Seventh released map- Rise of the Bloodriver

Level 22
May 11, 2004
I tried to take a shot at making a campaign-style map. Something similar to what you’d see in a Blizzard campaign; a combination of melee action with story, cinimatics and scripted events. This one had a high elf theme complete with custom tech tree, using both original WC3 models and a few custom ones to compose the high elf army. In this map, there are some chaos orc bases and Quel‘Thalas (high elf) bases spread around the map, as well as many creeps. Pre-built computer controlled bases from both sides will launch attacks at each other’s expansions while the player must build a base and an army sufficient enough to fend off the main orc invasion, which occurs roughly a half hour into gameplay. During the time allotted, the player must alos protect the other allied bases from orc attacks and level up their hero and tech up their army. Upon fending off the invasion, the player must then press the attack into the main orc base. I think this map was my first real victory in terms of terraining, I had finally learned how to do it and managed to create all the effects I wanted.

The story takes place in Quel’thalas sometime during WC2 when the orcs were ransacking Azeroth and before the high elves joined the alliance. These particular high elves stood alone in the crosshairs of the orc (a chaos orc clan called the “Bloodriver” clan) onslaught.

You can try out ROTB here: