New Hero: Master of Gun Kata

Basic-Attack (A) :
Basic-Attack firing three missiles; these missile has following characteristic:

  • Dealing damage equal to 50% Basic-Attack power.
  • First missile is track missile; it deals Hero-damage.
  • Second and third missile is penetration missile; they deal Spell-damage and they can penetrate all enemies they hit.
Pestilential Barrage (W) :

Send a mass of hyperbaric gas moving towards in target direction while the hero also recoils in the
opposite direction, Dealing Magic-damage and knocking back any enemies they collide by gas clumps,
if those enemies are able to move.

All friendly creatures on path gains Stealth for a while.
The gas clumps decrease 20% of its current velocity for each enemies it hits.

Additionally, the hero increase Basic-Attack range by 400 and increase Basic-Attack frequency for a while.

Cruel Revelation (E) :

Sacrifice a friendly non-hero creature or building. If you do, the hero deals Spell-damage to all enemies
nearby the sacrificed object. Object damaged this way loses mana base on sacrificed object's mana.

Put X "Contraband" in your hero's inventory, where X is half the number of sacrificed object's
attributes requirement.

You can use "Contraband" to recruit object, more Contraband you have more powerful object
you can recruit.

Underground Tunnel (R) :

  • Passive ~ Increase damage of the first missile on each Basic-Attack fired.
  • Active ~ Choose a friendly creature or building from anywhere. Then the hero channels for 5 seconds, it gains Stealth and gives chosen object armor within duration. When channeling is done, exchange the position of hero and the chosen object, if they are able to move. Objects who move this way fires a shockwave that pass through the movement path, dealing Spell-damage base on total Basic-Attack power of hero and chosen object.
Equilibrium (T) :

Deploy a building named "The Order of Equilibrium" to target point.

Create a item named Handcuffs put it into hero's inventory. You can use Handcuffs to imprison target
recruitable object. And you may recruit objects imprisoned this way any time for the rest of the game."

Additionally, object imprisoned this way decrease their Attribute Requirement when liquidating.

New Tutors :

Tutor : Ramanujan ---

  • Minion: Ice Troll
Energy cost : 6 (kgoe)
Basic-Attack Power : 10~14
Armor : 7
Life Volume : 225
Mana Volume : 60

  • Item: Glance of Infinity
Energy cost : 10 (kgoe)

Sacrifice a friendly creature. Hero summons two creatures
with a same name of the sacrificed creature.
Their life and life volume is half the sacrificed creature's.
If creature summoned this way would die, deal X Erode
Spell-damage to their controller's castle. Where X is equal to
creature level multiplied by forty.

Tutor : Chien-Shiung ---

  • Minion: Secret Agent
Energy cost : 10 (kgoe)
Basic-Attack Power : 16~21
Armor : 5
Life Volume : 380
Mana Volume : 110

  • Item: Nocturnal Knives
Energy cost : 6 (kgoe)

Hero blinks to target point within 800 decimeters.
If you activate this ability at night, the blink range increase
to 1350 decimeters.

Tutor : Noyce ---

  • Minion: Shaman
Energy cost : 8 (kgoe)
Basic-Attack Power : 15~17
Armor : -2
Life Volume : 345
Mana Volume : 80

  • Item: Fire Potion
Energy cost : 8 (kgoe)

Remove all charges from this item,
Deals 38 Erode Spell-damage per second to any target for
each charges removed while activate; last 4 seconds.

Changes of gameplay mechanism :

  • Now each player start with three option of heroes, choose one of three heroes to start the game.
  • Then each player now have two option of tutors, choose one of two tutors to open the path and start to play.

New Objects:


Warhammer ──
(Energy Cost : 25 , Intelligence Requirement : 29)

Basic-Attack power + 3
Strength + 4

When equipped hero deals Hero-damage to an enemy creature, it throws a hammer to that enemy to deal 75 Spell-damage and Stun (Stunned creature can't do anything) that enemy for 3 seconds. (2 seconds for a hero or a creature with level 6 or greater) This trigger ability has 7 seconds cooldown.

