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Path: Textures\Sephiex(1).blpMy first skin, for my favourite model. First of two.The Carnun Warrior, given tattoos and new armour designs. I thought it looked nice, so here's the first of two, the body/leg skin changes.Feel free to tell me anything I've done wrong, it's the only way to improve.Incidentally, if anyone knows where the armour is on the skin, I'd love to know, I tried for an age trying to alpha it.

Sephiex(1) (Texture)

THE_END: Recolor of original skin
Level 1
Jun 24, 2004
Great skin, im prolly going to use it in my map. I dunno if i should put requests here or not but is there ne chance u could make a model/skin with him mounted on a horse or something? well... overall still a great skin 5/5

um.. im kinda new at this whole importing thing.. but i cant get this 1 to work... what model does it use?