Seal of the Dfensive Chants

Level 5
Jul 27, 2010
It gives wrong stats. Even before it was changed from green to blue.

It sais:

Seal of Defensive Chants
Ar 10
Int 6
Sp 5

Actually it grants:

HP: 35
Ar 7
Agi 4
Int 2
SP 5

PS: If this is supposed the taniker misc item for a monk than it should grant instead of the 5 SP maybe 5% evasion since esle its pretty much worse than the aggresive misc item bracers of the spiderling
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Level 13
Oct 9, 2011
It's the sader item too. I'm more in favour of it returning to what the description states and the monks getting something along the lines of that ring of slashing. They have a tanking accessory and a bracers of the spiderling. They don't really need more int/agi/armor crap.

That way, saders get a nice tanking item, monks get a nice dps item, everyone is happy. Well I'll be happy.