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Skamigo's Hero Defense 2.58

Submitted by Bluegreen891
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Choose from 40 very unique heroes to defend against 60 epic waves of enemies.

Learn skills like Weaponcraft, Powercraft, Spellcraft, Capitalism and Wisdom.

Type "-random" to pick random heroes including the secret hero.
"-cam (number)" to change to a further camera view.
"-Kills" show kill count, type
"-impossible" to play impossible difficulty.
"-count" to show number of enemies.
"-rate" to show exp rate of all players.
"-ms" to show movement speed.
"-size" to make enemies grow 2x ."-boom" to see for yourself.
"-t" to teleport back to the castle.

For Weather commands:
-weather snow, -weather rain, -weather wind, weather moonlight, -weather off

For Player 1 exclusive commands only:
"-kick (player number)" --- to kick a player
"-give gold/wood (value) (Player color) --- to give/reduce gold

-This map can play up to 6 players
-The castle can be upgraded which cost 80 Diamonds
-There are over hundreds of Items to purchase
-Has 5 difficulties to choose from
-Bosses have custom spells
-Has Recipes for better and stronger items
-95% Custom Spells (triggered)
-Fun to play which keeps you entertain after playing several times
-Has secret events that gives extremely powerful items
-Has special tower that act as a hero
-You can manipulate wave spawn number (Player 1 only)
-You can also manipulate pre-wave timer (Player 1 only)
-Each hero has its own background story.

You can access the unprotected version of the map (can be found in author's note)
But the map link in hive is protected.

Hero Tower: This tower can level up and use items.
Diamond: Is a currency that is equivalent to 10000 golds.
Weather System: This system gives players commands to weathers (see commands at top)

Omega spell: each hero can learn his strongest spell, to learn it the hero has to reach level 30 and defeat the omega boss, paying 15000 gold to challenge him in the arena (Shop north-west corner)

CRAFTS: there are 5 crafts that you can increase with certain items or by leveling

->Weaponcraft (only for weaponcraft heroes): the more weaponcraft you have, the more damage your abilities do, and generally improve your abilities. Weaponcraft increases your strength by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Powercraft (only for powercraft heroes): the more powercraft you have, the more damage your spells do or just generally improve your spells. Powercraft increases your agility by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Spellcraft (only for spellcraft heroes): the more spellcraft you have, the more damage your spells do, the longer your summons last, or just in general improve your spells. Spellcraft increases your intelligence by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Capitalism gives you bonus gold after each wave, amount increases per wave, the more capitalism you have, the more gold you receive. Effects abilities for certain heroes.

->Wisdom gives you bonus exp after each wave, amount increases per wave, the more wisdom you have, the more experience you receive. Effects abilities for certain heroes. Effects abilities for certain heroes.

Personal Items: Each hero has a personal item that he/she can unlock; you need to get the item Personal Item unlocker and you will kill 100 units to unlock the personal item.

You can challenge 3 bosses: Fire Master, Plague King and Grand lich to gain diamond.

Or challenge the ??? boss if you are brave enough.

Strength Heroes

1: Trader: Capitalism Hero, money is his only drive. Can learn Money Hurts, Tome Shop, Economy and Bribe.

2: Weaponsmith: Weaponcraft Hero, makes weapons for a living, a tough nut to crack. Can learn Forge, Axe Smash, Weapon Aura and WeaponBomb.

3: Robot: Weaponcraft Hero, makes weapons for a living, a tough nut to crack. Can learn Forge, Axe Smash, Weapon Aura and WeaponBomb.

4: Paladin: spellcraft and Weaponcraft Hero, both aggressive and supportive. Can learn Holy Lights, Holy Power, Mighty Hammer and Guardian of Justice.

5: Tauren Chieftain: Weaponcraft Hero,has an earth based abilities. Can learn Earth Warriors, Earth Slam, Earth Fury and Earth Storm.

6: Demolition Expert: Weaponcraft Hero, loves exploding stuff. Can learn Proximity Mine, Boom Goes The Dynamite, Detonation Mine and KamiKaze.

7: Phoenix: Weaponcraft Hero. Can learn Sunbolt, Doom Flame, Flame Reaction and Hellfire Blast.

8: Naga Champion: Weaponcraft Hero, has the highest base strength and a elite attack. Can learn Thermal Eruption, Splash Strike, Double Tide, Whirlpool.

9: Death Knight: Weaponcraft and Spellcraft Hero. Can kill monsters using his dark powers. Can learn Life Destruction, Atrophy Aura, Pressure Armor, Soul Geyser.

10: God's Titan: Weaponcraft Hero. Can take a lot of beating. Can learn Titan's Call, Power Complex, Spiked Armor, Rebuild.

11: Vampire: Weaponcraft Hero. So bloody!!. Can learn Death Trigger, Death Ritual, Blood Thirst, Vampiric Immunity.

12: Life Manipulator: Powercraft Hero. Controlling your life.... Can learn Nature's Protection. Life Vortex, 42%, and Life Blast.

Agility Heroes

1: Beastmaster: Powercraft and spellcraft Hero, has the power to control his pet and lightning. Can learn Summon wolf, Chains of Lightning, Beast Aura and True Form.

2: Thief: Capitalism Hero, a real Robin Hood. Can learn Steal, Dynamite, Sneak & Strike and Robin Hood.

3: Blade: Weaponcraft Hero, has demonic powers and excellent skills with his blades. Can learn Flash, Raging Attack, Seeker Blade and Demon's Blade.

4: Assassin: Weaponcraft Hero, Swift and Stealthy. Can learn Assassin Strike, Jumping Slash, Fatal Strike and Last Breath.

5: Maiden: Weaponcraft Hero, expertises in poison and usage of kunai. Can learn Poison Daggers, Cursed Breath, Fans of Knives and Maiden's Dance.

6: Spider Queen: spellcraft and Weaponcraft Hero, has sticky attacks. Can learn Spider Swarm, Infest, Flee Swarm and Cocoon.

7: Archer: Weaponcraft Hero, master of the bow. Can learn Charging Arrow, Arrow Shield, Multishot and Rain of Arrows.

8: Sniper Elite: Weaponcraft Hero. super fragile but has chaos attack. Can learn Summon Bear, Deadly Shot, Shooting Area, Sharpshooter.

9: Pandaren Windmaster: Spellcraft Hero, has wind based abilities. Can learn Windcutter, Aerial Brawler, Cyclone Armor and Twister.

10: Nether Dragon: Spellcraft and Weaponcraft Hero, has poison based abilities. Can learn Poison Sting, Toxic Skin, Nethertoxin, Corrosion.

11: Time Berserker: Powercraft Hero, has time and speed based abilities. Can learn Frost Ball, Destruction Axe, Lifesteal Axe, Time Stop.

Intelligence Heroes

1: Fire Mage: spellcraft Hero, has fire based abilities. Can learn Fire Spray, Fire Bomb, Fire Mastery and Star Shower.

2: Gravity Mage: spellcraft Hero, has gravity based abilities. Can learn Pulsewave, Gravity Point, Evasion and Whirlpool.

3: Ice Mage: spellcraft Hero, has ice based abilities. Can learn Frozen Shield, Frost Wrath, Freeze in and Eternal Frost.

4: Necromancer: spellcraft Hero, expert in the dark arts. Can learn Skeleton Bomb, Mass Cripple, Undead Touch and Sacrificial Blow.

5: Druid: spellcraft Hero, has nature based attacks. Can Earth Vines, Mass Drain, Blossom and Tree of Eternity.

6: Tutor: Wisdom Hero, books are his life. Can learn Teach, Wisdom Aura, Throw Books and Forbidden Magic.

7: Mime: Wisdom Hero, expert in illusions. Can learn Summon Mimic, Invisible Box, Illusive Clones and Mime Powers.

8: Battle Mage: Weaponcraft and spellcraft Hero, skilled in 2 crafts, he can take on anything. Can learn Enhance Weapon, Blood Chains, Battle Strike and Combo Breaker.

9: Hypnotist: spellcraft Hero, has psychic based abilities. Can learn Sweet Dreams, Mind Blast, Living Nightmare and Curse Mark.

10: Lightning Mage: spellcraft Hero, has lightning based abilities. Can learn Lightning Strike, Lightning Orbs, Link of Lightning and Recharge.

11: Elemental Mage: Spellcraft Hero, Has Ability to cast all the elements, Can Learn Fire Pentagram, Essence Aura, Water wave and Magic Star.

12: Shadow Master: Spellcraft hero. has shadow based abilities. Can learn Sigma Wave, Shadow Impulse, Presence of the Shadow lord, Shadow Element.

13: Greedy Knight: Capitalism Hero, can build lots of money. Can learn Transmute, Collect Taxes, Extreme Greed and Taunt of Greed.

14: Faerie Dragon: Spellcraft and Wisdom Hero. Can learn Vivacious Twist, Sphere of Destruction, Phase Shift, Faerie Blast.

15: Tower Engineer: Weaponcraft and Spellcraft Hero. Very skillful in building tower. Can learn Build Stone,Fire,Frost,Lightning.

16: Wisp of Wisdom: Wisdom Hero. has extraordinary learning abilities. Can learn Spiritual Blast, Spiritual Knowledge ,Experience Aura, Wisdom.

