Shockwave System 1.2 Reforged

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Credit to xyzier_24 for the original shockwave system which can be found here: Shockwave Carrion Swarm System (See the original for a full description).

Updated by me to use reforged features instead of excessive dummy units. See the example spells for documentation. Also includes a dummy caster library that I'm not sure who to credit for in order to make the sample spells work without excessive dummy units. One other feature I added is the ability to set the scale of special effects used by the system.

  • v.1.0 - Release
  • v.1.2 - Shockwave spells now ignore invulnerable units (including units with locust). Also shockwave spells no longer ignore amphibious units.


Shockwave (Map)


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Sep 26, 2009
For a shockwave-based system, I'd rather have it extend off of a damage event that checks for the Sonic damage type and runs the on-hit events when a given unit is affected by the shockwave. The special effect itself could be amended in Object Editor for a minimalistic approach.

Damage types are mapped here: REPO: Mapping Abilities to their Damage Types . The only consideration to ensure is that the casting unit does not have any other spells that deal Sonic damage that could confuse it.

The end result is much smaller triggers and a much lower overhead.

Such a system wouldn't work on older WarCraft 3 versions, but since you are using the new Special Effect natives anyway, it wouldn't change anything about the requirements.