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Submitted by FeelsGoodMan
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

This map is developed with the 1.31 editor.

This is my entry for Hiveworkshop's 16th mini-map contest.
Mini Mapping Contest #16 - Mini RPG

Humanity lost the great war against demons. The world of men has turned to darkness, and no life exists between heaven and hell. The upper heavenly echelons, also known as seraphs, banished all demons to Sheol, and closed the gate. Seraphiel, the leader of the seraphs, is not content with the demons being banished to Sheol. He wants to destroy them all, but he can't venture into Sheol on his own. He summons a spirit, manifested from the anger and hatred of human souls that are trapped in Sheol. He sends the spirit on a quest to vanquish the remaining demons, and bring peace to the souls that are trapped in Sheol.

  • You move by holding, and moving the 'RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON'. You attack units by clicking 'A' and then choosing your target. Using the right mouse button to target enemies, does not work.

    The map has a map-wide puzzle that revolves around the GEM OF DEATH and the GEM OF LIFE. The two gems attracts shades of life or shades of death, depending on which gem you are holding. The shades drops souls that restores either HP or Mana, depending on what shade you killed. Death soul restores mana, and life soul restores HP. These gems are your only means of HP and Mana management.

    The gems will fade after they have stayed in your inventory for more than 2 minutes, and will then be returned to its drop zone. Drop zones are spread out around the map, and they are marked with either a red, or yellow circle. Drop the gems in the drop zones to open gates and activate secrets. When you die the gems will be returned to their last activated drop zones.

  • Information for noobs!
    (click the spoiler only if you're bad and can't beat the map without this information :p)
    • Shades: Normal unit, no spells. Low HP, low DMG. Drops souls on the ground when they die. Souls grants HP or mana when consumed.
    • Skeleton: Normal melee unit with low HP and low DMG.
    • Ghost: Normal ranged unit with low HP and low DMG. Shoots a projectile that deals 100 HP on impact. Dodge the projectile.
    • Gargoyle: Normal flying unit with low HP and moderate DMG.
    • Ethereal Fiend: Special invisible unit with low HP and low base DMG. Initially invisible, with smoke following it while it's invisible. Damage it with spells to break its invisibility. Breaking its invisibility with spells will make it take 200 DMG. If it sneaks up on you it will break stealth and deal 200 spell damage to you.
    • Zombie: Slow unit with low HP. If it dies it will explode, dealing high DMG. It self destructs if you're too close to it.
    • Spider: Normal unit with low HP and low DMG.
    • Spider Lord: Strong unit with high HP and high DMG. Shoots a web projectile. If hit by the web projectile you're ensnared to the ground, and take 20% increased damage from spiders while ensnared.
    • Shadow Fiend: Special caster unit with high HP and dangerous spell. Casts AoE blizzard style spell, but every projectile deals AoE damage. Dodge it at all costs.
    • Lesser Demon: Strong unit with high HP and high base DMG. Casts an impale kind of spell, but the impact is instant and has no stun. Move to the side to avoid it.

    Stay close to him at all times. You can take some hits from him as his base DMG is weak. If you go too far he will shoot a hook style skull missile that instantly teleports you to him. If you are hit he will instantly initiate his devastating melee attack. His melee attack is a flurry of many blows that deals heavy damage. The trick is to move behind him when he does this. Keep killing the shades that spawns to keep their numbers low, and to keep getting mana.
    The boss fight starts with two wards that makes both the witch and Samuel invulnerable. Samuel regularly charges, and the witch regularly casts a laser beam spell. If hit by the charge you take damage, and you're stunned. Make Samuel charge into the wards to stun him, and to deal heavy damage to the wards.

    When the wards are dead you can start killing Samuel and the witch. Kill Samuel first, as the witch will start draining Samuel's HP when she gets lower HP. If you're too close to the witch for an extended period of time she will teleport away and instantly fire a projectile that deals heavy damage if it hits you.

    After the wards are dead you can interrupt the witch's laser by making Samuel charge into her. This will stun both of them, and Samuel takes heavy damage.

    When Samuel is dead, make sure you absorb the grand soul to get full HP and mana. After that the witch should be easy to kill.
    Beelzebub has three spells, and it constantly spawns wards around the field that fires projectiles. Projectiles deals 50 damage. Make sure you don't let the wards become too many as you will have trouble dodging all the projectiles.

    Beelzebub's most dangerous spell is a simple slam ability. He raises his front hooves, and slams the ground. It deals 600 damage. Make sure to watch his movements closely, and move away as fast as you can when you see/hear him initiating the slam.

