Shadow Hunters v1.1

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-A new sniper ability: Barrage
-A new sniper ability : Air Strike
-A new terrain : Iceworld
-A new terrain : Underground
-A new item : Stun Grenade
-A new item : Boots
-Removed the abilitys Place Beacon and Hide
-Reworked flag places
-Improved some map systems
-Reworked Shoot system
-New icons for abilitys
-Improved random doodads that are spawned (fixed collision, shadow)
-Fixed most of seen-able bugs
-New effects and stuff
-Reduced playable map area
Many other changes, play to see

Sorry for the delay )

Modes and Informations: -Capture the flag, -Team deathmatch, -Free for All
Suggested Players : 2-10
Genre : Other (Realistic Sniper)
Ammo per magazine : 15/10/5/1/none (choosable by host)
Musics : 43 (read commands below)
Can manually customize scope - Yes
Controls : Arrows (move sniper or scope) (can use mouse for sniper)
Z : Reload
X : Shoot
C : Magnify (for scope only)
V : Activate Sniper Scope
A : Sprint
S : Stop
D : Barrage
F : Throw Bomb
R : Air Strike

Northerend (Ice Environment)
Ashenvale (Forest Environment)
Barrens (Desert Environment)
Hell (Hell Environment)
Iceworld (Frozen Environment)
Underground (Deep Cave Environment)

Sky/Weather : Dependant on terrain

All Players:
"zoom # speed ###" without quotes, where # is the level of zoom, and the ### is the speed of it, this is used to customize your scope speed of your choice (max # is 3, while max ### is 500)
-preset : resets zoom speed for all levels

-Music<Number> (without space) , plays a music track, number from 1 to 43
-Night Enables night environment
-Day Disables night environment (enables light)

Please comment if you liked the map.
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*Map is Protected*
which means any attempt to open it with the world editor will cause it to crash

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Shadow Hunters v1.4 (Map)

15:30, 13th May 2008 Firelord213: [+]The map is edited but you add enough credits. [-]The map is protected and no information is given about it , I'll add it for you. [+]The map is in English. [+]No signs of any crashes or any bugs...




15:30, 13th May 2008
[+]The map is edited but you add enough credits.
[-]The map is protected and no information is given about it , I'll add it for you.
[+]The map is in English.
[+]No signs of any crashes or any bugs.
[+]A quite awesome map , Very fun to play.
[!]I think it could use a smaller map size *Make the map smaller* because It takes time to find each other.
[+]A lot of options , Features , And a lot more available.

Level 2
Oct 25, 2007
I'm just wondering. What have you actually changed from Sniper Arena? since you protected the map i can't look at the files but in-game it looks almost exactly the same except some changes in the text and a couple of other things. Also i made like 5 gamemodes and and some custom settings in version 2.9 of sniper arena, but it was never really finished since i almost quit. I just check in from time to time. Wondered if you wanted the last couple of files. Also, Maybe some credits in the description here and also in the quest menu instead of just in the map loading?

And another thing. all of Lord_of_sausages spelling mistakes are still there. and thats a LOT. I only fixed a lot of them in 2.9
Level 8
Jul 24, 2007
Well, i didnt make it exactly from Sniper Arena, i just copy-paste some of its systems, then re-made them.
Btw, in version 1.2, you will notice my part.

EDIT: i can send you un-protected version if you wanna see my work.

btw, you may like to know that most of your systems were very leaky and some buggy )
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Level 1
May 12, 2008
Its a great map dude! I'am proud of you about the scope, the terrain. everything. It must have being very hard to make this i guess. I would never be able to make one like this (I never made a custom map before eighter. but im working on one)

P.S im not stealing from you. if you think so =)
Level 5
Dec 16, 2007
Criminal, If your going to update this map, Change the version number please, I feel kinda depressed when i see it moved up and it has a new update date, but the Version number isn't changed.
Level 2
Mar 4, 2006
okay I'm getting pissed off at my warcraft because everytime I try to open a custom map, this is what appears:

This application has encountered a critical error:

Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Program: g:\warcraft\warcraft iii\worldedit.exe
Object: WERandomGroupSet ([email protected]@)

Press OK to terminate the application.

Level 4
Jul 3, 2008
Errr, I can't get the game mode thing to work. Once I type it in, nothing happens. I've tried all modes. Is it a bug or just me?
Level 3
Jun 11, 2008
This map could actually win somekind of "Innovation Competition". Only problem is that Warcraft is not made for first-person-shooters modifications and it can be really seen.

1) Without scope, hitting the target is pain in the ass. Even if you are 4 feets away from him! Problem is that Warcraft doesn't allow the character to turn in too many angles.
2) Why would I play this when I always could play some real FPS game and choose a sniper class in it?
3) Graphics don't look very good when using Scope.

Overall this game is playable but the 2. point I mentioned above makes me not to play this game. Good job anyway. Nice to see that even this can be done with World Editor (or whatever editor you use).
Level 8
Jul 24, 2007
I made this map just for fun, its not made to be some big serious map, from the reactions of people of map like this they say "Wow nice!", thats why i honestly made it.

By the way, soon the full AI version will be released, as for Graphics they are not very good because i really look at map's size and know how hard it is to download it if it has a big size.

I usually make new-type or new-style maps, but this is my last map.

ps. Thanks for the feedback.