Roller Coaster Beta v.07

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Build and Ride Roller Coasters. 1-7 players.
Not Locked, Made In GUI.

Game Modes

Free Build
Build and ride roller coasters.

Ai Challenge
An Ai Unit Request a coaster to be built, and the best coaster wins.



Build Your Coaster
  • Place/Remove Tracks
  • Finish Coaster
  • Builder Rules
  • Auto Flat-ing
Customize Your Coaster
  • Track Color Changer
  • Track Model Changer
  • Name Your Coaster
  • Full Coaster Stats
  • Full Camera System


Riding the Coaster
  • First Person View
  • Third Person View
  • Physics
  • Speeds over 1000ms


  • Game Intro Showing Major Basics
  • Question Mark Unit
  • Tips
  • Quest Menu
  • Game Shown In MPH


Riding a Coaster

Explaining Game In Detail

Screen Shots

Building A Coaster


A Built Coaster


A Built Coaster (Colors Off)


Riding A Coaster First Person


Riding A Coaster Third Person


Project Group

Game Concepts, Game Modes

risk_fan2 (Physics Engine)

Fat-Bum (Icons)
lindenkron (Skins)



Change Log

Beta .01-.07
*Ai Challenge Mode
*Controls are much more limited when you start but you can turn on advanced controls
Like being able to go upside down.

Old Change Logs

Version Alpha 2.7d
*Collision is 100% perfect now (You cant make tracks go into other tracks)
*You can now go to 150, instead of 200 as min speed.
*Many Bugs involving Players quitting mid game.
*Removed A unit that came out of reds coaster, that shouldn't have
*When players leave there units leave
*Player 3, had some Building issues, been resolved.
*Question Mark Has been Readded For all players but 6-7. (That will come at some point)
*Shows How many Tracks you've Built in the food section.

Version Alpha 2.7c
*Physics Have been greatly redone.
*Start Speed is Min speed. 200.
*Bug Fixed where cart would appear during ride and move it
*Question Mark Has been Disabled as Player 6,7 isn't built for it.
*Other Minor Bug Fix's.

Version Alpha 2.7b
*Gravity Has been increased by 100%
*Min Speed has been decreased by a bit.
*Build over 60% Higher Then before.
*Flags have been added to add to the feeling of moment.
*The Question Mark has been revamped and re-enabled.
*Less Flipping
*Stats Fixed on all Players.

Version Alpha 2.7a
*7 Players
*Build up to 1000 Tracks (Increase of nearly 100%)
*Minor Bugs Fixed

Version Alpha 2.7
*Fixed All Major Bugs, With Riding and building.
*Enhanced Rider Cart, To stay on Tracks (Flips Much less, but still some)
*Increased Min Speed by 100 MS, and Increased Start Speed by 50 MS.
*Smoother Rider Camera
*20%+ More Build-able Tracks
*Updated Physics Engine (added , G forces)

Version Alpha 2.6a
*Fixed Stats (Required a Tweak because of Physics engine)
*Fixed bug with "? mark"
*Updated and Fixed a minor bug in Quest Menu
*Fixed Camera Issues when on other players coasters
*Fixed Leek in show speed function

Version Alpha 2.6
*New Physics Engine
*Removed All Major Leaks (Jass is used for the leaks)
*Increased Max Speed
*Increased Start Speed
*Improved Rider Camera
*Rebuilt Several Other Functions Of The Rider (Much Cleaner Code)
*Fixed All known Bugs
*Added Functionality When Riding Others Coasters.
*Updated Quest Menu
*No Lag when clicking on spells for first time

Version Alpha 2.5a
*Added Color to Hot Key
*Revamped First Person Rider. (You should see the tracks better when turning)
*Lowered start speed and how fast you slow down/speed up on hills.
*Fixed Holes in park (You cant walk in peoples coaster area now)
*Fixed bug when riding others coasters
*Rare Tips Error Fixed
*Music Added
*More miss spelled words fixed.
*Fixed small terrain issues
*Removed Debug Text

Version Alpha 2.5
* New Terrain
* Park Coaster (A Roller Coaster That's in the center of the map for anyone to ride)
* Ability to ride others coasters
* Rider Slightly tweaked (Looks at tracks better)
* Improved Tool Tips (No More "Rotates xy angle...")
* Added a Unit that you can wounder the park with
* Fixed Speed issue (They used to start slow the first run, and then fast after. now they always start fast)
* Several Small Bug Fixes
* Several miss spelled words fixed.

Version Alpha 2.4

* Pick between 3 track models (1 New, and the old model brought back)
* Change the color of your tracks
* Cart Model Added
* Rider Camera Reworked (Much Better now)
* Fixed Coaster Stats
* Question Mark Unit added, to help new players to expert players.
* Loads of tweaks.
* All known Bugs Fixed.

