Rules - Read before posting!

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Jan 24, 2006
  • Only serious discussions are allowed (This does not mean the topic of your thread must be serious, only the way it is discussed):
    • You must discuss a subject that can have multiple points of view, e.g. Whether or not god/s exist.
    • Put forward your view point on the subject in question.
    • Debate the validity of arguements proposed in other posts.
  • These Lobby rules also apply to here:
    • No flaming or aggresive posts against other members.
      "Flaming" is the act of insulting someone. If someone "flames" you, report it to a moderator.
    • No spam is allowed.
      "Spamming" is the act of posting anything without a real meaning. This includes threads and individual posts.
    • No double posting.
      Please do not double post in threads. We have an edit button for a reason, if you accidently double posted, please delete it before we do.
    • Read the rules for more information.
  • No necroposting.
    "Necroposting" is the act of posting in a thread that is over two weeks old and not on the first page of threads without moderator permission to do so.
    Necroposting is only allowable given the following conditions:
    • You must continue discussing the topic (The original topic may have changed, if so then discuss the changed topic)
    • You must put forward a new point of view on the subject in question.
    • You must debate the validity of the arguements proposed in other posts, using new arguements
  • Write understandable English, this means no 1337/AOL/MySpace/txt speak is allowed. Spelling and grammar do not have to be perfect, but your post must be readable.

Posting Access:
  • Only member's of the Medivh's Tower usergroup can post in this forum, see here for more information.
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