Sengoku Era - Warlords 1.5c

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What happens when you get the 3 great unifiers of Japan and throw them in a three way ffa battle based on the samurai warriors 2 anegawa terrain? You might end up something like this. Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu bring their best men to the table, who will be victorious in the end?

Units, Heroes, Triggers - KenshinUesugi
Terrain, Loading Screen - Sun-Ce
Additional Help - KingKurnals, Chaoslord301, and Little_Li0n

You spawn a wave of men every minute and 30 seconds at each gate captain you control. Within the spawn you have a chance to spawn a random unit. 10 random unit types that can spawn in each wave so it's always a different mix up of units. Newly added in this verison are siege weapons that you can buy. Catapults and Cannons. So there is a good amount of units that you will have to use and manuever correctly to acheive victory. Each person gets his own unique hero depending on who they are. If you're in the ranks of the Tokugawa you might end up as the legendary ninja Hanzo. If you're in the rank of Oda you might have the stratgic mind of Mitsuheide Akechi. Depending on who you are can greatly influence how you play. It's a 3 way spawn based battle with each team having an agility, intelligence, and strength hero used in their goal of acheiving victory. You win by making the other 2 teams end in defeat. You are defeated when all of your team's starting heroes are killed. Many that I have played with said it plays similiar to a Hero Arena. Just heroes can't solo armies. Just because a player lost his hero, doesn't mean he can't win the game through control of his army. Just it's alot harder.

Samurai, Sengoku Era, Nobunaga, Oda, Kenshin, Ninja, Toyotomi, Shogun, Tokugawa

Sengoku Era - Warlords 1.5c (Map)

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