Cooldown speed of this item's trigger ability get 2% quicker for each Intelligence point the equipped hero has. (Can stack with Cooldown Accelerate)


Summoner's Temple ──
(Energy Cost : 18 , Agility Requirement : 27)

When a friendly non-summoned creature with level 3 or greater dies, summons a random creature with level equal to death creature's level minus 2 . Creatures summoned this way has 100 seconds lifespan limit.

If the hero has 35 Agility or more, lifespan limit becomes 200 seconds.

Lighthouse ──
(Energy Cost : 15 , Agility Requirement : 17)

When liquidating, your castle restores 300 life.

If your hero has 33 Agility or more, restores 500 life instead.

Update of Abilities & Gameplay Constant :

Mercenary Camp (Type - 1) ──
(Energy Cost : 20 , Agility Requirement : 14)

New Research : Improve Pauldron ── If your hero has [17/22/29] or more Agility while
liquidating, increase Grunt armor by [4/8/12]

New Research : Assassination Training ── If your hero has 32 or more Intelligence and 27 or more Strength while liquidating, Night elf Archers increase their
armor by 7, increase movement speed by 135,
increase Life Regeneration by 250% and
gain Advanced Shadow Meld.

Mercenary Camp (Type - 2) ──
(Energy Cost : 20 , Agility Requirement : 19)

New Research : Improve Sword ── If your hero has [22/27/32] or more Agility while liquidating,
increase Footman Basic-attack power by [5/10/15]

New Research : Advanced Quiver ── If your hero has 28 or more Intelligence and 30 or more Strength while liquidating, Increase Sun elf Archer Basic-attack
power by 5, Basic-attack frequency by 100% and Basic-attack range by 200

Mercenary Camp (Type - 3) ──
(Energy Cost : 15 , Agility Requirement : 15)

New Research : Supply Corpses ── If your hero has 30 or more Agility while liquidating,
For every 15 seconds, create a corpse.

Gryphon Aviary ──
(Energy Cost : 5 , Agility Requirement : 32)

New Ability : Hurricane Squad ── When liquidating, if the hero has 38 Agility or more, summons a
Gryphon Rider and a Dragonhawk Rider.
Creatures summoned this way has 100 seconds lifespan limit and cost 0 food.

(Patch v1.80b contains the changes the following patch v1.72b)
New Hero Release : Scientist

status ──

Intelligence (Primary attribute) : 24 + (3.00 per level)

Strength : 15 + (1.50 per level)
Agility : 12 + (1.50 per level)

Abilities ──

Horrorlab : Create a multifunctional laboratory that contain three experimental subjects,
scientist can recruit those subjects, or use defensive weapon from laboratory to
fights enemies.

Summon Battlemech : Scientist gains a tactical gear each round, it can use those gear to summons

powerful mechanical creatures or use it to increase spell-damage.

One with the Machine : The Scientist merge into target creature you control.

It becomes one of that creature, give that creature bonus basic-attack power,
basic-attack frequency, life and mana. Additionally, that creature can use item
of your hero equipped.

Metallurgic Summonings : Target item you control becomes an item-creature, it still a inventory item.
Means scientist remains owning those item's passive ability and
no need to occupy a inventory slot.

Gameplay mechanism optimize

No longer change all map object at game time 6:00 each day.

New mechanism : Cleansing Sphere

Add four special neutral creature named "Cleansing Sphere" it will slowly remove

map object and replace it to a random object in random place.

When player recruit or stores neutral map object, spawns a new one in random place and random type
to keep the neutral map object in a constant number.

What is Spring Liquidation. How to play ?

Spring Liquidation is a 2 player highly competitive custom game.
You will play a hero which can summon creatures, deploy buildings
and equip items.

Use any way in game mechanics to destroy your opponent's castle.
Once opponent's castle destroyed you win the game immediately.


  • Destroy Opponent's Castle.

