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Sneak on Zul'Sarthar - Episode3

Submitted by Kenshi1007
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
DEMIGOD CAMPAIGN: Chapter 1: The Winged Exiles, Episode 3 – Sneak on Zul'Sarthar

RPG map, life of a peasant (LOAP). Its an map of adventure and third episode of the saga, consists a story that tells the tale of an peasant living on a farm on an hidden Valley in the Kingdom of Stormwind.
The main characters are the Arlon and Shagga, however there are quest interactions (A Great chain of main quests) some lore telling along the map, strategy building plays and More!.
The chapter contains seven episodes chained in a great storyline of Arlon Gavinrad, an old peasant living near stormwind 100 years before the opening of the Dark Portal and before the invasion of the orcs and demons on Azeroth.


"We have spent alot of time hidden and camped on a Grotto in Zul'Sarthar. Well, i dont know if we can trust the forest trolls, because they seem to be rather suspicious in a way. After my escape from the Greys at the lake, most of my troops didn't make to reach the terrain during the pursuit, but we saw some of the trolls watching us afar. They didn't help us at all, they just stare at us rock solid. I must ready my axe in anyway and in any circunstance, danger may occur at any moment, unoticed." - Shagga Blacktide

Arlon Gavinrad and Shagga got the curiosity to sneak through Zul'Sarthar to see if theres any treasure beyound the gates, but most important, to cleanse the corruption that spreaded through the trolls a few days ago. Go'Dal and Huok'Zureh will assist the humans during the city purge. While Gavinrad joined the assault team, he spend outside near the city practicing new ways of Cosmic Magic taught by The Sentinel to prepare himself for stronger confrontations. The magic has an imense power, yet Arlon needs to explore even more about the Nature of the Watcher's gift without abusing it.


Duo Adventure:
Most of the gameplay and quest progress contains duo missions of Arlon Gavinrad and Shagga Blacktide

SoloAdventure: Occasionaly some gameplay missions contains only hero solo tasks

There are areas around the map that contains custom warcraft3 style strategy areas. On this map features the Cyans Scales League basic build against the Grey Tanned League

Some quests features one hero with super abilities to decimate trolls in a fast kill count. This mode is classified as a fun part or relaxable for others.

Scary minigames: Some of the map gameplay has scary scenes and quests.


Author - Kenshi1007
Lore - Kenshi1007
Terrainer - Kenshi1007
Triggerer - Kenshi1007
Cinemaics and Texting - Kenshi1007
Text Remastering - Kenshi1007, Turnro, Legal Ease, AProject
Support and Growth - The Hiveworkshop
Voice Acting - Kenshi1007, Turnro, Legal Ease, AProject
Overall remastering - Kenshi1007, Turnro, Legal Ease, AProject

MODELS and Icons:

Peasant Armor by Kitabatake - Kitabatake
Orc Shield(Rigth) - Kitabatake
Armor12 - Kitabatake
BTN Water Composite Armor - PeeKay
Axe - Kitabatake
Human Archer - HappyTauren
wall - Shadow_killer
DarkTrollShadow MaGE
Pine1,2,3,4 - Fingolfin
BTNArcaneBurst - bigapple90
BTNBlueBlade - bigapple90
BTNManabolt - D.ee
BluefireBolt - UgoUgo
Villager v2 - Kitabatake
Lordearon Soldier Sword by Sunchips - Sunchips
Goblin tent by Forgotten_Warlord - Forgotten Warlord
stromgardefootman + BTN - takakenji
Straight Track - Sephiroth_VII
BanditMageOnFoot - Dan van Ohllus
Tower - Shadow_killer
rock - OinkerGeosphere1
Tree(NewVariation) - eubz
TinyLeaves Tree2 - eubz
TinyLeaves Tree - eubz
Bush02 - stonneash
Bush03 - stonneash
Philoderon Devanseveanum - Sven
Fern - olofmoleman
Green Hedge - hellblazer-14
Grassie - HappyTauren
GrassAnimated - Sunchips
Farn - Verdun
RockGolem - Amdor





- World of Warcraft: Zul' Aman Ambient music
- World of Warcraft Music: Zul'Aman, Rise of the Zandalari, Diablo2 Sewers, Barbarian RPG, Isle of Thunder
- Goldberg Theme, WWE (edited)
- SC2: Protoss Heart of the Swarm theme (edited)


Version 2.0 - Uploaded Sneak on Zul'Sarthar map 2.0 and costume demigod Description Templates.
- Map Uploaded.

Version 2.1 - Bug fixes, trigger ajustments.

Version 2.2 - Tooltip fixes, trigger ajustments.

Diablo2 and 3, Warcraft3


Sneak on Zul'Sarthar - Episode3 (Map)

  1. Kenshi1007


    Dec 8, 2013

    Map 4 Terrain is pretty much done. The map is basicaly a little larger than episode 3
    However i have lots of characters in which they will have voice on them and i am looking for voice actors from anybody in this community who have at least 2 requirements:
    - A decente no-noise mic
    - + 18 years old of age (cuz... i dont have kid characters :D)

    Here is my discord Kenshi#0533 for those who are interested to participate :) I will make a simple audition by listening one of your samples for the best voices of type of characters you know and then i will give you a rol of a character.

    If you don't have Discord go to the top right corner of this page and click on the gaming console near the Tweeter bird :)

    Support the Hive, High Five ;)