17: Space Darkness: Spellcraft Hero. has power that comes from space. Can learn Dark Bolt, Dark Boom ,Dark Reaction, Black Hole.

[​IMG] [​IMG]


Full Map Image


The Beautiful Waterfall


The Hall of Heroes


Spider Kingdom


God's Titan vs Grand Lich


Wave 40 Time Berserker


For The Love of Castle, Get out Voidwalkers!


So Many Illusions


That's the Portal I'm talking about! (Close Enough)


1 Million Volts



Change Log

Version 2.50-2.59

Version 2.50

- Preview Screen and Loading Screen Reworked
- Wave 26 tooltip wave fixed % to x
- Final Boss now has Items depending on difficulty and was reworked
- Added 3 comment variations at each wave
- Buffed Ultima Sword and Developer's Epic Sword damage
- Added Item "Absolute Zero"

Mini Dragon ; Dark Fire Dragon (The Secret Hero)
- Doubles the starting all stats and stats per level
- Changed attack type into Chaos
- Removed Taunt Presence and replaced with Chaos Shower
- Removed Spiked Armor and replaced with Wisdom Fireball
- Set the all crafts per level into 2
- Omega Spell replaced with The Ultimate Wrath
- Added personal items that has 2 passives ; Death Explosion and Hard shell
- Renamed to Dark Fire Dragon

{Q} Death Trigger - Will increase damage to 200/400/600/800 x Weapocraft from 150/300/450/600
{W} Death Ritual - It will be made AoE of 75 but same damage and slightly longer cooldown. Also Fix Hotkey
{E} Blood Thirst - Kill heal turns to 15/30/45/60 x Weaponcraft from 6/12/18/24
{R} Vampiric Immunity - No Changes
{Omega} Immortality - Swapped Skill from Death Knight
-Personal item changed as suggested by Nolyp

Nether Dragon
- Increased starting all stats by 5
- Increased starting damage by 52
- Increased health by 200

- Fixed Undead Touch duration
- Changed cooldown into 100 seconds and duration into 60 seconds
- Turns upgrade damage and hp double and also sets the level of upgrade to 200% of spellcraft compared to 100%.
- Sets upgrade level limit to lvl. 500 from lvl. 100 meaning it will increase bonus until 100,000 Spellcraft from 10,000

Death Knight
- Added Omega Skill Portal Blast ; Similar to Death Portal of Dragon

Upgrade Eye
- Fixed 10000/20000 gold exploit

Tauren Chieftain
- Fixed personal item damage from 10000 (400 in tooltip) x Weaponcraft damage to 50 x Weaponcraft (200x Weaker)
- Reduced AoE of personal item from 250 to 125
- Earth Storm nerfed cooldown from 8 seconds to 64 seconds.
- Earth Storm increased manacost from 150 to 350/500.
- Changed Damage type of Omega Spell from Chaos to Spells

Elemental Mage
- Replaced Corrosive Wave with Water Conjuration.
- Renamed Frozen nova into Star of Life
- Star of life gives health instead of mana
- Flame will now never come near the tornado

Elite Sniper
- Reverted back into rifleman model to save map file size (800kb+ very large) Apologies if it makes you upset.

Version 2.51

- Changed Damage Engine
- Added 1 Hero "Celvinox the Life Manipulator"
- Fixed Grammar at Wave 23 variation 1
- Fixed Beastmaster's Axe recipe tooltip
- Removed 100% Damage Return of God's Titan unit

God's Titan Hero:
- Changed color tinting to yellow to look like he's wearing a golden armor
- Changed Omega spell title from Grow to Alpha Ascencion
- When acquired Omega spell, It will now be named as Gran' Titanus the Alpha God's Titan
- Also, Gifted Power removed and replaced with power complex when acquired omega spell

Elemental Mage:
- Fixed Damage of Meteor Strike

- Explosive Caravan now becomes a personal item.
- Replaced Omega Skill into Chemical Madness ; Gives permanent chemical rage granting decreased base attack time

- When he steal at 40th wave boss ; he will be given helm of dominator
- When he steal at 50th wave boss ; he will be given multiversal eye
- When he steal at the Grand Lich ; he will be given absolute zero

Version 2.52

- Fixed Random Mode not adding a horse
- Changed Final Boss Ending making it a lil bit awesome
- You now gain 1 armor per 50 Agility from 7
- Armor becomes more useless (To deal more physical damage on final boss)
- Removed Absolute Zero on the Wave 40 spawning at specific place