    Beelzebub's main spell makes him split into four pieces at the North, South, East and West. Three of them are clones, and one of them is the real one. There spawns an orb in the middle that keeps firing a lightning into you that deals damage over time. If you hit the wrong clone, the clone disappears and the orb deals more damage. If all clones are depleted the orb will instantly be fired as a projectile at the hero, then exploding when it's close. It's impossible to dodge the orb. If you hit the right clone the orb and all the clones will disappear. Beelzebub will then immediately initiate his slam ability so be sure to run away asap.

    His last spell is a teleport/projectile spells. He will keep teleporting around the field, and fire three projectile that moves in front of him. Simply dodge the projectiles. When he's done teleporting around he will instantly initiate his clone spell.
    Abaddon has a lot of different spells, and mostly casts them in random order.

    Spell 1: Abaddon summons a ring of fire that moves in circles in the outskirts of the field. This restricts where you are able to move safely. Lasts 13 seconds.

    Spell 2: Abaddon stomps his hoove in front of him, and shoots a fire projectile in front of him that deals damage over time if you're too close to it. Move to the side to avoid it.

    Spell 3: (explosion ability) - Abaddon stomps his hoove in the ground, and creates an enormous fire explosion that moves to the north, south, east and west. Stand somewhere south-east or south-west to be safe. If hit by the fire you take heavy damage over time.

    Spell 4: Abaddon teleports away, and summons 4 wards that moves in a circle. Each ward has a beam of fire that moves with it. Destroy the ward to destroy the fire beam. You can stand safely and grind shades on 4 smaller platforms located on the outskirts of the boss field. If you stay too long however a huge sword will slam the platform and deal heavy damage. When all four wards are destroyed Abaddon will teleport to the middle of the field, and instantly initiate his explosion ability.

    Spell 5: Abaddon teleports away and summons one ward in the middle of the field. The wards shoots fire projectiles, and spins around. The longer it lives, the more frequently it fires projectiles, and the faster it spins. Kill it as fast as you can or else it will become devastating. When it dies Abaddon will teleport to the middle of the field, and instantly initiate his explosion ability.

    Spell 6: (Armageddon) - Abaddon will start to channel, and meteors will rain from the sky. Their impact location is marked by a marker, so avoid those places. The longer Abaddon is allowed to channel, the more frequently the meteors will fire, until they fire so rapidly that dodging them is an absolute impossibility. Use your charge ability to stop Abaddon from channeling. Make sure you don't miss as there is a cooldown on charge, and in the time it takes to cool down Armageddon will have reached its full potential.

    • This is a total conversion map.
    • Diablo-style movement system.
    • Fully voice acted by hired voice actors.
    • Respawn sytem.
    • Beautiful and unique terrain.
    • 4 boss fights.
    • Overhauled unit AI.
    • Gem puzzle.
    • Only custom items, with 2 different item sets.

  • (This list is a work in progress and will be constantly updated. Please send me a message if you see your resource in my map without having been credited.)

  • 1 (Issue) - Some doodads are flickering in the Beelzebub cinematic.
    1 (Solution) - N/A.

    2 (Issue) - Picking up or dropping items can be complicated due to the movement system.
    2 (Solution) - Stand close to items to pick them up. Use the drop/pick up abilities to drop and pick up the gems. The abilities are implemented for this very reason.

    3 (Issue) - Laser sound can persist after killing witch.
    3 (Solution) - Type 'sound'.

    3 (Issue) - Sometimes you can get stuck while using the laser beam spell.
    3 (Solution) - Use the 'thereisnospoon' cheat and disable the laser beam spell, then disable the cheat by typing 'thereisnospoon' again.

    4 (Issue) - Using the Blizzard save/load function will break the laser spell, and make it possible to use it regardless if your mana drops below 6.
    4 (Solution) - Don't use the Blizzard save/load function. Use the respawn system.

    If for any reason you get stuck or bugged, simply type 'kill'. This will kill the hero, and respawn it. It should solve most bugs, if any.

    • 29.02.2020 - V 1.0.0 - Initial release.
    • 03.02.2020 - v 1.0.1 - Cleaned some leaks. Changed the movement system to be classic Warcraft III movement system, and leaving the ARPG movement system optional by typing 'movement' in-game. This can be changed at any time.
    • 03.02.2020 - v 1.0.2 - Made Mammon easier. Reduced his HP from 2500 to 2000, and decreased the skull damage from 150 to 75. Also reduced damage of melee spell impacts from 75 to 50.



Sheol (Map)

For a full review watch the first one. The final boss was good, and I liked the fight. Despite a very weird bug that I was not able to replicate and me not liking the way you fixed the ray bug (but I understand why you did it this way) I can't see any...
  1. FeelsGoodMan


    Dec 13, 2018
    Ported Models:
    Haha thanks :D