Spell Import Tutorial

Level 9
Jun 10, 2004
It seems that explanation that I provided in the FAQ for spell import is not sufficient. It would be greatly appreciated if any of the more experianced spell makers would write a step-by-step tutorial for importing spells. If anyone does, their turorial will be added to the FAQ and credit will be given (of course). Thanks in advance.

Level 16
Sep 3, 2004
1: Open the map that you want to copy
2: In the WE-File--Preferences, check the checkbox that says "Automatically create unknown variables while pasting trigger data"
3: Open the map with the spell, and copy the spells.
4: Paste them in your map, and ignore any new variables.
5: Copy the ability if you must, from the Object Editor in the Spell Map.
6: Give a unit, preferrably, with the same unit model as the tester, with the spell, and test it to see if it works