Life Manipulator
- Reduced Levels of Periodic Stat Up from 4 to 2 {also requires lvl 4/8 to unlock}
- Starting Powercraft: 100 to 50 (3 to 1 per level)
- Starting Spellcraft: 100 to 50 (3 to 1 per level)
- Starting Capitalism: 30 to 80 (No changes in per level)
- Starting Wisdom: 40 to 90 (No Changes in per level)

{Q} Death Trigger - Set damage to 10% HP + (150/300/450/600 x Weapocraft) from 200/400/600/800
{E} Blood Thirst - Kill heal turns to 1% HP + (15/30/45/60 x Weaponcraft) from 15/30/45/60

- Fixed Undead Touch duration
- Changed duration of all summoned units into 50 + (5 x Spellcraft) seconds
- Reduced bonus stats of raise dead:
---> 15 Damage per Spellcraft from 20 damage per spellcraft
---> 250 HP per Spellcraft from 300 HP per Spellcraft
---> Added 1 Armor per Spellcraft

Version 2.53

-Changed Pandaren Windmaster into Powercraft
-Disabled Super Condensed Milk on horse
-Personal Item unlocking message changed from Game Message into floating text (Much like when dealing Damage)
-Fixed the bugged language in the tooltips (It's because of the map optimization; I'll have to return to normal optimizer)
-Almost All Hotkey of Omega Spells will become "F" instead of "T"
-Exception is only thunderstorm skill which is set to "G"
-Hint system initially disabled. Type -(enable/disable hints)
-added commands for player 1
-The commands are: -kick x , -rmv(G/D) x , -give (gold/wood) XX (player color) ***Play Responsibly***
-Increased movement speed of wave enemies

Fire Mage
-Star Shower cooldown reduced from 60/50/40 to 30
-Star Shower Damage reduced from 400/800/1200 to 300/600/900
-Star Shower DPS reduced from 50/100/150 to 40/80/120
-Omega Skill damage reduced from 250 to 125 per 0.2 seconds
-Remade removing 1000 all stats and adding flame strike that deals 250 x spellcraft and 3 second stun.

Space Darkness
-Set it to a melee hero from range.

-Fixed Omega Spell not unlocking personal item
-Fixed Tomes giving bonus when acquired instead will take effect when used to avoid exploit.
-Fixed Tome of Powercraft

-Major Remake on Weaponsmith's Forge
-Forge turns into 4th Skill
-Weapon Bomb turns into 3rd Skill but still considered ultimate
-Fixed Weapon Aura's Tooltip and placed as 2nd skill
-Axe Smash placed as 1st skill
-Personal Item added ability ***5th Level Forge***
-(Omega Skill Shall be reworked)

Ice Mage
-Removed 1000 all stats of her Personal Item

Elite Sniper
-Elite sniper will now be killed with only one hit regardless of how high your hp or armor is.
-Starting Strength and growth changed to 10 and 1.00 from 1 and 0.00.
-Deadly Show is now Pure Damage and fixes the bug; Dealing damage before attacking.
-Bear Starting Stats and growth nerfed
-Bear added 2 passive abilities; Inner Vitality (Smaller HP=Higher regen) and Instinctual Rage (Smaller hp=Faster AS and MS speed)
-Bear added 1 active ability; War Stomp (3 seconds stun for 60 seconds cooldown)

Orcish Wolf
-Omega Skill Tooltip Fixed (It should be second wolf instead of nether dragon)

Lightning Mage
-Fixed LoL's (3rd Skill) hotkey
-Set Expand and Reduce hotkey to "D" and "F"
-Recharge ability can now be targeted to allied units

Demolition Expert
-Reduced manacost of Kamikaze from 1000 to 400
-Removed 1000 to All Stats of Personal Item
-Reduced Cooldown of Second Life from 240 to 160 seconds.

Shadow Master
-Fixed Scaling of Shadow Master's Ulti Summon
-Set Ulti damage scaling from 100 DMG per 20% to 500 DMG per 100% Spellcraft

Life Manipulator
-Fixed Unit Sound Set (which is set to BladeMaster) to Ancient Protector voice.

Tower Engineer
-Turns him into a wisdom hero from weaponcraft.

-Fixed Deactivated Remote Control

-Reduced wave timer by total of exactly 1000 seconds or 16.7 minutes for faster and more challenging play.
-Turns mini bosses units into an Ancient Unit.
-Fixed Small and Medium Replenishment potions.
-Reworked Terrain at Hero Choosing Area
-Altar models turn into wisps
-You cannot enter a boss area when the boss is dead now.
-Added ??? Boss (The strongest boss ever ; you lose when you're killed by him.)
-Removed Kills Reward System
-At 90 seconds, the wisps, flames, and portal will be destroyed. Then the ??? boss will show.

