SKIN - Hey Im back : D

Level 2
Jul 1, 2004
Hey guys im back alot will not remember me i was just starting here a month way im starting to make an AVP map and i need some Skins for the predators and the i dont mean to be picky but....

Predators-I need one whos big and wearing armour hes gonna be the melee slow guy. The next guy i need a Predator that has a cape and stuff Kinda like the one thats in AVP the movie at the end that gives the chick the sword (Spoilers sorry). And then lastly i just need a smaller looking one that is basicaly your average Predator.

Aliens-Basically the queen some Drone Aliens maybe a Face Huger then the Predaliens and maybe some Elite Guard looking dudes for em.

Marines-Lol im being nice so anything that looks marineish.

If you need to contact me im always on AIM and MSN my msn is [email protected] and my AIM is zxdurgonz.

Thnx everyone who helps me.