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i finally got alphaing down(yay). some parts i've alphaed are the waist, horns, helmet horns, bones, and team color.

ShadowLich (Texture)

THE_END: Awesome lich skin, these are hard to come by




THE_END: Awesome lich skin, these are hard to come by
yes, i just noticed that. actually at first i made it lava crags, but it didnt fit with the overall theme, so i just made it alphaed. and yes, thank you for whoever downrated this skin, you are a very valuable aspect to this site, and i'm sure you have many other friends that would like to eat shit also.
Level 1
Jul 7, 2009
man this is its skin or what? i have a problem yesterday i begun with skins and with an lich : MoltenThrone Ambassador dont worked ... anyway i can import 2 skins per hero? (molten throne was a lich and this is lich so i can import them on map?)
Level 2
Jul 20, 2008
The path is:

BUT!!! It only works for the Kel'Thuzad Lich (Video) version. The Normal Lich is still the same when I try it. Funny...
Level 4
Jul 22, 2011
Please can someone tell me which path I should use for replace as the Lich hero ? I'm noob, I need your help, usually there is a path but here nothing, What I should use ?
Thanks to answer me :)