Save/Load System help!!

Level 5
Jun 29, 2009
I'm going to do my best to explain what I need...

I want a save/load system so that in-game i type "-save" and it will save my hero, items, ect. **IMPORTANT: I don't want a save/load key displayed to me**

Now when I quit and then open the map again I want to be able to type "-load" and I want my hero, items, ect. to be loaded.

I don't know if there is already a system made like this or if it is possible but someone point me in the right direction please...
Well yea thats what im making, just a single player rpg...

It would be nice to have a simple save/load system without a code but i guess that is not possible.

oh convert it to a campaign then.

and just create game cache yourmapname.3dx
store unit - Hero, save1
save game cache

then for the load
create game cache yourmapname.3dx
restore unit - Hero, save1

If i make it a campaign, how is it going to change my map? Will it make it so that i cant edit the map anymore? Whats going to be different?

You can still edit it :) but you just have to move all your imported files the the campaign imported files, and custom units and stuff.

It will allow you to expand to multiple maps using a shared database. :)