Sound and Defeat Conditions

Level 4
Jan 3, 2009
Hello i was trying to make a victory/defeat system to my map and i can't find a way to, because i got Two forces there.

Europe Force = Isn't Allied and got no Allied Victory(9 Players in there)

Zombie Force = Is Allied and got Allied Victory(3 Players in there)

So to win this game a player of the europe force just need to kill all others? So i just need to set via triggers the defeat conditions?

And i need to detect when a player wins to show a multiboard with all collected data through the game and play a "KICK-ASS" music.

:D Thanks! :ag:
Level 4
Jan 3, 2009
Is Europe Force x Zombie Force!

No, a player from europe force needs to win to defeat the zombies and his european enemys. And the zombies just defeat all the others players from Europe Force.

Note¹: A Player of Europe Force can unally/ally whenever he want with another player from europe force. So they will need to win together.

Note²:Zombie Force is fixed allied force that is trying to destroy the whole europe.

Get the idea?
Just make a check:
  • Tru
  • Events
    • Unit - A unit dies
  • Conditions
    • ((Owner of (Triggering unit)) is in EuropeForce) Equal to False
  • Actions
    • Player Group - Remove (Triggering player) from EuropeEnemiesForce
    • If (All conditions are true) then do (Actions)
      • If - Conditions
        • (Number of players in EuropeEnemiesForce) Equal to 0
      • Then - Actions
        • Player Group - Pick every player in (EuropeForce) and do (Actions)
          • Loop - Actions
            • Game - Victory (Picked player) (Show dialogs, Show scores)