Version 2.54

-Lessen the fog's density a bit
-Set the camera to default when you've selected a hero.
-Reworked Greater Warlock's death message.
-Increased Greater Warlock's Armor.

-Reworked Defeat Condition
**The game will slow down drastically and the camera will zoom out for 10 seconds and the game will pause leaving a defeat message**
**Added also special effect at castle's death**
**All wave monsters will be removed completely**

Elite Sniper
-Added 2% max hp damage for deadly shot
-His Range is now Global (4000 attack range before)
-He cannot attack bosses if you haven't bought a ticket
-Fixed Deadly Shot floating text and damage glitch when you target allies.
-He is now invulnerable when entering your base even without base comfort.
-His bear will now be moved to boss area if he buy ticket.
-His bear will now gain 5 armor per 100% Weaponcraft.

Version 2.55

-Fixed random mode stats giving to player 1 red
-Disabled vision on starting area
-Reworked Text message when choosing or randoming a hero
-Reworked Difficulty
***Will now give percentage attack damage by 0/20/40/60/80%.***
***Increased Handicap from 60/70/80/90/100 to 75/100/125/150/200%.***
***Will now give information about chosen difficulty.***
***Removed Base Damage Upgrade Difficulty***

-Nerfed Capitalism ; Reduced Gold Gained per wave by 30% and 50% Wave 31 onwards. (Capitalism x Wave Number x 0.70 / 0.50%)
-Increased Creep Bounty by Double the Original Amount.
-Fixed Exp Gained per wave after Wave 30 (Wisdom x Wave Number)
-Fixed 0 text in greater warlock's death message
-Final Boss turns into a short ranged unit using war stomp at every attack. (Will fix damage return instakill)
-Final Boss has now 90% Cleaving Attack.

Elite Sniper
-Added condition on deadly shot ; If his damage is greater than opponent's hp then it will deal no damage.
-Bear moving to boss area if he bought ticket is now fixed.
-He is now invulnerable for 3 seconds after buying ticket at Omega Boss

-Changed her craft to powercraft
-Her "E" Cursed Breath buffed
**10/20/30/40% Evasion to 25/50/75/100% Evasion.**
**Reduced Cooldown from 30 to 25 seconds.**
-Her Ultimate damage of summon added scaling 75 damage and 3% Attack speed per 100% Powercraft

Version 2.56

-Reworked Right Part of Wave Spawn adding Waterfalls with a Bridge.
-Reworked Northern Part of Wave Spawn adding Crystals With Nerves.
-Added Walls near Castle at every wave spawn directions.
-Increased Castle Size.
-Moved shops near castle a little further away.

Naga Champion
-Nerfed Double Tide damage from 300/600/900/1200 (250/500/750/100 in tooltip) to 150/300/450/600.
-Buffed Thermal Eruption damage from 125/250/375/500 to 175/350/575/700.
-Splash Strike Changes;
Cleaving: 25/45/65/85% to 20/40/60/80%
AoE: 150/200/250/300 to 400
Stun chance removed
Will now deal 400 AoE damage with 25% chance (Deals 50/100/150/200 x Weaponcraft)

Battle Mage
-Increased base attack time from 1.60 to 1.50
-Battle Strike Changes;
Cleaving: 20/40/60/80% to 40/60/80/100%
AoE: 100/150/200/250 to 150
Fireball Chance: 15% to 25% (40% if you have personal item)
Spellcraft Inc Chance: 5% to 25% (40% if you have personal item)
Fireball Stun: 1 second to 0.9 seconds

Gravity Mage
-Gravity Mage's Evasion replaced into Gravity Field (Giving an allied a chance stun shield)

-Change Tree of Eternity spell's model into a much better model (Based on DotA's World Tree ; whoever owns this model shall be credited)
-Tree of Eternity Changes:
**Devotion Aura Armor increase from 4/8 to 50/100
**Thorns Aura from 10/20% to 20/40%
**Unholy Aura Reworked (will now destroy 1% of non hero enemy's HP)
**Endurance Aura from 7/14% to 25/50%
**Duration from 30 x Spellcraft to 40 + (4 x Spellcraft) seconds
**Expiration timer of tree fixed
Personal Item Nerfed

Elite Sniper
-When attacked, he will lose 10% of his max hp. (10 or less hits now required before he dies)

Version 2.57

-Reworked Bottom Part of Wave Spawn.
-Fixed Greater Warlock's No damage Attack
-Added Greater Warlock's Hyper Madness (Berserk) {Max AS and 75% take less damage for 10 secs}
-When revived, you will now have full mana.
-Added Gamble Master near Level 5 Recipe (Greater Warlock).
-You will no longer gain attack speed per Agility (Before: 1% per Agi ; Warcraft Default: 2% per Agi)
****I would like it to make it a bit lower but it was impossible. Instead I did this***
-Added Attack Speed Bonus on High end Agility Items.
-Added Redshift Dagger (Godlike Item)
-Nerfed Wave Damage after wave 41

Elite Sniper
-When attacked, he will take 10x more damage.

