Spartan Warrior

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Spartan Warrior.
Created with Mdlvis, texture drawn in Gimp.
Team color on the crest and the cape.

Spartan Warrior (Model)

SpartanWarrior_Portrait (Model)

Level 11
Nov 12, 2016
Hey, i feel like this model is exceptionally well textured and wrapped, but the Animations could be more focused, even if not that i think making the Sword shorter (As its akin to a Gladius) will automatically cause the attack animations to feel more sharper. would be a perfect 5/5 for me if that would've been the case.
Level 10
Feb 2, 2009
WOW, where did this come from? Amazing model, that texture is just so smooth. I love how you've designed the shape of the sword, it gives off the whole Spartan feel and is rigid enough to look distinctly different from just a plain old scimitar.

The texture on the shield is particularly interesting, with the wear along its face and that single furrow down the central emblem.

Fantastic work!
Level 2
Jul 5, 2013
I have to ask, is this model an inspiration from Spartan: Total Warrior game for ps2? Given how you created the model, body size, textures etc, it gives me heavy vibes of that game :D