The whole game objective is around to "How to destroy opponent's castle".
There are many way to achieve that, the most common way is gathering
your army and occupy the mana spring on the center of the map. Because
every 95 seconds in game, creatures near to the mana spring spend 100% their
mana and convert that to damage against to opponent's castle.

There are other ways to damage your opponent's castle, like kill opponent's Hero,
destroy opponent's shrine, or some abilities in game can damage castle directly.

  • Battle on the Center of the battlefield.

Of course your opponent don't want your creatures damage his/her castle and also they
wants damage your castle too. So you and your opponent would probably fight on center of the
map. If your Micro Control and Macro Control is better than your opponent, you could
force your opponent retreat and keep more creatures on the center than your opponent.
When the phase end, you dealing more damage to their castle than your opponent
dealing to yours. And that's how you get advantage in this game.

  • Obtain Objects in battlefield

There are about fifty obtainable objects always on the battlefield. Those objects
including : creatures, items, and buildings.
Each hero in game can use "Obtain" ability to put those objects into their library.
And player may put objects from their library onto the battlefield under their control
by paying energy (The primary resources in game).

Obtain ability cost no mana, no energy and no gold, but can use only three times on
each phase, hence players need attention to judge which object they really need
and which can be abandoned.

  • Master your Hero
You play one of three heroes in random hero group at beginning of the game.
Each hero has every unique mechanics and advantage.
Maybe some of them are hard to master. But they are all over power, if you know
how their mechanics works.
This game is all about using strategy or micro-control to defeat your opponent and
master a hero may allows you to find some new strategy against your opponent.


  • Energy System
Energy system leads to every decision matters. Ability that cost energy
is powerful but limited. The same is true for creatures, items and buildings.
Energy system is helpful for balance and make the game more in-depth.

  • Talent System

At the beginning of each phase in game, your hero gets 1 talent point.
You may spend talent point to unlock hero talent. There are
24 talents each hero can choose. Hero talents can be classify by 4 class:

General Talent ── Each hero has this class, and each are all the same.

Primary Attribute Talent ── Depends what attribute is your hero's primary attribute. Strength, Agility, Intelligence heroes have different talents in this class.

Enlighten Talent ── Depends what your tutor is. There are total 6 different tutor in game, and you choose one out of two at the beginning of game.

Profession Talent ── Each hero has its own unique talents.

  • Library System

Most of the creatures you summoned, the items you equipped, buildings you deployed
is come from your library in this game.

The way to use library is straightforward: left-click the icon, pay the cost then
your hero will do something. That just like you play a card in a card game.
I believe this system can simplify RTS macro gameplay and keep it in-depth


Talent Jui Submitted by Tasyen

Illidan Stormrage Submitted by Sellenisko
WC3 - Item - NyrusLoveSubmitted by Carrington2k
Pylon4 Submitted by killst4r
Ember Forge & Ember Knight Submitted by Mythic, ~Nightmare
Arcane Missile Submitted by Weep
Blade Beam Submitted by blink
Blood Explosion Submitted by DeadEnd123
Conflagrate Submitted by Mythic
Culling Slash Submitted by Mythic
Desecrate - SFX Contest 5 Submission Submitted by JetFangInferno
Ember Sword Enchantments Submitted by Mythic
Forest Blessing Submitted by xYours Trulyx
Gatekeeper's Pact Submitted by xYours Trulyx
Heal Submitted by Mythic
Infernal Bulwark Submitted by xYours Trulyx
Kingdom Come Submitted by Mythic
NewMassTeleport Submitted by DCrimson
MagicShield Submitted by JesusHipster
Nether Blast Submitted by Mythic
OrbOfFire Submitted by UgoUgo
OrbOfLightning Submitted by UgoUgo
Pillar of Flame Submitted by Mythic
Prism Ray (3-Tiered) Submitted by Directive255
Shining Flare Submitted by Mythic
Smite Submitted by Mythic
Soul Beam Submitted by Mythic
Soul DIscharge Submitted by Mythic
Windwalk Submitted by Mythic