Dark Fire Dragon
-Increased Size
-Lower Fly Height

Greater Warlock
-Reworked, When a cage is destroyed it will no longer spawn Ice Gods but instead it will now immidiately battle him spawning Warlocks.
-Changed Greater Warlock's Message

Absolute Zero
-Will now give 100% Magic Resistance instead of Spell Immunity
-Will no longer work on Final Boss or other Ancient Units
-Can now target Frost Armor on Self

Wave 10
-Paladin will now teleport instantly at the castle being invulnerable for 10 seconds.

Wave 20
-A scary lightning near the castle per second at random place that will probably kill you.

Wave 30
-Taurens stats nerfed
-Vice Warlord Washurum Extremely Buffed and will always attack first.
-Warlord Slightly buffed

Wave 40
-Revenant stats halved but given the the boss Absolute Zero (Global)

Wave 50
-Supreme Pit Lord Size Greatly increased
-Reduced Wave Spawn Number of Pit Lords
-The boss has now a 50% Resistance to all attacks

Final Boss
-Added A skill, Slams the Ground at your location and will instant kill you after 2 seconds. You just have to run when you see a doom effect on him.

(Breaks evasion and Magic Immunity)
-Blue Roar Added 25% Max Hp Damage (Breaks evasion and Magic Immunity)

Version 2.58 (UPDATED March 7, 2018)

- Added 3rd option at Dialog for 1st Player - Pre-Wave Timer (Slow, Normal, Fast)
- Fixed Few Collision errors
- Changes some wave comments
- The Enemy units may or will now attack the castle at the same time. (Wave Send Trigger)
- Castle Upgrade Gold Cost from 3000 to 2500
- Added 10 more levels for Castle Upgrades
- Divine Tower Heavy Buff
- All Godlike Items Diamond Cost from 300 to 275
- Wave 30 Fixed
- Flattened the Terrain of Omega Boss Area
- Increased Castle Room Key diamond price from 75 to 80
- Changed The Great Castle base HP from 100,000 to 120,000
- Changed The Great Castle base Armor from 500 to 1000
- Core of Existence (The Ultimate Item) now gives additional 160000 to all crafts

Shadow Master

- Changed voice from Varimatras to Kelthuzad Necro
- Replaced Nether Blast into Sigma Wave (Swapped Nether Blast and Wave of Darkness)

Space Darkness --> Space Creature
- Wave of Darkness Remove
- Added Dark Boom (Swapped from Shadow Master but with cooler sfx)

Time Berserker
-Destruction Axe
--- Added SFX based on Warstomp
--- Nerfed Damage from (250 x level) to (100 x level)
--- Buffed AoE from 125 to 250
--- Increased chance from 10% to 12%
-Lifesteal Axe
--- Fixed heal value from 1/2/3/4 x powercraft to 2/4/6/8 (as the tooltip says)
-Multiversal Call
--- Renamed Omega Skill from Counterpart's Aid to Multiversal Call
--- Changed Skill Icon
--- Changed illusion count from 2 to 9
--- Changed Cooldown from 300 to 60 seconds
--- Changed duration to from 50 to 6 seconds

--- When the Vampire dies, it will now set the countdown death timer to 10 seconds instead of reincarnating which fixes the death trigger damage.

Tauren Chieftain
--- Renamed Majestic Stone to Stone Of Aesthetic

-Fixed Tome of Crafts charges
-Create Diamond
--- increased gold requirement from 40,000 to 50,000
--- Decreased casting time from 3 to 1 seconds
--- When gold is not enough to cast, you will restore mana depending on manacost
--- It will also show warning text with gold requirement.
--- Will now spawn in front of Trader instead to inside trader.
-Added Command for him when picked; "-grq" to show gold requirement.

