Spanish Cavalry

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"¡S A N T I A G O, M O T H E R F * * * * *!"
- Dave when playing Spain

A request by Tretyakoff

This pack includes:
- Spanish Lancer
- Spanish Outrider

Keywords: Cavalry, Spain, Spanish, Conquistador, Arquebus, Arquebusier, Musket, Musketeer, Lancer, Medieval, Renaissance, Era, Total, War, Santiago, Always, Wins 😎

- Added in-game screenshots
- Fixed Decay Flesh on Lancer
- Updated Outrider's Stand Ready animation

Lancer (Model)

Lancer Icon (Icon)

Outrider (Model)

Outrider Icon (Icon)

Nobody expects the Spanish.. cavalry! Works in-game. Approved!
Level 12
May 9, 2009
The reload animation looks a bit silly if you use the gunner unit with a cooldown on his attack that at least comes close to the real life reload time of these weapons; he'll end up either looping it over and over again for the duration (10? 15? 20? seconds) or if it's non-looping he'll play it once and stay completely still for the rest of the cooldown duration. I think it would be improved if it is was overall longer with more steps involved and looped better (so that at the end of the loop it didn't look like he was about to fire).
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