Spirit Wolf (Original)

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Feral Spirit (T)

🌀 75

Summons 2 Spirit Wolf companions. Each wolf has 200 hit points and deals 11 - 12 damage.
Lasts 60 seconds.

Attacks land units.

Another icon recovered. The first level the Spirit Wolf unit and ability seems to have this purple filter trying to reference the original Classic version, but the next two icons for said unit and ability don't have the same filter. Still, neither the purple-filtered icon and the actual wolf models look alike in both Reforged and Classic graphics.

Here are the following directories you must paste in the '_retail_' (without the single quotation marks) folder of the game:
 • ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNSpiritWolf.dds
 • ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTNSpiritWolf.dds


Spirit Wolf (Original) (Icon)

If I had to guess, they saw it in-game looking like this, colorless, due to it being invisible and assumed the coloring different :grin: Still, this is a good addition to have, approved!