SC2 Mac Editor Support?

Level 5
Jun 29, 2009
So when SC2 comes out, like most Blizzard games I'm assuming that it will be for both mac and pc. As of now the wc3 editor does run on the mac but not all features work or have hotkeys for... such as the raise and lower doodads (on pc you use the page up and page down) on a mac there is no hotkey to use that i know of.

My question... what hotkeys will be used to do certain things such as raise and lower doodads. Hopefully Blizzard will show a little more love to mac users so I don't have to keep switching which operating system I'm using on my computer.
Level 11
Aug 16, 2007
The hotkey on macs for raising and lowering doodads is Command + PageUp/PageDown

You have to be careful when setting custom hotkeys that it doesn't conflict with other hotkeys.

If you don't have a PgUp/PgDown button like I don't on my Macbook Pro, then I have found Shift + </> to work for raising and lowering.