Version Alpha 2.1 - 2.3
*Rebuilt 95% of every line of code and trigger, So it could be played by 1-4 players (very easy to change to 8 now)
(This was not easy.....It adds one more layer of complexity)

Version Alpha 2.0

*Added Skin To Track. (looks all wooden now, more warcraft like)
*Almost All new Icons.
*Better Tool Tips. (They still need some work)
*Added Hot Keys.
*Better Tips.
*You now speed up and slow down 50% faster. And start off faster. (It doesn't feel so slow anymore)
*Coaster Stats Updated
*Fixed Some Bugs And few more minor updates

Version Alpha 1.9

*Larger area to build in
*Minor Terrain work
*Improved Stats For Roller Coaster
*Colored Stats
*Re did parts and added some functionality to the builder
*add functionality to the rider
*Re did Physics
*Tips (can be turned off)
*Revamped Quest Menu.

Version Alpha 1.7

*The Camera has been updated. and now doesn't crash. Also has more features.
*Its more easy to finish your coaster now.
*The Rider Function has been much improved. (That includes the rider cam, the cart moving on the tracks more correctly and a few others things)

Version Alpha 1.4
*Started map over from scratch, Official first release of it.
*Many if not most of the features from version Build 1.0-20 were not re-added,
for sake of making it easy to learn to play.

Version Build 1.0-2.0
*Proof of concept map
*Fully Working Builder Function
*Concepts of the rider were in place
*Many reworks of the controls, to find the easiest way for new players.

Roller Coaster Customize Ride Build

Roller Coaster Beta v.07 (Map)

17:45, 21st May 2009 by bounty hunter2: Approved with a 3/5 (Useful) rating. You can find my full review at post #29.




17:45, 21st May 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Approved with a 3/5 (Useful) rating.

You can find my full review at post #29.
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Ill re-read the rules, if this is so.. Then ill try to figure out how to remove it.

After Looking, i couldn't find any such rule. I believe the map is of decent quality i just consider it alpha because I am still adding major content. And I am not to a testing point yet, where I add or remove small things in the game.

I am not saying the rule isn't there, or perhaps it was, i just cant seem to find it.
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Level 2
Jun 28, 2007
Relly cool map Littel boring after a wile but relly cool alot of skillz in triggering 3/5
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008

Thanks, I am not much of a terrainer, but I plan to get one to help on this at some point. Expect new terrain in the next version.


I very much agree, i got 2 more game modes that should make this game, not get so dull so fast. I hope it will build alot of replay value. But we will just have to see. At this point its really only fun a few times.
Level 9
Jan 17, 2009
fun game and awesome triggering but i thinki it would be cool if it had a 3rd person view for riding your roller coaster.
Also i found a bug, if you switch on to view your speed when your in first person mode while riding your camera disables and you can move it around the map
i have a bit of a question, i cant find the straight track button, mabey it would work if you W = up A left s = straight D = right and X = down, that would work, i also have another bug to report. When you have a large rollercoaster and you see it from above, the cart randomely flips sides here and there on the upwards tracks. Also you have a few grammeraticle problems. Otherwise, Good job! you really deserve this rep
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
For straight track you press the spell "Set Track" or press "f".

As for the grammar, i plan on fixing that soon, i have heard that many times, but there is alot of grammar throwout the code and my spelling isn't great. Ill do my best to work on that.

Also i know about the cart flipping when it gos 90 degrees or 270 degrees. Ill try to work that out next version.

Thanks for the comments. Ill do my best to clean up my next version some.

(I have a version i am working on, that has a few of these things already fixed, and other bug fix's, but I am adding a huge chuck to the game, so it might be a bit before i can get that update out. But if the current bugs are too much of in issue ill make a small update.)
Level 2
Nov 9, 2008
fun "game" amazing to see what the old wc3 is capable of needs some time to get into it but everything is explained fine
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Perhaps, But I am working on it, I should have it next update...The issue is i just added a lot of things in this next version coming, so it might take me a bit to work some of it out. I would have released a way to do it months ago but if things don't go easily and nicely as people expect they get mad so i have left it out in till i had a my other systems in place that will work with it.

Soon. :)
Level 7
Dec 8, 2008
Hey i played you map and its AWSOME. Definitely thinking out of the box compared to most maps out there. A few bugs but I assume already know about them. One thing though the longer you play the map the jumpier the camera gets. I don't know what is causing that. Good luck and I have to try the new version now :p
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Thanks for the feed back. And ya i most likely know about them.