BTNAbominationReincarnationIcon Submitted by Just_Spectating
BTNDeathCoil Submitted by -Berz-
BTNBarbarianBrutalSlasher Submitted by PeeKay
BTNBloodELfDragonSword Submitted by Uncle Fester
BTNBloodsoul Submitted by zbc
BTNBog_Monster Submitted by Maxwell
BTNChargedDagger Submitted by zbc
BTNCloakOfFrost Submitted by deathgod.scythe
Dark Fligth (or Chaos Wings)Submitted by Darkfang
BTNEruption Submitted by L_Lawliet
Life Burn and Fel Burn Submitted by Don Valentino
BTNFlamingWhirlwind Submitted by Deleted member 238226
BTNForsaken Weapons Upgrade Submitted by Null
BTNGobletofmysticpowers Submitted by PeeKay
BTNGoldGloves Submitted by Mc !
BTNHeavyJunkArmor Submitted by The_Silent
BTNDustclock Submitted by PeeKay
BTNRing Submitted by ~Nightmare
BTNMaievBurn Submitted by morbent
Vicious Gladiators Decapitator Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNMoonAmulet Submitted by Sin'dorei300
BTNMysticPotion Submitted by PeeKay
BTNOrbOfTheNight Submitted by ChevronSeven
Horde-Themed Items Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment, Ceterai
BTNOrchid Submitted by Hemske
BTNPhoenixAxe64 Submitted by PeeKay
BTNPotionOfChagrin Submitted by Marcos DAB
BTNPowerAxe Submitted by graystuff111
BTNRUS_Geen_Mask Submitted by CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTNRiseOfFinalLord Submitted by JollyD
BTNRubyAmulet Submitted by PeeKay
BTNSpear2 Submitted by KelThuzad
BTNScythe Submitted by Raging Ent
BTNShinyKatar Submitted by Golden-Drake
BTNSpell_Holy_SealOfWrath Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSpell_Nature_SpiritArmor Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment
BTNStaticShock Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSteampunkBoots Submitted by JollyD
Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSupply2 Submitted by kola
BTNTitansGrip Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNElementalStone Submitted by PeeKay
BTNVerdantSpheres Submitted by Chen
BTNWarglaiveofAzzinoth Submitted by FrIkY
BTNWeaver Submitted by PeeKay
BTNStarBlast Submitted by Hellx-Magnus
BTNRitualDagger Submitted by Hellx-Magnus
BTNcrWarp1 Submitted by CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTNbloodpresence Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment, Kawaii Stain
BTNdeathwingfly Submitted by Mad
BTNfrostpresence Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment, Kawaii Stain
BTNunholypresence Submitted by Blizzard Entertainment, Kawaii Stain
BTNArcaneBlast Submitted by Darkfang
ArtilleryAttack Submitted by Praytic
BTNBlueWhiteSpell Submitted by bigapple90
BTNCR_H_O_Gold_Coins Submitted by CRAZYRUSSIAN
Btndna Submitted by The_Silent
BTNfirebreath Submitted by Mad
BTNElderBlood Submitted by morbent
IC15 Empower Submitted by San
BTNFairyWings Submitted by The Panda
BTNGoblinScienceUpgraded Submitted by Ginufe
BTNHatchingEgg Submitted by Static
BTNLeadership Submitted by AbstractCreativity
BTNLightningRed Submitted by Nealdros
BTNMagicShield1Small Submitted by Marenko
BTNPhoenix Submitted by viiva
BTNPsiPoison Submitted by JollyD
BTNSeedOfCorruption Submitted by Maxwell
BTNWarriorStrength Submitted by Marcos DAB
BTNArcaneProtection Submitted by Hellx-Magnus
BTNTitanHelmet Submitted by Hellx-Magnus
Gallyvix Trading Submitted by dragoleg


Spring Liquidation ver 3.13c (Map)

Shar Dundred
Map appears to be functional. Approved!