Salramm the Fleshcrafter

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There was no unique model for Salramm so I gave him one. Could be used as a non-hooded Acolyte variant.

Base model is Kel'thuzad with Heretic armor pieces and animations, pauldron is from Stormreaver Hermit, belt skull is from Female Death Knight, and the skull horn is from Frost Wyrm; unfortunately, the latest patch causes the custom pkb files to crash so I have to use default popcorn colors, hand popcorn is from Blood Mage and swirling orb is from Chimaera


Here's how he looks like in game:



Any suggestions and/or criticisms are welcome.

Made from Retera Model Studio
Basic geoset assembly and disassembly, and retexturing by Ardenaso
Animation and visibility fixing by Darious


18/06/2022: emergency update for 1.33 compatibility, replaced his dress

Salramm portrait (Model)

Salramm the Fleshcrafter (Model)

Use these to recolor Salramm's particle emissives (simply just put them on the same folder as the .mdx file and of course import them too the same way you import HD assets)

really well done model. what're your thoughts on him holding a weapon, skull, medium, or a concentration of his magic (like the dark hand) in his right hand for the attack 1 animation, or holding it all the time?
what medium do you have in mind btw?

the dark hand also appears during spell animation btw


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