Elite Sniper
- Renamed Base Comfort to Sniper's Area
- Bear
--- Spell Hotkeys Fixed
--- War Stomp AoE increased from 250 to 300
- Tweaked Deadly Shot damage into Average of 8% of Max life and mana from 5% of life

Battle Mage
- All starting stats reduced by 1
- Base Damage increased by 10
- Battle Strike
--- Reduced Chance of Fireball From 25% to 15%
--- Fireball now deals 120/240/360/480 x Weaponcraft and Spellcraft instead of just Spellcraft and 100 x level.
- Combo Breaker
--- Increased Damage from 400/800 to 800/1600 x Spellcraft or Weaponcraft

--- Changed Wisdom Aura spell into The Tutor (Periodic Stat Up from Life Manipulator)
--- Added message for spell The Tutor

Life Manipulator
- Periodic Stat Up Removed
- 35%
--- Changed Spell 35% to 42%
--- Increased AoE of Spell to 700 from 600
--- Is now 3rd Skill as opposed to being an Ultimate
- Life Vortex
--- Fixed Spell only has half the effect the tooltip says.
--- Damage buffed to 80/160/240/320 x Powercraft (50/100/150/200 tooltip or 25/50/75/100 actual)
--- Heal buffed to 50/100/150/200 x Powercraft (20/40/60/80 tooltip or 10/20/30/40 actual)
- Added Ultimate Skill Life Blast
--- Deals 400/800/1200 x powercraft and heals 300/600/900 spellcraft with 40 seconds cooldown. Manacost Intensive.

Naga Champion
- Reduced Base Attack time to 2.00 from 1.8
- Reduced Base HP by 40
- Reduce Strength gain per level to 2.6 from 3
- Splash Strike
--- Removed Waterbolt
--- Replaced into addional damage based on 2% of hp and 25/50/75/100% weaponcraft
--- Nerfed AoE from 400 to 300

Wave 20
-Reduced damage from 125000 to 75% of Affected unit's hp (Can be reduced by magic resist)

Wave 50
-Changed Boss and units from Pitlords into Undead Apex and Variety of Undeads (Melee, Range, Siege)
-all units have spawn rate of 1 x Number of Players
-The boss gets stronger the lower his hp is (Same with Sniper's Bear)

Final Boss
-Ground Slam will now deal 65% of HP instead of Instant Kill

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Special Thanks:

  • skamigo (The original creator of this map)
  • Blizzard Entertainment (For the game)


  • Kwaliti
  • shamanyouranus
  • Sellenisko
  • alfredx_sotn
  • General Frank
  • Mr. Bob
  • Frankster
  • DarkHunter1357
  • Pyramidhe@d
  • DonDustin
  • Tarrasque
  • sPy
  • Ampharos_222
  • UgoUgo
  • Callahan


  • Kwaliti
  • skizzik
  • -BerZeKer-


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  • Akolyt0r
  • Darkfang
  • The_Silent
  • Cloudwolf
  • Peekay
  • Infinitynexus
  • Anachron
  • Nudl9

Spells and Systems:

  • Knno
  • Squiggy
  • Klingo
  • Mage goo
  • Tank-Commander
  • Tiche3
  • Maker
  • baassee
  • Paladon
  • Cryophoenix
  • Rmx
  • X-OMG-X
  • Nolyp (for item description)

Feedbacks and Testers:

  • Vengeancekael (For Moderation)
  • Hell_Master (For Re-Moderation)
  • Dr Super Good
  • Naman
  • Maniawar3
  • 13lackace
  • orchius
  • Lordjoker
  • trolly056
  • NightAngelz
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  • sheep
  • melnikas
  • HayateRein
  • ravewarheit
  • Oldmilk
  • JBB
  • LeonXardo66
  • TLI-Inferno
  • Fischiblub

This map is based from the original version 1.31 by Skamigo. I improved it very well to make it better by focusing on the gameplay. Feedback is fully appreciated and I give reps. Also, giving reps to those who give reputation to me and giving rating is enough to continue it. I am giving the unprotected old version of the map to anyone. Here is the link of the unprotected version:

Anyone can download the unprotected version of the map. You can edit, modify it or learn from it as long as you don't steal it. (Note: Loading time is slow and bit laggy)
Skamigo's Hero Defense 2.58 Unprotected Version

Blue, Castle, Recommended, Ice, Winter, Frost, Skamigo's Hero Defense, Defense, Castle Defense, The Great Hero Defense, Siege, Survival, Bluegreen891

Skamigo's Hero Defense 2.58 (Map)

[img][c] Date: 2011/Oct/02 09:50:07 Vengeancekael: VM // PM: Status: Approved Rating: 3/5 Acceptable Rep Received: 2[c]Reasons: Missing custom preview image: To add a preview image, resize the image to 256x256 or 128x128 using gimp and save it...
  1. HayateRein


    Feb 25, 2011
    the tower exploit can be ccountered by killing all non-hero units in the boss room where a boss died

    this will also fix a problem with the 2nd boss.. ppl can kill hte boss but will be killed by the ghouls.. the ghouls will stay and may kill the player again before even scratching the boss

    that one trigger will fix that.. and will remove the exploit
    the towers count as non-hero units
    so do the ghouls
    the boss doesnt and the hero doesnt (both heroes obviously)
    so if the boss dies.. move the hero to castle and kill all non-hero units
    the result will be an empty boss room with a respawning boss

    also for the duration.. if you use my suggestion with the 50% spellcraft then the duration will reach 90 sec once the tower engineer got 1500% spellcraft which will happen pretty late...

