Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Five

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Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Five (Map)

Level 4
Sep 22, 2004
And stunned.

Let's start the review.
I really was intrueged by this cinema, everything was just so.... cool, and you left it unprotected so people can learn from your amazing useage in special-effects.

Good Points.

The Special effects damn they were good
Great Camera Useage.
Story still thrilling.
And not even the slightest sign of a bug, you put effort into this one didn't you.

Bad Points.

Too bad I need to give Bad-points too.
Well the music was abit off the only place where the music gave a feel to the cinema was in the Furion, Illidan last battle scene.
The terrain, it's looking good but I know you can do better, some terraining were done so well in the cinema and then at some points they just looked crapy.

Well thats what I thought about this breath-taking cinema, I'm sure this Part will thrill any action junkies.

Review by : Dark_Paladin


Level 70
Oct 6, 2004
It's very good, and you are one of the very few cinematic-makers, which can work with a camera! :D
I'm sorry but it's really difficult for me to read all the dialogues in the short times they are shown, also after a second watch, I still could not read them all. :(
Could you please make them longer, I think I'm not the only one who isn't that fast... :oops: I think it should be at least about as long as you need to speak it loud, but I don't know how fast you are speaking... so just make especially the messages with more than 2 lines length each 1 or 2 seconds longer.

And concerning the DC award: I think the terrain has still too few details, but I suggest to give a DC award to the complete series in campaign version when it comes out. This way you also can better give credit to the great story which should be seen as one thing. :)



Level 9
Oct 2, 2005
Well forgottenlight, I have to say I am disappointed, I liked the other parts better then this.
However, it still was a 4/5 cini. Here are my reasons

1. The "Big celebration" was really bad, they're were maybe 10-20 soldiers simply doing their victory animations

2. I think the fight between Illidan and Furion is to short, and I was watching for around 2 minutes Illidan spinning in a tornado

3. The convo with the two dragons was really not well, the cameras we the same over and over again and it just had no life (also the camera went through tree's)

4. Illidan get's imprisonned WAY to quickly, first you see him fighting with furion for 30 seconds (without the Tornado timming) and then he's in a cell

5. When Illidan is running in to a cave there's just a plane wall, so does he go through the wall to go in the cave? I got confused :S

However you did have nice special affects and most camera movements were good, music was very very good.

I hope this helps you in the futur since I do enjoy your cinies

good luck

Level 4
Jun 24, 2004
1. Well, that was attack animation, not victory, because last time I checked, those models don't have a "dance" animation. A agree, worst scene in the whole thing. The vision is in my head, and sometimes the WE dosn't agree with it.

2. Everybody else liked it. I tried to make Illidan spin faster but lag prevented that (he'd just occilate back and forth).

3. You had time to look away from the Dialogue? There's a reason there was nothing flashy in that scene.

4. Malfurion defeated Illidan, the length of that scene was mostly dictated by the music. Much later he gives Maiev responsibility for him, once he'd been put in his cell.

5. Sinse when can a tunnel not have a bend in it? He went around a corner.
Level 1
Nov 19, 2005
I noticed;
When Illidan was in cave, he suddenly jumped in air and appeared in front of Furion. Did he went right trough the ceiling? Well, it looked like he did...
I realy didn't like the fight between Illidan and Furion. It was short and that floating in the air looked weird. The "Big Celebration" terain was bleak. And that "Celebration" looked funny: several dryads and druids of the claw roaring and jumping. After the "Big" celebration (when Ulyaoth was talking to Firefly) all those who celebrated are lying dead! Come on, I know they were playing all night long, but did they have to lie in same place where they were standing? Few piles of trash, several bottles, couple of sleepers, some houses or pubs and here you have a true "Big Celebration" :D .
The storyline was still great (as in previous chapters :wink: ). The camera useage was perfect. Music well selected especially in the fight between Illidan and Furion.
I'll give 4/5 just becouse I know you could do better. Keep up the good work!(and please make a new chapter soon: I'm a huge fan of good stories!)



Level 9
Oct 2, 2005
Forgotten you really seem to dislike people trying to help you and pointing out what could have been better, I was saying that the celebration still wasn't enough, you could of had more people and perhaps some special affects.

As I said, Illidan spins around for 2 minutes, I was simply saying that if you shorten that and made the fight longer it would have been a lot cooler :wink:

The Cave thing doesnt look like if he was turning in a corner, it looks like if he was walking straight to a blank wall, just add that "cave entress"(sry, forgot whats it called) doodad.

Either way, I'm sure you can do better :), just keep up the hard work, but also remember that when I comment I dont mean to offend, i only mean to make your cinematics better
Level 2
Oct 15, 2011
Question: (year: 2016): Is there part 6 & 7 that you have promised to upload? I love this cinematic, but is there even hope for the last two part?

However: Your Cinematic Series is amazing, thanks for working on that, THANKS!!