Slaves of the Flame

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May 8, 2004
Dark Iron Dwarf request

Dark Iron Dwarves or Slaves of the Flame (team/race request)

Ok... well I was reading up on a WoW quest and I learned about the history and future of the Dark Iron Dwarves. I've always liked dwarves, chaos dwarves too, so I would like it very much if I could get a few good hands to help me (because I have no modeling program of my own... and I'm more of a thinker). Anyway the Dark Irons are owned by the Fire Lord Ragnaros, so most of there magic and skills reflect thier volcanic master. In addition Ragnaros has the Flamewaker tribe that praise him, they're present to keep an eye on the dwarves, but little else.

The Dark Iron's army is small (do to constant stuggle sence the crushing defeat of the War of Three Hammers and thier immediate enslavment by Ragnaros) so they have to acquire slaves much like the Chaos Dwaves, to do thier lords will, and the flamewakers help, and certain creatures of the flame.
You might notice that Ragnaros isn't listed as a hero, because he is equivalent to the Lich King.

Warcraft: Dark Iron Dwarf history
Warhammer: Chaos Dwarves
Rackham: Dwarves of Mid-nor

Torch Bearer, Ragnaros's eyes on the Dark Iron people, more of a curse really, a good example is the picture " Dark_Iron_dwarf ", I'd like the hero like this, but female and her final spell is possessed (Ragnaros lives through her) she is a fire element summoning hero. Oh and fire scatched skin.

Immortal, A mechanical hero, he can be repaired, he uses gun and firepower abilities, but can also fight melee. Final attack "Airborn"; he rearranges into a flying machine. (not magic pruff)

Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, One of the last great Dark Iron Warrior-Priests, does Avatar of Flame, Hand of Thaurissian, and some healing stuff. (try to make'm slittly attractive plz)

Hell Gate Sentinel (flamewaker), a hero made to hold the line, not really strong, just durable. Uses walls of flame to stop advancing forces. And can grow his spikes.

(Possible other: the Mercenary Fire elemental hero)

Made from the "Under Fire Alter".

umm... well if you see somethin you like people call it and let me know. I'm going to post the unit descripions in a few days so please wait.

units later... thank you


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May 8, 2004
Oh could someone show me that project, plz... I need afew unit ideas and I could have aways missed a good hero concept. So show me the link.
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Jul 23, 2005
Well, I made a few Dark Iron Dwarf skins a few weeks ago. Origionaly for the Rifleman, Mountain King, and Axeman(custom model by me) models. I did some model editing on the rifle man to make it look more like a Dark Iron dwarf, but the Mountain King is relativly unchanged.


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May 8, 2004
What makes a dwarf look like a dwarf is mainly being abit "top heavy"...
You noticed because his arms were to close to his sides...

But if anyone would like to "strike while the irons hot" I'd like the Dwark irons to have an overall dirty Southern Country feel. Like the dead Conferacy of America. Like scorched cloths and cowboy attitudes

Unless u don't want to....

Look at this:
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May 8, 2004
Ok... posted above I said that i was going to put the units of the Flame race, so here they are:(I don't think this is a double post)

-All Dark Irons Dwarfs have gray skin and red eyes
-Themes are Fire, slavery, tecnology, hardness

Flesh Units:
Molten Miner: Better core attack unit, wear the basic uniform for the rest of the units that share it... they have on a small hood (not on a coat), heavy armor, and braided beards. They fight with two pick axes.

Organ Grinder:A buff unit, runs around playing a organ bigger than he is... um they're balled and but have really long beards. They're all blind.

Javolen thrower (flamewaker):A cross between the troll headhunter modle and male naga, he throws spears... that explord or somethin....

Fire tongue: a tier 2 range unit that spites fire, mouth is always smoking, wears shackles on thiers arms and one big google on thier head. They're actually tratiors to the Flame that have been punished by having lava spawn live inside them... so when they die the spawn "flows" out. Flame aura.

Rocketeer: Core unit, a team of two Dark Iron's shooting rockets, one aims the other carries the rack and the supply, they were standard dark armor with googles.

Slave (Human, Orc, Nightelf): The core of the Flame army are the slaves, they are those 3 races wearing chains with a small sword in on hand... but they're also a worker unit, so they carry a pick-ax in the other hand

Dragon-welp Rider: fire dragons are rather common in the area so they train the welps and ride them... maybe can upgrade to full grown later.

Hell hound: A poor little dwarf that has been lobotomized for a mistack they made in the past. Wears fire claws and runs on all fours, they're really fast, but leave a small fire trail. Melee tier 3.

Tormentor: One of the core units of the Flame (buff). Tormenters capture injured enemy units on the battlefield, and convert them in to slaves at the "Slave Tunnels building". They look like a "Bandit" thats a dark iron dwarf, with a wipe and better upper body armor.

Skull Face: Warpiests, they were metal skull masks ... white braided beards, (that fluch out from there masks like they don't have a face),long black robe with upper body armor. Cripple magic (like fire burn). tier 3

Minigunner: He's like a cowboy. wears a coat, a hat, and uses to pistles. He needs a shoot-up action, because he can use flare and land mine.

Mechanical seige Units:
Slave Driver: A Tormentor hops in this wagon and uses it as a portable slave camp. So they don't have to walk all the way to "slave Tunnels". It looks like a wagon being pushed by lava spawn, armored, leaves a fire trail.

Earthquaker Cannon: (straight from Warhammer) shoots a heated cannonball that hits the ground and quacks (besides the expolsion), also has an ability to shoot a hail of spikes down on advancing troops. It stuns then the spikes explode.

Hell Cage: Steals heros and drains thier life and mana and gives it to the the Slave of the Flame. Can only have one. Hero is paralzyed.

(optional)Black Iron golem and trainer: its a fire golem (skined Legion golem) with a leash on it being guided by a dark iron. Basicly they fight together. But it has a "set free" ability that allows the fire golem to attack on its own.. only thing is that is attacks everything but other fire golems(dwarf trainer becomes a Tormentor). Can't regroup.
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Jun 15, 2006
I just made a dark iron dwarf skin/model edit. Its based off the mountain king. It will be released once i get the skulls removed. Skarab tried but apparently it didn't work so im going to try.

EDIT - Done im asking the skarab if i can release it because he did the model edits, ill give him credit of course.
Its based off of the Mountain king, Used as a fist/mage UNIT or use attachments.
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May 8, 2004
FireEffect, thank you. Ummm may I ask what weapon he'll use?

May I plz suggest a hammer in one hand, and a ball of flame in the other. The hammer should glow on spells.


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May 8, 2004
Thats Under Lord Dagran Thaurissan, now for the rest :) takers anyone?


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