    btw what about my idea with the dark knight (unholy strength)? unholy strength is too strong at the beginning and too weak at the end.. make it scale with level? (like necklace?)
  2. oldmilk


    Jan 29, 2010
    For the tower engineer, the things that the tower itself kills doesn't give the engineer exp. Thats a problem isn't it?
  3. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    You came back! I'm still finding a way to fix that problem.

    Edit: I found a solution thanks to HayateRein
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2013
  4. HayateRein


    Feb 25, 2011
    There's a Gameplay constant called "Hero XP - Building Kills Grant XP" which is default false
    setting it to true should enable xp gain from tower kills
  5. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    Well it seems that it worked!!!
    I thought that this constant works when a hero kills a building
    now I feel a bit stupid for not noticing
    Anyway, Thanks for it!

    Also I will update the map sooner as I noticed a bug on the horse not being able to buy an item and this exp bug.
  6. HayateRein


    Feb 25, 2011
    just wanted to mention the problem with the horse.. didnt think about the fact that the shop items are powerups which enables the "crafting even with a full inventory"-effect
  7. HayateRein


    Feb 25, 2011
    ok... im sorry for the doublepost now.. but srsly.. you should work on the omega boss
    ppl kill the omega boss.. get instantly moved out of the area and cant pick up the item
    you could change the trigger so the player will get the item moved into the inventory instead.. or make it add the ability once the omega boss got killed by the hero or let the item drop at the point the hero gets moved to... otherwise ppl spend 30k gold for the omega skill and even risk that someone else takes the chance to steal the item dropped from your kill attempt
  8. rrfvtgb


    Aug 11, 2010
    I tryed it too with a friend, the omega boss need to be reworked, and also, I may got a replay where my friend has reach a negative wisdom (correct name ?), I don't know how it's happenned but it was really weird. Also, the trader necklace don't seem to stack
  9. funAlways


    Mar 3, 2012
    Upgraded Castle does not have divine shield.. intended? quite hard especially at siege and boss wave..
  10. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    Its not intended, I will fix it if I can
  11. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    Version 2.30 has been released
    The Tower Engineer Bug has finally been fixed
    The Horse Inventory bug fixed
    Omega Boss gem will spawn in front of the castle instead
    Other minor bugs has been fixed
  12. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    can you please give me the replay
    and does the desync still occur?
  13. funAlways


    Mar 3, 2012
    A few bugs i forgot to mention (wasnt fixed at 2.29)
    You can enter the boss room right after the boss is dead, and blink to boss room beside it (panda to pudge, pudge to lich), and even blink to taverns and buy new hero
    you can transmute the secret weapon container :p
    you can transmute critter (well this bug is not that bad :p)
  14. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    I fixed that bug
    you aren't able to enter the taverns (you will be tp back to the castle)
    you return to castle after the bosses have been defeated
    Well...I will fix that transmute skill.
  15. funAlways


    Mar 3, 2012
    I meant, you can blink to other boss area from one boss area, so i can buy Fire Lord ticket for 20k, and blink to pudge, which reward 15 diamonds upon death.
    possible solution:
    reduce blinking range
    disable blinking in boss room (who needs that anyway?)
    trigger to check which ticket is bought and disable leaving the area, until the boss is dead or player types -t (complicated, but may be useful to prevent other blink item/skill)
    move the boss area so it will be farther than blinking range
  16. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    I see, I will have to reduce the range greatly just to escape from being stucked at the middle of the opponents. Since the dagger is less useful as of the latest version, I will add bonuses to this item and add it to the recipe of the Death Dagger.
  17. HayateRein


    Feb 25, 2011
    ok... tested so far.. noticed druid is pretty strong... boss 1 ok.. omega boss ok.. killing boss 2 though kills you.. ruined my game due to boss wave (tauren) i got revived and got perma stunned (single player).. and by perma i mean perma.. druid with personal item regens really fast
  18. oldmilk


    Jan 29, 2010
    I can't believe you remember me haha. The map has come a long way.
  19. Tom_Almighty1


    Sep 11, 2013
    Wooooaaahhhh!!! Nice! hehehe. :D
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2013
  20. Bluegreen891


    Oct 2, 2011
    Thanks! I always remember all the users who gives feedback to my map that's why I remember you.

    I will do a slight nerf on the druid and reduce the stun duration of bash.