Sonic the Hedgehog

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Alright everyone here is my Sonic the Hedgehog model that I said I was working on. I don't think its completely done but I wanted to know what you guys thought of it.

Also question for anyone who can answer this but why does his hair/spikes have such a heavy shadow on it most of the time?

This is based on gotenkz DBZBaseModel. I know I used that last time. But this time its undergone way super heavy reconstruction. I bet you can hardly see his model in mine huh?

Anyway rate me please with the rating thing and do it honestly. And give me your honest oppinions and ideas on how I could improve it. If you use this you don't have to give credits. But it would be nice if you did cuz its always nice to get credit for what you've spent your time on.

N. Zerox

By the way I do intend on updating this.

Update: Fixed a few things. Including Model name. Bigger updates will come in a bit.

Update 2: It now is shorter, spikes improved, better nose ect. What do you guys think could be improved now?


Update 3: I apologize for the last upload the animations were bugged. With the help of Dan Van Ollus teaching me and helping me fix my bones they are now fixed and should work properly. Please redownload it now if you have the one with the rubber band animations as this is much better now.

Sonic, Zerox, Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (Model)

Elenai: Rejected, he is like a rubber band sonic ingame... 18th Sep 2008 Pyritie: Still needs work, like the anims and such. He still doesn't really look like sonic at all. G.F.: Too long without any updates.
Level 4
Oct 18, 2007
is it ok if i fix the sharp ends on his amrs? they are a little unnatural in shape, but otherwise very good
Level 17
Jun 6, 2008
is it ok if i fix the sharp ends on his amrs? they are a little unnatural in shape, but otherwise very good

I suppose if you want to. XD Um just send it to me via pastebin if you do do it.

why is the resource no longer available?

I guess because they rejected it. Just because I hadn't updated it to make it look more like Sonic I guess. If you still want it pm me. I'll be updating it soon enough though and it should go back to pending.
Level 7
Jul 18, 2008
100+ posts on the sonic topic. Very impressed that you've managed to create and advertise this model so well in obviously lacking area of cartoonish characters at the hive. Dude your amazing and I would give reputation if it counted.