Its more likely your camera is getting more crazy the more you play because your coasters are likely going upside down more or more turning. I have had some suggestions of how to fix this in the hosted forums section. Expect the camera too be better next version.
Level 5
May 12, 2009
hey realy nice map but needs more modes and you should make the terain with more colors
Level 3
Oct 17, 2008
very nice map idea maaan
and you made it well
as far i can see it from the video but now i gonna builds ome loopz
Level 19
Sep 27, 2005
bounty hunter2's Review on Roller Coaster Alpha 2.5

Roller Coaster Alpha 2.5 is a very interesting mini game, where up to four players each design their own roller coaster, and then ride on them. The tile suggest that the map is Alpha, however the map is fully playable, and thus it should be considered as Beta.

The terrain is quite bad, blizzard cliffs, to much symmetry, no dodoads, no terrain height. Yes, it serves your map, but it is very bad.

The sole idea of the map is great and original. Building a roller coaster is always fun, and implemented in warcraft it is just great.

The building of the coaster can get quite confusing at times. However after some time it gets simple. There are some typos in the build buttons, you should color the hotkey buttons aswell.

To continue, I must say I really liked the FPS camera view when riding the coaster. It gives a special feel to it.

The biggest lack to this map, is that it misses more diversity. It is basically building a coaster, that gets boring soon.

The map has been in development for quite some time, the only thing I can do now is Approve it with a 3/5 (Useful) rating. The map has quite a lot of potential. Keep up the good work.
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Thanks for the review. All I can really say to respond is that, its work in progress. As for the beta or alpha. I was under the impression was beta was when you are testing if your planed game is working and adding and removing things as needed, more of a testings phase. I don't feel i am there yet.

The terrain is quite bad, blizzard cliffs, to much symmetry, no dodoads, no terrain height. Yes, it serves your map, but it is very bad.

As for the terrain, I will try to get someone to clean it up at some point. I really don't think its that bad, but its not half as good as it could be.

The biggest lack to this map, is that it misses more diversity. It is basically building a coaster, that gets boring soon.

I Agree, But this should change in time.

The building of the coaster can get quite confusing at times. However after some time it gets simple.

I Agree, I have tips that help a ? mark, and i have worked the controls the best i know how. And color coded Angles. As well as when you make mistakes it tells you what your doing wrong. But Its way to high of a learning curve still, I hope to improve on this, but it will be awhile before i can make my next big step on improving this part.

To continue, I must say I really liked the FPS camera view when riding the coaster. It gives a special feel to it.

Thanks, I am working on improving this. And the third person view.

you should color the hotkey buttons as well

I Agree, Very Good Idea Thanks

Overall I Agree with your review. Thanks
Level 3
Nov 26, 2008
After I played it a day.
Your map is lacking of something... Sound*
Usually ride a roller coaster sure have many screaming sound, also the roller coaster walking is totally no sound at all...

That's the thing I suggest you to add.

Our life can't leave without music/sound. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Level 7
Mar 6, 2008
it sounds an awesome idea I just watched the video and I liked it the only bad parts like bounty hunter2 said are the terrain its very symmetric and this map needs more diversity I like the cameras and the idea but it needs some improvements anyway for a mini-game its great so congratz! I give it a 3.5/5 or 4/5.
Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
I must say, this is one of the best, most innovative maps I have ever played.
I cant wait until rollercoasters become ridable and some actual objectives are added.
However, you should not put incomplete things onto the map section.
5/5 No Vote
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
I cant wait until rollercoasters become ridable

They are rideable now. You must finsh a coaster to ride it. You can even ride other peoples coaster.
If you cant seem to finsh a coaster, i put in example on in the middle of the map, that you can ride.

However, you should not put incomplete things onto the map section.

This is for the admins to decide. And I feel its complate enoufe. even though i am still doing alot of work on it. and have alot of plans

Thanks for the feed back
Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
Ah, in that case, there must be something wrong, unless, of course, I made a mistake.
When making the rollercoaster, I tried to get it to go into the building (as was done in the example one), but it wouldnt let me, and said something about not allowing me to go into my starting area...
Also, the first time I played it, the builder was Paused for some reason (or at least, the buttons were missing) and I had to restart.
Due to the fact that you can indeed ride (though im not sure how :p) I will vote for approval, or was going to until I realized it is already approved.
Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
K, Well I am unsure about what went wrong. if it said that, you were likey trying to go over the gray tile. Finshing a coaster is sorta tuff still. You have to be low, upside up and go stright in.

Thanks For the feedback.

Note:If you have that issue agein send me a replay or somthing, other wise its hard too tell if somthing went wrong, or if its just the fact the learning curve is still pretty high. I am doing my best to make it more simple. Are you on a Mac? (Dont think it would matter, but i know it made a diffence for my tetris game)
Level 2
Mar 26, 2009

i open my coaster a player just ride in.after riding i got another rider total of 2 riders
Level 9
Jan 17, 2009
very good map, a couple things read up on Newton's laws of motion your rider slows down too fast when going on loops or up (just my opinion) and also, this is a suggestion, maybe add speedbooster things that you can place in your ride and have limit of like 5 per coaster or something, just a suggestion but it is a really fun map :D